Expected to learn plenty
in a few short years
well - four or five or so
then off to post-secondary

high marks make little sense
unless you truly try
most of it is grade inflation
it may be said it ain't so
whatever. it is and few realize
honour roll just gives cheaper first year post-secondary
which does benefit some, but not all

taking a break from studies
is considered to be a dumb idea by many
very few think it to be advantageous
would rather learn some life skills first
I am one of those, but betwixt and between

some think I'm on honour roll
some think I'm a failure
I am neither, but also both
in mind well-balanced
in practice - I just do or don't
I'm high up and low down

I detest the typical attitude of honour roll students
(I'm afraid I have some of it)
and I dislike failure, if it means not even attempting to succeed
I especially dislike the idea of giving up
_ _ Giving up is defeat.
_ _ Giving in is a sort of acceptance.