Almost as soon as I took the left turn, I saw Evier Academy. And let me tell you right now, it was a sight to behold.

There were pale Roman pillars standing proudly in front of tall wooden doors that reached almost halfway up the building. The stained-glass, domed roof seemed to touch the sky, casting ethereal colors dancing across the ground. People milled around a silver waterfall with cerulean water cascading down. Statues of angels watched over a beautiful garden with flowers of all colors. Smaller white buildings formed a circle around the main building. More Roman pillars connected them. It seemed almost like a paradise.

"Hey! You over there with the disgusting brown hair and the stupid, gray sweater!" someone called. Nevermind. Not a paradise. Scanning the campus for someone with brown hair and a grey sweater, I found no one.

"You! You're new here, ain't 'cha?" A blond guy was walking towards me and the whisper of a smirk rested on his face.

"Yeah, you. Dork at twelve o'clock." He stopped just in front of me, standing an inch or two taller. He squinted at me like I was a display under a microscope.

"Yeah, seems like mortal scum, all right." Confused, I stuck out my hand.

"Pleasure to meet you,..." I trailed off, waiting for him to fill it in.

"Patrick Fedora. The pleasure's not shared." He ignored the hand. "Wouldn't want to dirty my hands with your repulsing mortal odor. Ever heard of deodorant? It's a way to control your stink. I think it's pretty popular in the mortal world. I wouldn't know. Never had the horror of goin' there. So sad to hear that you live there." He turned and strode off, flipping me the bird over his shoulder.

Almost as soon as Patrick left, a girl dressed in various shades of white came running into me. She fell on the ground, pencils and notebooks flying everywhere. Hurriedly, she picked it all up. Stuffing it all into her white bag, she stood.

"I am so sorry." She said quickly. "I'm Kary Harrison, by the way. You?" She seemed nice, albeit a bit odd.

"Isaiah Messer?" I answered, though it sounded more like a question. Her eyes seemed to focus on something as she sniffed the air. She turned her head and sniffed again.

"Oh my god, are you mortal?" She exclaimed. I tensed. Why did everyone here call me mortal? It was a bit irritating. I said the most intellectual and not rude thing that came to mind.


"Sorry, that was rude. Let me restart." I chuckled at how fast she was talking. "Hi, I'm Kary Harrison. Are you new here?" I wouldn't say 'new', more like visiting.

"Yes," I replied.

"Who brought you here? I mean, mortals don't just randomly pop up here. Did you get an invite? Who invited you?" With all her questions, I couldn't keep them all straight.

"Gwen? Gwen Something. I forgot her last name." I answered her first question.

"Wait, Gwen as in Gwen Avril?" I mentally smacked myself. Avril. Oh, yeah. Huh. "She's one of the best here! I can't believe you met her!" Her giddiness was a little disconcerting. Best of what? Best of the Goths? I could see that happening.

Suddenly, Kary's face became more serious and controlled.

"Are you friends with Patrick?" She asked quietly, enunciating each word, the stark opposite of her behavior so far. Her voice was also deeper than her hysterical eruption moments ago. Bipolar much?

"No. He more or less told me that I was mortal trash." I replied. She huffed.

"Guess I gotta teach him a lesson." She muttered under her breath, not intending for me to hear.

"Good."She continued louder, "Well, I gotta run. If you need to embarrass anyone, fight anyone, torture anyone, or murder anyone, just message me and I'm your girl." She winked and ran off.

What on Earth? I've been here literally a minute and I've already met two insane people. Well, not people because, apparently, they're not mortal. Kary's okay. A little weird, but okay. Patrick, I had no clue if he was trying to be friendly or not, but I just didn't like him. Maybe I was being a bit prejudice to him because I hadn't really talked to him that much, but he did seem a bit stuck up.

I slowly began to walk towards the majestic building as people scampered about here and there. Was I supposed to register or something? Was I even supposed to be here? The angels seemed to glare at me as I passed by. Each one had eyes that followed me. I could almost imagine them shaking their heads.

The closer I got to the main building, my palm started to feel clammy. When at first, the building seemed warm and welcoming, it now seemed cold and stoic. It was rather odd to know that no one else here was, well, human. Running a hand through my disheveled brown hair, I gulped in a breath of air. Determined, I shut my eyes closed and ran towards the building, that was, admittedly, only ten feet away.

"You. Haven't you heard the rules? No trying to break the Aurum-Sphere with brute force." I opened my eyes to see a lady with gray hair in a bun and glasses hanging on the bridge of her nose striding towards me from the building. Her voice was screechy and sharp.

"Ma'am, I'm new here. I don't know what the Aurum-Sphere is." I said. She pointed to the wide wooden doors.

"That's the Aurum-Sphere. There's a weekly competition to break it but nevermind that." She squinted. "Are you the mortal she was talking about?" Mortal again. It seems that around here, I don't have a name, it's just "that mortal." Honestly, though it was rather irritating, it was also exciting to be in a world with non-mortals. Immortals?

"Are you immortal?" I blurted.

The lady looked taken aback. "Excuse me, are you assuming that I'm not?

"Umm… no?" Hesitantly, I took a step backward, closer to the angels from Hell and away from the lady from Hell. Did I say that this place was a paradise? I meant Hell.

"Good. I'd be insulted if you thought I was mortal." Her eyes widened. "Are you mortal? I deeply apologize. That must have been so insulting." It was… actually. It seemed that everyone here thought of mortals as scum.

"It's fine." I suddenly remembered my invite, the manilla folder with a ticket, hidden in my satchel that I was still wearing.

I took off my satchel and rummaged through it, pulling out the ticket and folder. The fancy font on the folder still broadcasted "Isaiah Messer."

"Am I supposed to register somewhere?" I asked.

"Well, I have no clue how a mortal got a ticket, but you would register up the front office." Front office. Ignoring the jibe on mortals, I nodded a thanks and started past her. Then I realized that I had no clue where the front office was. Abruptly stopping, I whirled around. "Where's the office?"

The lady laughed. "Down that hall, last right turn, first door on your left." I nodded again and turned. Massive wooden doors loomed ahead of me. Closed. I turned again. God, this was getting embarrassing. If I had to ask for help one more time...

"How do I get inside?" She smirked and snapped her fingers. I wanted to groan. Could you get any more unoriginal? Magic happens if you snap your fingers. Oh lord. What next? Telling me to click my heels together three times and say that there's no place like home?

The creak of rusty metal hinges snapped me out of my sarcastic, mental comments. I turned. Sure enough, the doors were opening, revealing a grand hallway with glimmering chandeliers dangling from the ceiling.

"Down that hallway, last right turn, first door on your left." I jumped. When did that lady get there? Running into the building, I pretended that I wasn't startled at all.

People huddled in groups around the hallway, moving in all directions. Their voices echoed off the walls into meaningless chatter. Pushing my way past them, I finally reached the end of the hallway.

Another hallway stood to my right, but this one was empty. Thank god. Now I didn't have to shove my way past a crowd of people that were probably not human. Just past the turn, on the left, there was a stark white door. Fancy chandeliers hung from the ceiling in here as well.

A bold sign hanging above the door advertised the "Office." It seemed so calm and pristine after being in a crowded hallway full of action and people. Gulping in a breath, I fiddled with my clammy hands. What if they looked at me and said that I shouldn't be here? What if they wanted to erase my memories of this place? What if they wanted to kill me? What if? What if? Questions echoed around my head as I stepped up to the door.

I wasn't quite certain why the nerves were hitting me now, with people running around in a wide hallway next to me, and an ordinary white door in front of me. What if it was all just a dream? That question stood out more than others. If it was a dream, then after I opened the door, I'd wake up. That's always how it is. Just when you're about to discover something in your dream, your roommate blasts terribly loud rap into your ear. What if? What if?

I had to know. I walked up to the door, the sound of my footsteps thumping noisily, like a heartbeat. Nervously, I reached for the handle of the door and opened it. Creaking painfully loud, the door slowly opened. I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw a gray tiled floor and strict-looking people at desks.

"Can we help you?" asked a woman in a tone that suggested that she wanted to do anything but. Her long white hair was pulled back into a tight bun.

"Uh, yeah. How do you register?" She glared at me a moment before calling over her shoulder.

"Charl, this young man wants to register. He's mortal. Could you be a doll and do something about it?" There was a muffled response that I couldn't make out. "Good. Now head over to the nice man in the next room." The woman said to me, obviously implying this Charl guy.

Entering the implied room, I found a stout man sitting behind a desk with a thousand papers piled high on it. He stood and strode over to me.

"Isaiah Messer?" He asked. I nodded.

"Mortal?" I nodded.

"Twenty years old?" I nodded.

"Brought by Gwen Avril, one of the Elite here at Evier Academy." She's an Elite? Oh cool. That's amazing. Now, what's an Elite? I nodded.

"Invitation sent by Professor Karmen G. Hymae?" Wait, who?

"Professor Karmen G. Hymae." He repeated. It was almost as if he read my mind. Oh wait, he probably did.

"I would like some respect out of you, young man. Professor Hymae was adamant on your arrival, but I don't see what he would want out of a mortal. I could send you home and erase your memories. Don't get cocky." What on Earth? I didn't even think anything offensive.

"Pardon me, sir," I said. "Where do I register?"

"Ticket." I handed the manilla folder to him. He opened it and checked the ticket.

"You're already registered. I'll message Miss Avril to give you a tour around campus and show you to your dorm." Wait, I'm staying here? Wait, what?

Charl closed his eyes as if I wasn't in the room. While I fidgeted uncomfortably, he stood like that for a whole minute. Was I supposed to leave? Would I get in trouble if I stayed?

All of a sudden, a blast of wind swept right in front of my face and I jumped. Looking to the side, there was a black halberd embedded in the wall.

"Oh. You arrived." The dry, feminine voice shocked me more than the halberd that nearly killed me.

"Gwen?" Slowly turning, I found Gwen leaning against the doorframe, looking very at ease with the situation. "He already messaged you? When did that happen? He was just standing like a lunatic with his eyes closed!" I exclaimed. I realized a moment too late that I just called him a lunatic. Oops.

"Excuse me, young man!" yelled a flustered Charl. Gwen laughed and pushed herself off the wall and strolled over to him, throwing an arm around his shoulder.

"Seems like you're losing your respect from the students, eh Charl?" She said. The poor man looked like a mouse that a cat was about to pounce on. Gwen retracted her arm and leisurely walked to the wall and pulled out the halberd by the handle. Dramatically swinging it around her finger once, she deposited it on her back, where she somehow kept it there even though there were no straps. Must be magic again.

"Anyway, I'm supposed to take you on a tour of the academy, so we'd better hurry. Goodbye, Charl!" Sending a sarcastic kiss to Charl, Gwen grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the room.

After Gwen dragged me all around the school campus, she deposited me in front of a plain wooden door with golden numbers advertising room "214." Apparently, this was my dorm. I just hoped my roommate wasn't as annoying as the one at my college. Then I won't have to yell at him to turn down his music half the time.

"Okay. Your roommate will help you from here on out. I've gotta get back to the mortal world to write a wonderful story about you and your tragic car crash. Bye!" Before I could register what she'd said, she vanished, leaving me all alone in the hallway. How on Earth…

Wait a minute. My slow brain slowly realized slowly that she was slowly going tell everyone that I had died a not-so-slow death in a car crash. So, now I can't go back to the mortal world. And I'm stuck with a ton of non-mortals who think that I'm a worthless piece of trash. Absolutely wonderful.

But hey, I finally found out that the supernatural exist. And I've read enough books and had enough imagination that I didn't act like a surprised idiot. At least I think I didn't look like a surprised idiot.

"You did." The muffled voice from inside Room 214 startled me. Somehow, I recognized that voice. Carefully, I crept to the door and gently pushed the door. It didn't budge.

"How about you use the doorknob?" came that voice from inside. Embarrassed, I grabbed the golden doorknob and pressed open the door. Squeaking open, the door gave way to the sight of a very dark room with my new roommate lounging on his bed. Suddenly, I wished that I was back with my old roommate.

The blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin stood out against the dark background of the room. By his side rested a small black gun.

"Patrick." I greeted.

"Mortal." He returned lazily. "You're sleeping on the floor or in the hallway where I can't see you." Ignoring him, I strode over to the empty bed and flopped down on it.

"Goodnight." I said, not worrying about him in the slightest. It's been a long day and I've suddenly joined this inhuman school. I deserved rest.

I promptly fell asleep.