Susan took a deep breath as she peered toward the clear booth sitting upon the stage. The booth had three walls made out of clear plastic, a door made out of the same marital, in the center there stood a wooden three legged barstool and directly above the stool one would find a reservoir of creamy, bubble gum pink slime. Sitting by the booth one would see another three legged stool.

"Good afternoon." A young blonde women said as she strolled out onto the stage and cast a look around the gathered crowed. Like Sue most of them had chosen to dawn a colorful costume or dress up as there favorite cartoon/Anime character. To her right Sue noticed a young man, around her age with short golden blonde hair and the prettiest set of baby blue's she ever laid eyes upon. Just looking at him made her blush like crazy.

He, the boy had chosen to dress up "Captain America" This was clear as the day was long because of the blue, white and red stripped shirt he wore. The shirt fitted him like a glove and so did the solid blue pants. Releasing her breath she turned to her left. There she spotted a girl around her age. She was something of a tomboy she guessed. Her dark raven hair was tied back in a tight ponytail. A dark navy shirt hugged the curves of body. Black cycling shorts and low cut socks and running shoes rounded out her outfit. Susan had no idea who she was dressed as, a OC she had to guess. Or one of those nameless Pokemon trainers.

"I hope you boys and girls are enjoying the show so far." The said with a smile. "Because where about to get to the highlight of are block." She quickly added and with that she brought the mike up close and gave the camera a suggestive wink.

Susan blushed a little as she reached up and started to play with her right brow pigtails. Her mother had suggest the hairstyle this morning. Okay, suggested was maybe not the right word. She had strongly hinted that pigtails will complete her daughters costume. And the look in her eyes and the one of her voice suggest that raising a fuss would only derail things. Her blushing only increased when the women's eyes fell upon her.

"Okay as you know," She said walking over to little machine that sat to the side. Dozens upon dozen of tiny little balls where swirling around in a cage basket. "That at the start of the show, one are stage hands, gave each you a tiny little ball. Upon that ball was printed a number." stated as she reached down and gave the hand crank a good turn. All the balls held within the wire cage tumbled around as a result.

"I hope you guys kept those little balls, because right now I'm going to pull a little ball from this basket. Totally at random, and if number I pull matches the number you have. I want you to come on down and have a seat on that stool right there." And with that she turned to face the wooden barstool. "Because, that lucky boy or girl has been chosen." And with that she started to turn the handle, causing the balls inside to turn over and over and over again.

A hushed silence fell over the crowed as the balls tumbled around. Susan caught herself taking a deep breath again as she peered toward the little round balls tumbling around inside there cage. Time seemed to slowly down and then stop all together as the rolling balls seemed to slowly down to a craw.

"Okay." The women said reaching into the cage and running her fingers around the balls. "Would number 26. Come on down." She held up a small white ball around the same size as your average golf ball. "Number 26 please dome on down." She said scanning the gathered crowed.

Releasing her held in breath. Susan reached down and picked up her own ball. Her heart fluttered a little as she caught sight of a big, bold two followed by a big bold six. Slowly she raised her hand as she held up her ball.

"Ma'am." She said raising her hand. "That's my number." Susan said as she stood up and started to slowly make her way down to the stage. As she passed through the gathered crowed. She heard some muttering. Some where cursing her good luck, others where counting themselves lucky. Slowly she made her way onto the stage.

"Wow." The host said smiling as she looked Sue up and down. "Not only are you cute, but your also well mannered." The host placed her mike down in front of Sue. "Do you have a name sweet pea?" She asked.

"Susan.. But my friends call me Sue or Susie." Susan said speaking into the mike.

"Okay Susie." The women said looking Sue up and down. The young teenager was dressed in something of a white blouse with a peter pan styled collar. A red sweater was worn over the blouse, the tails of the blouse seemed to tucked into a checkered red, pleated skirt. White stocking and black Mary-Janes with a oversized brass buckle completed the look. Her hair, parted down the middle with each section styled back in a pigtail enhanced the outfit.

"I gotta say. You look might cute in your school uniform." She said smiling a little. "You do know you might be getting messy don't ya." She wanted to make sure the girl knew, after all she'll hate for a row to break out because some silly girl wore her nice school uniform.

Susan shook her head. "I'm not wearing my school uniform. I'm cosplaying as one of my favorite characters." Susan stated proudly as she gave a graceful spin.

"Look at you." The host said smiling a little. "So tell me a little about this character and this 'Cosplaying'." The Host said as she reached down and took Susan by the hand and gently guided her toward the gunge tank that had been placed at the center of the stage. Smiling a little she opened the door and gently motioned for Sue to take a seat.

"We'll her name of Toby Robin O'Keefe." She started as she took a seat down upon the wooden stool. "She something of a junior detective." She paused for a heart beat to fix her herself. "And Cosplaying is just a term used to describe the act of dressing up as your favorite character."

"Cool." The host said smiling as she settled down upon the stool that was seated in front of the tank. "Do you have any other hobbies?" She asked as she folded her hands in her lap. They still had a few minutes before the game started.

"I'm a scout." Susan said, she was oddly finding talking about her self very hard. Despite this might be her own fifteen minutes of fame. "I also attend St. Katherine's Episcopal School." She quickly added.

"Cool." The host said smiling a little. "So one more question and yes I'm afraid I have to ask this." She said smirking a little. She always loved this question. It always made her female quest blush like mad. And a blushing girl was good for ratings. "Who's the lucky boy?" She said crossing her legs and leaning in a little.

Susan turned a bright red. She looked down and started to play with her skirt a little before looking up and whispering. "Brian." She then swallowed and said a little louder. "Brian! Brian Walker!" She said before falling into a bundle of giggles.

"We'll." The host said smiling a little at the girl. "I'm sure Brian is a very lucky fellow to have such a cute southern bell as you to call his own." And with that being said, she collected a pile of index cards a stage hand was holding out to her. "And now that's out of the way, its time to are little game. Now Susan if you look above you, your going to notice thirteen gallons of are bubble gum pink slime." She stated as she pointed upward with her fingers.

Susan still giggling looked up before turning her gaze toward the host.

"All of that will be going over you dear." She said smirking. "If you get one answer wrong that is. If you happen to get them all right. You walk away with a nice collection of prizes and all clean I'm afraid."

Susan nodded her head.

"Now, lets put five minutes on the clock." She said with a small smile as she winked toward one camera. In the blink of a eye a small digital clock would appear at the bottom of screen. And in another blink of the eye, the timer would start counting down.

"Okay Susan, this is your first question. Get this right and you win a ten dollar gift card to the fast food restaurant of your choice." The host then cleared her throat and asked the following question.

"Sherlock Holmes was the product of what authors creative mind?" She said with a small smile.

"Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!" Susan said, she almost jumped out of her seat. A small little smile formed upon her lips. Of course most of the questions where going to have a detective theme to them. She was even dressed as one of the internets most popular schoolgirl age detectives.

"That is correct." The host said smiling. "Next question." She paused and then asked. "For a twenty dollar FYE gift card.. Sherlock Holmes first appeared in what novella?"

"A Study in Scarlet." Susan said quickly. Her worry was all but gone as she felt herself sprinting to victory.

"Correct again." The host said smiling as she moved quickly to the next question. "Okay Susan, so far your doing pretty good. I dare say we kind of gave you those questions." She said winking toward the camera. "After all, it would a shame to cover you in thirteen gallons of cold slime and send you home empty handed now would it?" She paused for a second to let her words take root in Susan mind and those viewing from the safety of there living rooms. "But from now on, the questions are going to get a little tougher. Likewise, the prizes are going to get better."

"Okay your next question is." She paused, took a deep breath before pushing on. "For Fifty dollar Barns and Noble gift card. What branch of the Christian faith did the villains in A Study of Scarlet belong too." The host smiled. She was sure this question was going to stump the girl and earn her a very cold shower in slime.

Susan blinked and blinked again as she rolled the mental dice. Quickly she crossed herself before muttering the first word that popped into her head. "I think all of them where Mormons." Sue had a gift for talent for recalling odd pieces of information off the top of her head.

The host's hopeful smile turned into a little frown as she looked down on the card she was holding. Indeed Susan had somehow guessed the correct answer. Sighing a little she nodded her head in defeat. She still had a few tough questions to through at the girl.

"That is correct." She said taking a deep breath. "You must be a pretty big fan." She said looking down at her watch.

Susan could only no her head. Not trusting herself to say anything less she jinx herself. Instead she only took a deep breath, held it for a dozen or so heart beats and slowly released said breath as she nodded her head. She planned on going all the way, and becoming the first one to go all the way.

"Okay Susan, this is a big one." The host paused a little to once more built the air of suspense and maybe throw Susan off her game. "In THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES. This supposed creature from folklore was to make an appearance. Can you name that creature for a one hundred dollar North Park Mall Gift Card?" She was sure this would the question that would doom her junior sleuth.

"Hell Hound." Susan said smiling a little. She knew that answer like the back of her hand, after all it had been THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES that had gotten her hooked on the novellas and the short stories in the first place. Owning in not small part to the light supernatural theme of a hellhound, a creature straight from British folklore, stalking the last remaining heir of the Baskervilles, a minor family of British nobles.

"That is correct.." The host said twisting her lips into a half formed smile. "I'm afraid to say, she might just walk away clean boys and girls. The next question is for the grand prize, a one thousand dollar vista credit card." She looked Susan dead in the eye. Before saying.

"Name the women who stole Mr. Holmes heart.." She said never breaking her gaze. And much to her delight, The smile upon Susan's face feel apart. Her breathing increased and a deep blush started to appear upon her face as she looked around. With a spring in her step, the women reached up and took the dangling cord that would release the gunge down upon Susan. She hoped the slime was extra cold now.

"I.." Susan felt her tongue become glued to the roof of her mouth. "I'm afraid I don't know." She said shaking her head as she looked up at the payload hovering above her shoulders.

"Oh so sorry honey. Irene Adler is the answer where looking for." And with that she took the cord into her hand and smiled a evil little smirk toward Susan. "Okay, so I need you to sit straight up for me and take a deep breath." She said grinning as she reached into the tank and gently pushed Susan into the perfect position.

Susan still blushing did as she was told as she felt herself being pushed into the perfect position. A silly little grin colored her face as she saw one of cameramen zooming in for a close up.

"Okay on the count of three." She said taking the chain into her hand. Once the count of three was done, the women gave the chain a good hard yank, and a loud blaring sound then filled the confines of the booth, a second later a thick waterfall of cold slime rain down upon Susan's head.

Susan whimpered a little as she slime splattered upon her hair, thick droplets ran down the back of her blouse, chilling her, more of the gooey pink took the volume out of her pigtails and causing them to go limp. Streams of cold gunge rolled down her front, totally drenching her outfit and bringing the chill full circle.

Under this waterfall, Susan only giggled as she felt the cold slime roll down the front of her blouse, down the black of her blouse and into the cups of her training bra. Her giggling grew into a big smile as another wave of gunge fell down upon her, this one color was a nice bright neon orange.

"A little gift." The host said smiling as spotted the slop rolling down through the funnel located at the very top. The bright stream of orange mess, moved quicker than the first batch, as it was a lot thinner. And as a result, it just rolled over the first coating. It was also a lot warmer than the first.

Susan shook her gunge covered head as she smiled toward the host. "Wow." She said grinning a little. "Thanks." She said looking down at her ruined outfit and giving a little shrug.

Your quite welcome, and thank you for playing are little game darling." She said with practiced eased. And remember if you would like to come on are show, please send a email to us at GungeAnimeHour And who knows you too might be picked to sit in are gunge tank. Till then everybody!

Still smiling a fools smile, Susan waved goodbye as the credits started to roll across the screen.