A Sliming for Poor Katherine



Katherine took a deep breath as she walked into the duel classroom. The Home Education was twice the size of your normal classroom. This was due to the fact that one area was reserved for cooking and sewing and the other area was reserved for coursework. All in all, Home Education was a good class, not a super easy class but something one would take if they needed a easy credit or good solid 'A'.

Releasing her held in breath, she quickly moved from the doorway to her seat. Once she was seated she reached into her backpack and pulled out a lime green binder. Once the green binder was taken out, and placed down upon wooden surface of her desk, she then started the progress of fishing for a pencil or a pen.

She been rumbling around for around thirty seconds, when out of the corner of her eye she caught sight of somebody peering down at her. Quickly she stopped what she was doing and paused to look up. The sight that greeted her was one that chilled her to the bone. For standing there, peering over her was her teacher. A young raven haired women who was known among all the students as 'The Caner' because of her love for the Cane.

"Hey there Katie." She said with a small smile. "Its so good to see you." She said shifting her eyes down at Katherine. "Have a minute dear heart?" She said pulling up a seat and sitting down.

Katherine could feel the tension building. Her teacher was behaving oddly nice and civil for once. Such treatment was normally only reserved for her favorite students and those privileged few who formed the upper-crust of Benton Academy Society.

"Sure.." She said, taking a deep breath. "Its your class room after all."

The young women smiled softy and nodded her head.

"You know, The 'Benton Fling' is coming up. And all the profits go directly to Charity?" She said folding her arms across her chest and peering down the ridge of her nose at Katherine A pause of a few seconds then took place before the teacher pressed on. "This year, the somebody had the bright idea of building something called a 'Gunge tank'." She paused again.

Katherine blinked and blinked again as she looked up and peered toward the women. Slowly, her cheeks started to turn from a pastel white color, to a faint glowing reddish color. The mental image of a four posted tank, holding around sixteen gallons of slop quickly formed in her head. Sitting between the four wooden post, there could be found a wooden stool, above the seat of the wooden stool, there was a trap door, the only thing holding back the massive waterfall of goo.

"Okay.. And your reason for bringing this up Mrs. Amber?" Katherine said peering into her teachers deep, green eyes. Something about those eyes made her blood run cold again, something about there color, for they where green as a cats. And unlike most girls, Katherine hated cats, for they reminded her of the cheerleaders, who where always judging the girls who where below them in both looks and social standing.

Mrs. Amber smirked softy as she peered into Katherine's baby blue eyes. She could feel, something akin to fear brewing deep inside her. She could almost sense the feeling of being cornered and played. The feeling that you where nothing but play dough in the hands of somebody smarter, stronger and bigger than yours, was a horrible feeling. A feeling she knew all too well from her childhood.

"Because we a willing volunteer. Somebody not on the social radar. Somebody, like you." She said finally smiling as she did so. "I mean it is for charity, and you are quite popular in your own circle."

Katherine blinked and blinked again. Quickly she felt her cheeks flush with color as her brain tried to process the words that her teacher just spoke to her. Thirty seconds passed before she could mutter out a few words and when she did it was a string of pure disbelief.

"What!" She loudly proclaimed.

"So I can depend on you?" She said smiling softy as she reached into her back pocket and pulled out a form. "Because, I would hate too." She paused to built the tension. "I would hate to make a mistake while grading your upcoming final. You know, if you bomb your final. You'll fail my class for the quarter." She said sliding the form down upon her desk..

A sour look crossed Katherine's face, quickly she took a deep breath. "Okay fine I'll sign the blasted paper." And with that she picked up a pen and in her best penmanship she started to fill in the blanks. Ending with signing the bottom space with her full name. And before the ink could dry, she handed the paper back to her teacher. The class would starting soon, and the empty classroom will be flooded with a dozen or so voices.

"Wonderful." She said smiling softy as she folded the piece of paper and slide down into her pocket. "I knew you'll see things my way honey." Mrs. Amber said almost purring as she looked down at the young girl. Slowly she licked her lips as the mental image of this little tomboy, sitting in the tank, while above her, there sat a dozen of gallons of cold, slime.

Katherine took a deep breath as she watched her teacher fold the piece of paper up and slide it into her back pocket. Once the paper was secured, she folded her arms across her chest.

"One more thing dear." She started. "You'll need to wear something.." Her voice trailed a little as she unfolded her hands and placed her fingers upon her forehead. "You'll need to wear something a little more lady like." She said finally after a brief pause.

Katherine felt the heat rising in her cheekbones. Quickly she formed her lips into a cute little pout as she folded her arms under her developing breast. Then tossing her nose into the air she said.

"Pardon me?" Despite trying to keep her tone of voice neutral, one would notice a sharp rise in it from a few minutes ago.

"Nobody going to pay to see a tomboy get covered in slime." Mrs. Amber said bluntly. "They want to see a well dressed young women get totally drenched in this mixture of applesauce and food coloring." Then spotting a chance to sneak in a sly remark. Mrs. Amber quickly added the following. "I mean you do own a dress or two right?"

Katherine felt her jaw drop open.

"Of course I do!" She said blushing a deep ugly red color. Sure she was a tomboy, but she was not that much of a tomboy. She liked to get prettied up ever know and again. She even enjoyed the occasional trip to 'Grand Creation' a hairdresser and nail salon that offered a li.

"Good." Mrs. Amber stated flatly. "Cause, come Saturday, I fully expect you to see your prim and proper. You know, Shave your legs, your underarms. Wear a flattering dress, paint your nails and do your hair, make yourself look decent." And with that said. Mrs. Amber turned upon her heel and walked away, leaving Katherine to stew and ponder.

Katherine took a deep breath as she peered toward the gathered crowd. It seemed all of Benton had turned up. The young teen felt remarkably exposed tonight as she wore dark blue sundress that had been decorated with white flora flowers. The dress reached down to her knee-caps, Open toe, sandals with a three inch heel.

Completed the look. She had taken Mrs. Amber's advice to heart, if you could call it that. As such her nails and toes had both been painted a nice pastel blue color. For make-up she had chosen some peach colored lip gloss and some eyeliner. She wanted to keep things simple after all. Releasing her deep breath she peeked out onto the stage. A few members from the local volunteer fire department where hauling the tank onto stage.

Katherine whimpered softy as the strong shouldered farmhands, manhandled the tank onto stage. The thing was not pretty to look at, having been built on site. Mr. Hammer, the instructor of the woodshop, one a three vocational programs hosted at Sharps Vocational Center had supervised the construction. Planters and Farmers or just P & F a local bank that chattered to the need of the small community had granted some three hundred dollars for the building of the thing. Smiths General Store, the only store in town, and one stop shop for most of your basic household goods, had provided the nails, lumber and everything else. Free of charge of course, this was after all a community project. And finally Ace Cleaners, had agreed to clean her dress, free of charge.

"Look on the bright side." She said to herself. "Its all for charity." And with that she tried to gather up her courage. Rolling the dice, she looked up again to see that the fireman had finally hauled the four posted machine into place. Machine was a textbook example of the "Simple Machine". A simple wooden frame had been built using four wooden post. The wooden frame had been fitted onto a rough wooden platform that been outfitted with four sets of wheels. Inside the confines of the box, there sat a old barstool, something somebody savaged from storage. Above the barstool there sat a tank that was filled to the brim with what appeared to be sky blue colored apple sauce.

Then, from the other side of the stage, there appeared something that chilled her blood more than strange, and poorly build machine standing in the center of the stage. For from out from the shadows, there appeared a clown and just any clown, but Benton's very own. Inky. With a smile upon his grease painted lips, he winked toward the gathered crowed. The fact he was pushing a trolley laden heavily with four or five homemade pies was not lost on the crowed.

"Good evening ladies and gentleman!" Inky loudly proclaimed. "I hope you've been enjoying this little show." He said brining his cart to a stop. "Because, its about to get even better. Now, as you know, we have something special planned." He paused to straighten his back and straighten his bowtie and remove his old John Deer cap. "Yes sir, we have something extra special planned for you lovely folks tonight."

Katie took a deep breath, she hated clowns, ever since Lana had tricked her into watching 'It' when she was nine.. She had nursed a feeling of intense hatred and loathing for the profession. Releasing her breath and calming her beating heart, she could not help but frown as the peered toward the collection of pies, sitting upon his trolley. She had a pretty good idea what those pies where going to used for, and eating was not high on the list.

"Now." The clown said taking a deep breath. "Mrs. Amber, told me that one of her students. A sweet little belle by the name of Katie has so kindly agreed to take the sauce tonight." His voice was thick with the accented that marked him as a member of the hill folks. A rough, low, drawn out tone of voice.

A loud applause arose from the gathered crowed.

Whimpering a little, Katie slowly made her way onto stage. Forcing a small smile, she offered everybody gathered around the wooden raised platform a little wave. Then steeling herself, she paused and peered toward Ink, who was holding the door of the tank open for her. Quickly crossing herself she stepped into the confines of the tank. In a last ditch effort to maintain some manner of self control, she smoothed out her dress as she perched herself upon the old barstool. Once she was seated, Inky, the clown from hell. Closed the door. Once the door was closed, he secured it with a piece of tie down cord.

"Now folks!" He said walking around the booth and taking the cord that would release the mess tightly into his grip. "Ya'll give me a count down, and we'll slop this little lady real good!"

Katie could only blink her eyes, before the landslide of chilled applesauce fell down upon her head. For a minute, everything was on solid color, as the near frozen mixture splattered down upon her head, a second later, her perfectly curled hair was in a state of pure ruin. As the pressure built, the mixture rolled down her back and coated her bare shoulders, chilling her to the bone and making her gag on the smell along. Her thin cotton dress was soon soaked to the gills with the oily mixture of crushed apples.

The crowed roared with laughter and shouted out catcalls with gusto. Another wave followed the first one, the second batch had been left uncolored or its natural tan color rained down upon the remaining specks of pink. As the second wave of cold slush poured down upon her, the first wave pushed deeper and deeper into her dress's, chilling her to her core. Her pretty little party dress had been reduced to a ruins state in only thirty or so seconds.

"Wow." Inky said smirking a little as he reached down and picked up a fine looking Buttermilk chest pie. "I think somebody deserves a treat for being such a good sport. What do you say boys and girls?" Balancing the pie in one hand and opening the door with the he stepped in. He caught Katie trying to remove the bulk of the frozen mush by raking it off with her hands. Grinning like mad man he upturned the pie over he head, smashing the heavy treat onto her already ruined hair.

This brought a loud round of cheers and cat calls from the gathered people. Katie forced herself to look down, she could fell the trust and the filling of the pie sliding down her dress. Her cheeks where flushing a deep red under the layers of mess. All of there laughter, all of there cheering all of there jeers and catcalls where for her. And that made her feel almost worthless. Soon she could feel hot salty tears building.

"Now, now don't you cry." Inky said smiling softy as he peered toward her. He walked over to the trolley and picked up too thick pies. Balancing one pie in each palm of his hand. He walked over to the booth. Smiling a wicked smile, he brought both pies smacking into Katie head. Katie world turned white as cream covered her head, clogged her ears.

A roaring laughter ushered from the throats of all.

Katie could only place her hands in the palm of her hand and gently cry to the sound of a hundred or so different laughs.