Day 30: Fashion Show

Adrien rung his hands nervously. This was a big night for his father, but his bout of nervousness was because his superheroine girlfriend, Ladybug, was in a fashion show with him as joint models.

He was used to being in a situation where it was the two of them, alone in his room, just chatting away without a care in the world. But now with the whole world watching, he was nervous of what would transpire.

Adrien normally had no problem modelling his father's clothes whatsoever. But now with the addition of Ladybug, he was afraid of stumbling, or tripping on her dress and causing a commotion.

"Monsieur Agreste, Mademoiselle Ladybug is ready for you."

"Merci- "

Adrien felt the breath leave him as he got a glimpse of Ladybug's dress. It was styled in the design of her costume, and the dress fit her well. Obviously his father had taken her measurements in order for it to fit so well.

Oh, this wasn't helping his nervousness about this fashion show…