~with not a smile~

As all look on
She has been chosen
_ _ Mechanically
_ _ Automatically drawn
_ _ Feet move, heart does not
_ _ _ _ Mind is buzzing

She walks across the stage
_ _ with not a smile upon her face
Receiving the award, not really acknowledging it as hers
Expecting it, yet not fully accepting
Mind still screaming in protest,
_ _ repeating
_ _ _ _ over and over
_ _ "Give it to L-.-! Give it to L-.-! Not to me!"

Admiration. Having a role model
Someone to look up to
Someone with more experience

"You were supposed to smile" she was later told
To her, smiling came not easily
though when she did it was noticed
_ _ by her teachers
_ _ her coaches
_ _ her friends

All want her to smile more.

A/N: I received my school's Senior Girls Soccer Coaches Award on June 6, 2001.