"Rin, I think I'm in love with you..." My best friend, Levi Whittenbeck, suddenly blurts out.

I had just taken a gulp of cola right before his sudden confession. Embarrassing enough, Levi ends up with it spewed all over him. "Excuse me? What did you just say?!" I can't help but raise my voice at him. My face feels hot, so I assume it's about as red as I think it is- which is really freaking red.

"You heard me, Rin." Levi says as he shrugs off his used to be white- now stained with cola- shirt.

My eyes go to his bare chest. For the first time I notice just how fit he is.

I think my brain is boiling just from the thought.

"Don't just take your shirt off!" I scream at him, looking away quickly.

Why am I being like this? It's not like I haven't seen Levi shirtless before.

Hell, we used to bathe together when we were little.

Thinking about that now is embarrassing enough to make my face heat up even more.

"I'm all sticky now." He complains, obviously displeased by me spitting my drink on him. "I'm using your bathroom to clean up."

Quickly he's gone, walking out of my room and down the hall.

I go to pick up his shirt to throw it in the wash, since it would be rude of me to make him have to wash something that I dirtied.

I'm trying to calm myself down, but my face must still be about fifty shades of red.

Ha. Fifty shades of red. Sounds like a badly written smut book.

I chuckle at my own little joke as I walk to the washroom. I toss Levi's shirt into the machine before adding the detergent. I then turn on the washing machine before making my way out of the washroom.

When I get back to my room, Levi's waiting for me.

I feel much calmer now. I think I can face him without turning as red as a creepy clown's nose.

Levi's still shirtless, but this time it doesn't phase me.

It's just the same old Levi who I've known since we were in diapers. My best, and only, friend.

"So?" He says from his spot on the edge of my bed.

"Is this another one of your pranks, because it's a little..." I trail off.

Of course he's got to be joking. It's Levi after all. He's always goofing off all the time.

Though one look at his gray eyes tells me that my words have hurt him a little bit.

He gets up from my bed and storms past me. "Yeah, it was just a joke, so forget I said anything." He grumbles, the upset tone in his voice showing through.

I grab his wrist just before me can reach the door. "Levi I-" I pause, not knowing what I can really say to make things better.

His words about loving me are so random and unsure sounding. How could I take them seriously?

Besides, I have never looked at Levi in that way before.

The thought of him liking me seems weird and uncomfortable. I don't want our relationship to change into something romantic, because I honestly don't think I can like him like that. Not ever.

He's just Levi, the boy next door who I grew up with and befriended.

Sure, he's attractive with his light brown hair that he keeps cut short, his sun kissed skin, his eyes that look like the sea during a storm, his athletic build, and the the dimple that shows on the right side of his face every time he smiles.

Yeah, his looks are totally my type- but I'm too close to him to ever risk losing him on some impulse confession. I also know way too much about him to the point that the things I know turn me off to where he has no chance in hell of me returning any hint of romantic feelings for him.

I just can't do it.

But how do I get out of this situation? It seems like whatever I say will ruin our relationship either way.

I don't want that.

As long as I can remember it's always just been me and Levi.

Levi's the only one who's never misunderstood me

I have no other real friends besides him.

People often judge me before they even got to know me. It was lucky for me that we're neighbors and our parents are friends. If it wasn't for that, maybe I'd be completely all on my own.

It seems like ever since I was young I attracted too much attention and too many rumors.

My mom's of Japanese descent, and my father's family is from Puerto Rico. So, I'm half Hispanic- half Asian. Which shouldn't matter, but in a small southern town I happen to standout among a majority of the residents.

I've been called racist slurs more times than I want to admit.
I've had girls my age hate me right off the bat for reasons I don't care to know.
I've also had guys come up to me thinking that "I'll give them some" because that's what "my kind is good at".
What a charming group of people I live around, right?

So, yeah. It's meaningless to say this again, but that's why it's always just been me and Levi.

When I snap out of my thoughts I realize Levi is staring intently at me, waiting for me to speak again.

"I-" I start again, but before I can say out anything else, my bedroom door slams open hitting Levi right in the face.

He curses under his breath as he moves his hand to cover his nose, which is bleeding heavily. He then pushes past the person in the doorway and makes his way back to the bathroom.

Today just isn't his day, huh?

I peer up beneath my eyelashes to cast a look in the direction of the door.

Silas Whittenbeck stands there with his eyebrow raised, and a smirk on his face.

"What were you two doing? Looked kinky." He says in a tone that makes me feel repulsed.

I flip him the bird. "What are you doing here? I thought you had practice with your band?" I mumble before turning my back to him.

Stupid Silas.

Always coming into my room as he pleases even though I clearly don't want anything to do with him.

Two strong hands touch either side of my waist as I feel a pair of lips brush against my ear. "Levi's shirtless and your cheeks are flushed. You two finally do it or what?" He whispers.

My face turns into a heater again, not only because his words are embarrassing but also because they piss me off.

What is wrong with him?

I turn around quickly, punching him hard right in the shoulder. "You're such a jerk. We're not like that, Silas. You're just misunderstanding the situation. I accidentally got cola on his shirt. That's all."

Silas smirks before looking over his shoulder. "She's so dense, isn't she?" He says.

I direct my gaze over toLevi, who has bloody tissue paper sticking out of his nose.

Levi gives a sad smile before shaking his head. "I'm heading out for today. See ya later, Rin." He tells me, trying to keep his voice even but failing.

Silas gives me a wicked look before taking a step back from me. "You're both idiots." He informs me, before moving to follow after his brother.

Remember when I said it's always just been me and Levi?

Er... actually, scratch that.

It's actually always just been me, Levi, and his asshole of a twin brother, Silas.

The next day I wait after school for Levi. He has baseball practice until six, and it's only just after two right now.

I decide to go to the music room to wait, since I'm sure if I sit on the bleachers by the field I'll only be a distraction.

I have to do major damage control, so causing more problems definitely isn't what I want to do right now.

When I get to the music room, I notice someone is using one of the private rooms, since the door is closed and there's the muffled sound of drums coming from that direction. I walk past the room, uninterested in whoever is using it.

Chances are it's probably He-Who-Only-Pisses-Me-Off- aka Silas. He's like Voldemort, but better looking.

I make my way into the piano room, which is always my favorite.

The baby grand piano in the center of the room is stunning. It beats out my crappy keyboard any day.

I close the door behind me before making my way towards my one true love, the piano. I set my school bag down before going to sit on the bench. I press my fingers against each key, trying them out.

The sounds are all beautiful.

I haven't touched a real piano in awhile, so it's like heaven to do so now.

It's just what I need to get rid of the stress from yesterday and the nerves of going to see Levi after his practice later.

A few songs on this baby and I'll be ready to fix things with Levi. I'm sure of it.

I warm up with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and I Wish You A Merry Christmas, which were the first songs I've ever played on the piano. After my fingers are a little exercised I move on to Chopsticks.

Yes, the half-Asian girl is playing Chopsticks. Hardy har har. I bet you saw that one coming from a mile away?


Once I'm even more warmed up, thanks to that quick paced song, I move on to the harder and more classical stuff.

I play Chopin's Scherzo No. 2 Op. 31, which I've mastered after several months of practice. After that I start to play Brahms' Op. 1 Piano Sonata, which I've just started to learn. It doesn't nearly sound as good as my Chopin piece, but with more practice I'll get there.

After that I decide to play Chopsticks again, over and over again, because I like how fast paced and fun it is to play.

Don't judge me.

By the time I'm done my face feels hot and sweaty and my fingers are sore from all the playing.

It's quarter after five. I get up from the piano bench, and go to grab my backpack. Right when I turn around I notice the door is open, and Silas is staring at me with an unreadable expression on his face.

"I forgot that you played piano, since you quit never coming here awhile back." He says. "What are you doing here at this time, anyways?" He then asks.

I shrug my shoulders. "Waiting for your brother to get done with practice." I tell him honestly.

There's no point in lying about it. It's not like it's strange for me to wait for Levi.

Something flickers in Silas' eyes, but it's something that I can't quite understand.

Next thing I know he's closed the distance between us, his face close to mine. "Why's it always Levi? Levi this. Levi that. All you girls are the same. Always going all goo-goo eyes over that moron. What's so good about Levi anyways? Why is it that you only ever want to be around him? What about me? Am I not good enough, Rin?" He rambles on.

I notice that his hands are balled up into fists.


He's probably about to crack.

Just what I need after my stress-reliever.

"Listen-" I start to say, but before I can utter another word Silas grabs a hold of me and leans in as if he's going to kiss me.

I hold my breath as I watch in slow motion as Silas' lips inch closer to mine.

Just when they barely touch, I come to my senses. "What the hell are you doing?!" I yell, as I shove him away.

My face heats up with embarrassment and anger, like it usually does around Silas.

"What is up with you guys? What is this some sort of sick game? First Levi says he thinks he loves me, and then gets all upset when I take it as a joke. And now you're trying to k- kiss me. What the actual fuck is wrong with you and your brother?!" I snap, though I don't wait for an answer. Instead I hit him with my bag as I shove past him before exiting out of the room.

I don't run, but I walk as fast as I can, rushing to the bathroom to hide just in case he goes after me.

Once I'm in the safety of the girls' bathroom I splash water on my face to try to clear up my mind.

It doesn't work.

All I can think about is Levi's confession and Silas trying to kiss me.

I don't understand it. I don't understand it at all.

Why is this happening to me? Why now?

I glance up in the mirror, expecting to see the answer.

All I see is naturally tan skin,wavy jet black hair that falls a little over my shoulders, dark almond shaped eyes, thin peach colored lips, and a thin not so curvy body.

It's not like anything about me has changed in the last few days. At least I don't think anything has.

I let out a long sigh before splashing my face with water again, hoping the redness of it will go away soon.

When I leave the bathroom I decide to just call it a day and go home, but once I get to my locker I notice two people waiting for me.

Levi and Silas.

Levi's still dressed in his baseball uniform, and there's red clay on his face. His normally goofy grin and crinkled eyes are replaced by a serious, stern look.

Next to him, looking as different from Levi as night from day, Silas has an amused look on his face.

They're twins, but they're not identical in anyway.

While their faces are similarly structured and have similar features, that's the only parts of them that are alike. Silas has shaggy dark blonde hair that's always getting in front of his light green eyes. He's fair skinned and has a more lean body, but it's even more noticeable when he's standing next to Levi.

It's not even just their appearances that are different. Their personalities are as well.

Levi's the goofy, always smiling, and fun-loving sweetheart. He's the typical boy-next-door type. That's why we get along so well, because he's just a great person to be around. Sadly, guys like him are just destined to be seen as a friend, because he's just too lovable in a brother type of manner.

Silas is the mischievous, shady, and shameless playboy. He's the typical bad boy type, but without a heart of gold. His heart seems as tainted as his bed sheets. I don't want to go near either of those things. It's obvious why I don't get along with him of all people.

As I near my locker, my heart beats fast from anxiety.

What am I supposed to do about this awkward situation?

I stop in front of my locker, avoiding looking at either of them.

I probably should get my math text book out my locker so I can do my homework later, but at this point I just want to flee.

After my brief stop in front of my locker, I move to walk past both boys.

"Wait, Rin!" They say in unison.

"I'm sorry! I have to suddenly leave! I think I just got my period and you don't even want to know what type of mess that's going to be!" I blurt out the first lie that comes to my mind, as I run out the doors of the hallway and to where my car is parked in the parking lot.

As I'm driving home I finally process the stupid thing I had just said.

Did I seriously just use getting my period as an excuse to avoid my neighbors? Are you fucking kidding me? Did I seriously just say such a disgusting and obvious lie?

Great going Rin... Great going.

Why couldn't I have just said a normal excuse like having to go feed the dog I don't have or saying that I've suddenly become allergic to men?

No. I just had to bring up the monthly thing instead.

Never mind that though.

I suddenly have the sense that things are going to get a lot more difficult.

Someone, please put me out of my misery?

I just saw the first movie in a series based off a book and at the end I was like "Ah, that love triangle bullshit is going to be pulled in the next movie, isn't it?". So thus from that thought, I gave birth to another thought. A parody about a girl in an obvious and unwanted love triangle. I have no idea where I'm going with this, but so far I actually really, really like this idea. And I really like Rin.

Oh, and in case the names gave anyone trouble then here are the pronunciations-

Rin (Rinnh)

Levi (Lee-vai)

Silas (Sigh-Liss)


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