More damage is done to a person's perception

Of God, by the teachings of torment in hell,

Than all other doctrines, without an exception.

No wonder the Gospel is so hard to sell.

Some think fear is how to induce a conversion.

It doesn't, just fuels atheism, like me

Aged 14, rejecting the ghastly aversion

To thoughts of 'THAT god,' if my choice wasn't free.

John 3:16 says, "Who believes will not perish,"

(That's "perish", not suffer and endlessly burn).

It's news for unsaved friends and family I cherish.

Without it, my stomach would endlessly churn.

Not once in Old Testament times, were the wicked,

When threatened by God, told of undying death

As punishment, when they served idols and bickered.

The life of the soul only lasts, by God's breath.

With every sin rampant for most of that era

(4000 years), God would have used his best threat.

But hell wasn't mentioned by any one bearer

Of prophecy then, when such sin was beset.

Don't reinvent words like "death," "die", and "destruction,"

Nor parables, prophecies written in code.

Revelation and Daniel can face misconstruction,

When readers are predisposed into one mode:

Those parables using such wording as "wailing

And gnashing of teeth" don't, in context, refer

To infinity's anguish. Their purpose, prevailing,

Is causing the staunch unbeliever to stir.

In Malachi 4:1, God says the day's coming,

When evil and proud men will burn up like straw.

And Malachi 4:3 continues on, summing

Up: "dust" as their fate, to remember no more.

The concept's not lasting, like preaching or tithing.

Remains of the wicked will scrunch under foot.

There won't be an agony, born out by writhing.

Those burnt human bodies will simply be soot.

There's more about our souls, that's well worth our knowing,

In Chapter 18:4 of Ezekiel;

Eternally dead is not torture ongoing.

The soul, that sins, dies, doesn't live on, in hell.

"The day that you sin, you shall die, ever surely,"

Says Genesis. That doesn't mean you'll drop dead

Right then, but the godless will end up so poorly,

Without life eternal. They'll be gone instead.

For those with God's character viewed, by believing

In fire that tortures, but doesn't consume,

They'll think of the dead unbelievers, while grieving,

Not knowing their souls are as dead as a tomb.

In Jude 7, Sodom, and also Gomorrah

Had died from the fire: an example to all,

Not go on as fiery lake's constant explorer,

While others in heaven are having a ball.

In Hebrews 10:26 onwards, it's stated:

A fire will consume the opponents of God.

Their souls aren't immortal, and cannot be fated

To go through eternity whipped with a rod.

And Jesus said, "Man can do things to your body,

But God can destroy both the body and soul,

In hell." That's the real fate of all the ungodly,

Not roasting, undead on a bed of hot coal.

The parable told of the rich man and Lazarus,

If literally taken, means "Care for the poor,

As a works based salvation." And so it is hazardous

To use it to preach undead pain evermore.

When Jesus was copping the worst of sin's wages

His punishment (death) only lasted three days.

No way can we argue from all Gospel pages:

Eternal un-death is what Jesus' death pays. (?).

And God, omnipresent, the means of maintaining

Our lives, can't create a place out of His realm,

Where people go on, but forever complaining,

With Satan, His enemy stuck at the helm.

God wouldn't intend to maintain the reminder

Of those who rejected Him, there in his thought.

Our merciful God would indeed be much kinder

To HIS Persons, once His last battle is fought.

The Bible says there is no safety for sinners.

New Testament letters are always precise.

But Jesus can turn them from death, to be winners,

If here (in this life) they will take this advice:

Now those without Jesus are living already

In hell; but when dying, it comes to an end.

But others have foretastes of heaven, and steady,

They trust in the Saviour the Father did send.

And serving the Lord is a love-driven wonder,

When willingly taking His offer to bless

With souls MADE immortal, and not chosen under

The cruelest unscriptural form of duress.