Road To Nowhere

by, Cassandra

Tried and true,
lost and stale,
and stalled out
on this road to

It would be far too easy
to accept this fate
and do nothing as I
rot completely away.

I'm so much more
than this, but it's
hard to take that step
when it's so clear to
me that nobody even cares.

I'll fade a little more
each day, but my masks
are painted with the
brightest of colors.

I bet you no one even notices.

I'm worth so much more
than this, but what does
that even matter when
I'm the only one who
even cares?

Baby, dry your eyes.
Play your part.
Fit on that mask and
let your dreams fade
to dark.

No one cares, anyway.

(you're just another
face in the background.)