"Misae, are you okay?"

I had taken it upon myself to care for Misae. She was my one true friend. The only one I ever cared for.
It felt...strange.
I never had the ability to feel much emotion, and I sure as heck had never felt joy before.
But, she...
She made me feel something.
She made me...happy.
It scared me.
I didn't like this emotion.
Because if I ever lost her...
Then I'd have to feel sadness again.
And I hated sadness.
Sadness hated me.
The feeling was mutual.
Yet, I couldn't help but care for Misae.
No matter how much I tried not to care, no matter how much I tried to dislike her and stay away from her...I knew it was for my own good, yes, but I just couldn't. My relationship with this girl was like an addiction. I could never get away from it. Every day, I found myself craving more and more, until suddenly, I can't turn back.
It would be impossible, I realized, to run away from something that I didn't want to run away from. Break a heart that I didn't want to break. It was too important to me. I wanted to cherish it, forever and ever. That's why I couldn't stop meeting that girl. My mind wouldn't allow it. I did it on impulse. Every day, I'd go to the park and wait for her to play her violin. Every time I did so, she played a new song, which brought out new emotions that I hadn't discovered before. I didn't know what they were, I didn't know what they were called, but they made me feel...safe.
She wouldn't talk to me, but she'd look at me and give a warm smile, as if she had written the songs for me, and me alone.
One day, it all changed.
She...she spoke to me.
And it filled me with all the love in the world.
I liked this feeling.
No, I loved it.
I couldn't get enough of it. The melody of her voice and the way it braided through the wind and air...
It seemed supernatural.

"U-um...what's your name?" Misae asked.
"Osuko Fazuki."
"Yes, Misae?"
"D-do you like my songs? You meet me here every day, so I just assumed..."
"Yes, of course I do!"
"That's g-good, I guess..."
"Those songs...they make me feel strange emotions. Emotions that I've never felt before."