"I've realized something today. We live our lifes in a cage. When we're children we're held down by our stupidity and inability to understand."

"When we're teens our emotions take control of everything we do and say and we're obligated to our parents and chores."

"When we're adults our jobs determine if we get to relax or work our asses off for the rest of our lives."

" I hate that feeling."

"The feeling of being able to just walk outside and take a walk, or the feeling of being able to go just about anywhere we want to seems like an ability i've always never had the blessing of having, and I want it. I want freedom to go places where I shouldn't be. The freedom to go places where I should be. I want the freedom to go anywhere, at any time, when ever I feel like. I get tired of having to be chained down by life's bullshit."

Don't you?