Accusations fly, more worried about methods used than the bodies piling up, the details spilled like their blood over pixels and pages, sold like bits of their corpses just to make a few extra cents, blaming everything except the one who pulled the trigger, because god forbid it was humanity that could have broken those bodies like a child playing with unwanted toys.

That the face of death could just as easily be your sister, son, or even you on your darkest days in the back of your mind, the thoughts we all keep hidden, because it's so much easier to believe that these monsters are real in the form of cold, hard steel than to face the truth that we're all just as capable, just as human as those laying others to rest while the fragile glass hearts of the ones they loved break open and spill fear, drowning out all else and settling like a cloud above our shoulders, weighing down on every decision we make, because we choose to express love in the confines of our own world.

But just as we are monsters, we are made of light and love and the free will to see the choices that melt icy death with warm smiles shared, to stronger hearts and minds, to love so powerful it overwhelms chaos and destruction, bringing out voices that sing as one by candlelight, and thousands of hands joining in silence and solidarity, showing that we are bigger than the darkness that resides within our society. We are so much more than the trending violence, and the separation and hate in the media.

We are humanity, a constant battle of dark and light and hate and fear, always learning that love wins, even in the most desperate of situations.

Love wins.