[Verse One]

Thought I could walk on air.
Always thought people cared.
Then thought that life was fair.
Time showed me love don't care.

I know, I know... I've always been low.
I know, I know... I am always too slow.
I know, I know... I have to still grow.
I know, I know... I have to let it go.

I can't, I can't... Understand why.
I can't, I can't... Ever just get by.
I can't, I can't... Stay on the floor, so I fight the fight no more.


My love is... Somewhere crying.
Somewhere alone thinking "why am I worthless?"

Somewhere alone saying; "how do you confess?"
When everyone just wants us all to bottle that mess.

They're happy with... More lying.
They're happy with... More trying.
They're happy with... No prying.
They're happy till... Were dying.