This piece of fiction is written in sacred memory to Robert Jordon. Mastermind behind the "Wheel of Time" and a fellow "High Church" Episcopalian. You taught me how to dream and you taught me to write. You gave form to prose. May the light shine upon you.


The air was become a little more crisp, the leafs on the trees where turning from green to yellow. The last of the summers corn had been harvested a month or so ago. And the last pieces of cotton where coming out of the field. Shops where starting to display Halloween decorations and subtle changes in the air hinted at the passing of Summer to Autumn.

School had been in session now for a good six weeks, students once more found themselves bound to there work. Old friendships where starting to be rekindled, others had been lost. Still others had only grown and matured. The Halls of St. Katherine's Episcopal School once more filled with the chatter of children.

But there was a something excitement in the air. All around the school a sense of pride was taking hold. Brightly colored posters adorned the hallways. The cause for all this noise, was simple. It was three days into homecoming week. For students the one week period was a strange mixture of Mardi Gras and Holy Week. So far a Mass had been held one each day of the celebration and the strict uniform policy had been tossed out the window. And for the last three days students had been allowed to dress up and even play low level pranks on each other.

Susan, eager to make her mark had taken notice of these low level pranks. And before long, the young teen had birthed an idea for one of her own. One she was sure would shake the school to his very foundation.

It was around six o' clock in the evening. When Sue turned down the old, cobblestone paved road that ran in front of St. Katherine's Episcopal School. The air was cool, cool enough to require something beside a light shirt and skirt. Gathering her strength she guided her bike to a near by rack. Quickly she secured the bike with length of chain and a padlock.

Once her bike was secured, she jumped down and walked over to the basket in front. A small camping cooler had been placed there. Inside one would find a bag that held a bakers dozen or so gold fish. Big ones, ones fisherman used for trotlines and yo-yo's and drop hooks. Ones used to lure in the monster catfish that swam below the muddy waters of the Mississippi.

Grinning like a fool, she took the bag into her hand and gently made her way down the brick paved pathway that lead to the front entrance of the school. About halfway down the pathway, there stood a old stone fountain. There the bricks gave way to gray blocks as the path narrowed and then widen into a oval shape, before becoming narrow again.

Quickly, using the trees for cover. She jumped from one embankment of shadows to the other, before she finally reached the fountain. Then, rolling the mental dice she emptied the bag of goldfish into the shallow waters.

"Perfect." She said balling up the ball and stuffing it into the pocket of her hoodie. "Susie, you just played the perfect prank." And so with her mission completed. Sue beat a hasty retreat. Little did she know the whole act had been caught on camera.

Homecoming Troubles

The cafeteria was filled to the brim with students, all dressed in colorful manners. The air was thick with chattering as students told each other of the latest going ones. A collection of schoolgirls, all dressed in long flowing gowns that tried to mimic the gowns worn by highborn ladies sat together. They all took turning, telling each other of the latest goings on and the latest gossip. Most of there talk centered on who was going with who. And who would be wearing what to the Homecoming dance being held later that evening.

To the side of them, sat Susan who sat along. Dressed in a long sleeve, white woolen dress that was banded in seven colors along the cuffs and helm, and her shoulder length brown styled back in a high ponytail. Held only in place with a white ribbon. She looked a little plain when compared to everybody else. True she could have worn that old princess dress she had left over from the annual renaissance fair. She also had a few old costumes laying around, ones she wore to local anime gatherings.

"Hey." One of the girls said to her friend. "Did you see the goldfish swimming in the fountain this morning?" She asked as she peered over her helping of grits.

"Totally." Another one said. "I bet it was one of jocks. There always doing silly things like that." She quickly added as she took a sip from her milk.

"I doubt that." Another one chimed in. "There bullheaded, but not bullheaded." The girl paused and then turned toward the girl to her left. "I bet it was one of those tomboys."

"Who ever did that, no doubt Mr. Hood will give them the strap. I bet, there going to call them over the intercom soon too." Another said before picking up her carton of milk and taking a shallow swallow. "There cameras all over this school."

Susan, who had been ease dropping this whole time took a deep breath as she peered down at her half eaten bowl of grits. She overslept this morning and as a result, she had been pressed for time. Once she had finished with washing her hair and styling it and getting ready. Time was fleeting and breakfast had to wait. She was lucky enough to get to school on time this morning. Even more lucky to catch the tail end of the breakfast crowd.

Releasing her breath, she collected her dish's and made her way toward the window. Class was about to start anyway. With luck, she could keep a low profile for the rest of the day and escape attention. After all she had not counted on the cameras, when she had pulled that little prank of hers.

Thorn Hood took a deep breath as removed his navy blue woolen blazer and loosen his tie. There was no doubt about it, a girl had planted those fish in the schools fountain. And from the looks of things, that girl had pink eyes, natural colored pink eyes. That narrowed the field down to just one person. Susan Elizabeth Bell.

"That girl." He said rolling his eyes. Mr. Hood known Sue for most of her life. Her father, Luke Williams Bell was his golfing buddy. Plus, when ever he needed some legal work done, he always went to "Bell & Walker" one of the oldest firms in the city. The firm had been founded during the Reconstruction Era.

Collecting his thoughts, he walked toward his secretary's desk. Behind the wooden desk there sat a young women looked to be around her mid twenties. The women had been graced with long blonde hair. Keeping with the spirit of the day she wore a vintage nurses uniform, complete with cap. The only catch was that that splash's of fake blood could be seen at the corner of her mouth and upon the apron she wore around her dress.

"Good morning." She said flashing Mr. Hood a quick smile. The smile reveled that she had in a pair of fake vampire teeth, "Your looking very tasty." She said smiling a little as she peered toward Thorn, who gave her a deadpan look.

"Save that for the staff party this evening Ms. Cartwright." He said then grinning a little as the blonde vampire nurse a little wink. He was very much aware of the rumors going around the school, that he and Ms. Cartwright where a item. Though he never let it be known how true it was.

Ms. Cartwright formed her lips into a little pout as she nodded her head and settled her beating heart. But soon, she formed her lips into a small little smirk that made the man's blood run cold. Despite the school being a private one, and one founded on code of strict morals, some elements of lust and desire where present in the manners of the staff. That desire seemed to be at its highest during homecoming week, when the hottest topic of conversation was who was talking who to the dance.

Thorn cleared his throat and then fighting down his blush said.

"Please, call Susan Elizabeth Bell to the office for me." He said trying to pour a sense of commandership into his voice. After all being in charge of school discipline came with a certain degree of respect.

Ms. Cartwright nodded her head as she took a scrap shit of paper out and quickly she wrote down Susan Elizabeth Bell. Once the name was written down upon the piece of paper she looked up and frowned.

"Wow, all three names. What did she do, plot the overthrow the school or something." She said with a little shake of her head.

"Close, she the one who put the gold fish in the school fountain this morning." He said, he had to keep himself from smiling. That was a pretty good prank. The apple does not fall far from the tree. He thought wry as he started toward his office.

Ms. Cartwright blinked and blinked again. "Poor girl." She said rolling her eyes as she picked up the phone. Clearing her throat she called out over the intercom system of the school.

"Would Susan Elizabeth Bell. Please report to the headmasters office, would Susan Elizabeth Bell. Please report directly to the headmasters office. ASAP." And with that being said she hung the phone up and sighed.

"Nice job Jane. With the whole 'ASAP' thing. That would bring her running." Thorn said as he rolled his eyes. "Anyway, once she comes, send her in. I'll be waiting for her."

"Going to give her the strap?" Jane said with a worried look. She hated the sound of that thing.

"Going to strap her so hard, she'll need a pillow for the rest of the day. And this evening no doubt. And if she attends the dance, she'll be too sore and tired to do anything beside groan and whine." He said with a sign as he entered once more into his study.

"Poor girl." Jane said smirking. "At least.. She gets a spanking out it. What I would not give to be bend over his desk. Why must kink be wasted on the youth." And with that Jane returned to her work.

Susan took a deep breath as she made her way down the hallway. She been in her second period when the voice had cracked over the intercom, summing to her doom. Second period was "Applied Science" and the instructor was a old priest, one that was so old that he might have been there when the world was created and lived through all major discoveries of the age.

The man, also might have had a one track mind. As he kept on rambling one as Susan stood up, collected her things and made the walk of shame toward the front of the classroom. Quickly without saying a word, she slipped through the door and into the hallway. And blushing like a bride being given away she marched toward her headmasters office. It took only five minutes of swift walking to reach the office.

Once inside the office, she was directed toward the headmasters office by Jane Cartwright. Who only smirked as Susan passed by her. Susan though, only looked over at her and flushed a deep dark red as she knocked upon the wooden door.

"Come in." Came the voice from behind the door. Taking a deep breath and gathering her courage, Susan pushed hard upon the brass door handle and then putting on a breath face, strolled into the office. She was after all cosplaying as one of the Accepted, and she wore upon her finger she wore the ring of the Accepted, that meant she had to face what was coming with coolness and a degree of self control. And so with her head buzzing with those thoughts she stepped into the room.

"Close the door behind you. I doubt your mother raised you in a barn. Unless you wish for Jane to hear your strapping and your cries." Thorn said taking a deep breath as he looked up from his papers. "And please, remain standing. No need to sit down." He reached up, removed his glass's, folded them up and slide them down into there caring case.

Susan opened her mouth to speak, but she quickly closed it. She opened it again and then closed it again. She did not trust herself to speak, instead she quickly closed the door like she was commanded to do. Then without batting a eyelash she brought herself to attention in front of his desk. Signing deeply she folded her hands in front of her.

"Well," Thorn said taking a deep breath as he stood up and looked Susan right in the eyes. "It seems somebody has been busy, busy enough to fill the school fountain with a thirteen or so big fat goldfish." He said standing up and walking over to a locker.

Susan felt her heart beat increased thirteen fold as she watched Thorn walk over and open the door to the old highland oak wardrobe. The closet held three leather straps, a collection of wooden spoons, paddles, switch's, hairbrush's and oddly enough a slipper that was far worst than any of the mentioned items.

Susan took a deep breath. And then she let the thought go. Her eyes where now totally centered on Thorn. Who had taken hold of the brass handles and had already pulled open the door. He was already reaching inside the confines of the space. The way he was looking over each item too, reminded her of her mother picking through the meat counter at Kroger.

"Blood hell." Susan said signing.

Thorn raised a eyebrow and taking a deep. "Once where done, I'm going to have Jane, take you to the girls bathroom. It seems your mother, has not taught you to mind your tongue. You may indeed come from the upper levels of southern society. But your actions and your choice of words speak of somebody from the lower rungs of the social ladder. I expect that talk from one of the boy. But not one of my girls."

Susan blinked and blinked again as she peered toward Thorn. The man did not seem to miss a beat. He said those words in a simple, down to earth tone of voice. That left little in the way for the human mind to ponder. Very little.

"Bend over, remove your underwear and take a deep breath." He said finally selecting a long leather strap. One that would leave a lasting impact upon her bottom. Quickly he turned around and peered toward Susan.

Susan took a deep breath and swallowed hard as she peered toward him. Taking a deep breach she reached up and rolled down her panties, followed by flipping her dress. The coolness of early autumn could be felt in the room.

"Good girl. At least you can follow simple instructions." He said placing the cold leather strap upon the bottom. She took a deep breath and whimpered softy as she felt the cold piece of leather being pressed into her bottom. There was little she could do now, she had rolled those mental dice and snake eyes had come up. No gleeman will sing her praises, no bard will remember her in song or story.

"Susan Elizabeth Mari Bell." Thorn said taking a deep breath as he let the strap fall upon her bottom. Sending a flooding wave of sting and burn right into her round bottom cheeks. Quickly he drew the broad piece of leather back, and once more he smacked Susan bottom. Again he did it, and then again. And then again, the broad piece of leather, broke upon Susan bottom like a wave breaking upon the seashore.

Susan took the first blow with a coldness, the second make her squeak, the third made her whimper and the forth made her bounce upon her toes. The fifth make her dig her fingers into polished wooden surface and the sixth made the first sparkling of tears appear upon her cheeks.

Thorn paused after the sixth stroke, The bottom was starting to glow a nice pink color. From one end to the other there was nothing but a unbroken block of pink. Her thighs though, those still remained untouched. Taking a deep breath, he drew the strap back again and laid it bare across her thighs. Sending another shocking wave of sting into her body. He did not wait this time. Mere seconds passed before the strap once more struck her bottom. This time he swung to hard and the leather wrapped itself around Susan's leg.

Susan broke the minute the strap touched her thighs. She broke like a egg tossed upon a stone. Tears rolled down her eyes and it took every ounce of strength to keep her hands planted in front of her. Tears where now pouring from her eyes, and rolling down her red cheeks in such number, one might think a river had spurted. In a last ditch effort to keep control of herself, she folded her arms upon the desk and placed her head down between them. She had a faint hope that maybe all of this would soon be over.

The strap kept going though, heartbeat after heartbeat. Minute after minute, till all the word seemed to come to a halt and time itself seemed to pause. She tried to fight the pain, but in the end, all she could do was embrace it. And embrace it she did till finally Thorn had finished the task.

Susan bottom was now a deep, dark red color, from one end to the other. Sitting would have been a pain even with the aid of a cushion. But on those hard wooden desk, ones that where at least a hundred or so years old, it would be pure hell.

"Susan." Thorn said, returning the strap. "I fully expect this to be the last time your called to my office. Next time.. I will not be so gentle. Fr. Upton is about to celebrate Eucharist. I think, you serving at the alter would be enough to sway me from having you serve the next six weeks in after school detention." He paused. "Understood. If you do, then I'll try to forget about your little slip of the tongue as well."

"Understood sir." Susan said brining up her panties and fixing her skirt. She took a deep breath and bowed before the strict gentleman.

"Very good."

Susan nodded her head and then quickly left the office. Without looking over her shoulder. She started to run toward church. This would the last time she tried to pull a prank.