The Dragon and the Princess

Himura Ryuuko walked down the hallway with her best friend, Asano Hime. As usual, they were avoided by the other students. This was mostly...ok, this was all because of Ryuuko. With short red hair, well-defined muscles, a long skirt, and radiating an aura of danger, she lived up to her name well, looking and acting the part of an uncontrollable delinquent. In contrast, her companion also lived up to her own name, her beauty unmatched throughout the school, possibly even the country, and her own aura as gentle as anyone you could ever meet. In fact, this was the very cause of Ryuuko's attitude. She wasn't naturally so angry and combative, but Hime was a devastatingly painful combination of shyness and kindness. Her gentle aura drew people in like pigeons to breadcrumbs, people that she was far too kind to turn away, even though she hated the attention. This only worsened as she grew older and more beautiful, becoming the true image of a Yamato Nadeshiko, attracting hordes of guys that were clearly only after one thing. Ryuuko had spent her entire life since first grade protecting Hime from the masses, a task made much easier by her affected angry persona and her current reputation as the Dragon of East High.

As they approached the cafeteria, a member of the broadcasting club, a very bold guy that fancied himself somewhat of a school clown, announced their entrance.

"And here we have East High's very own Princess, gracing us with her presence, accompanied as always by her faithful Dragon."

The entire cafeteria turned to look at them. Hime blushed furiously, and Ryuuko silently promised the clown a severe beating later. Most of them turned away shortly, but a guy Ryuuko didn't recognize continued to stare. It was noticeable for a number of reasons. First, mostly everyone had learned (Ryuuko was a very ardent teacher) not to stare at Hime too much. Second, there shouldn't be a guy Ryuuko didn't recognize at the school. Pretty much every guy in the school, as well as many from other schools, had made a pass at Hime at some point or other, so Ryuuko had had a chance to get up close and personal with all of them. The fact that she didn't know his face screamed Transfer Student. Third, this guy was exceptionally good looking. The phrase 'mega-hottie' came to mind when looking at him, and this from a girl who had no interest in romance whatsoever.

The guy stood up, and something about his manner commanded attention. The entire cafeteria once again paused in their doings to look at him as he announced, "The Princess of East High? You certainly look the part. How appropriate. I was known as the Prince of West High. We were made for each other, I can tell. I will make you mine."

As one, the onlookers drew in a sharp breath, then winced in sympathy. They knew what was coming.

Ryuuko was a little shocked. She hadn't had to deal with a direct assault like this in quite a while, her reputation did most of the work for her these days. Evidently, this guy hadn't been around long enough to have heard the consequences of pursuing Hime. Well, she would teach him soon enough.

"You think it's just that easy, do you? If you want the Princess, you have to prove yourself, 'Prince'." She said cuttingly. "Prove you can protect her. Beat me in a fight."

His brow furrowed. "That would seem to be counter-productive."

"Oh, you're giving up already?" She taunted.

"Of course not. I'll do whatever I have to. When and where?"

"After school, at the baseball field."

"I'll be there."

"Fine. Come on, Hime, let's go eat on the roof." She left, seething, and Hime followed her docily. This was the kind of situation Ryuuko had dealt with many times in the past, though not so many recently, but this particular time she was far more irritated than usual, as well as uneasy, and she had no idea why. Maybe it was the guy's attitude. Just because he was a little good-looking, he thought he was entitled to date Hime. As if. Just thinking about it ticked her off. She was really going to enjoy bashing his brains in after school.