Okay, I know. I'm not the luckiest girl on the planet, but you have to admit, i'm not to blame for my bad streak of luck! I've been through alot this past decade. My bests, and my worsts. Damn I hate my firetrucking life! But I'm not here to complain about my downs. Nope, I'm saving those for later. I'm here to tell you about the only happy things that happened in my life. (Whoop-Dee-Doo)

It all started in 2003, my birth… Okay not a good plan. I'll just skip ahead to the good stuff. I'll save the auto-biography for later as well. (probably not) Okay… let's fast forward it to the end of my fifth grade school year. The time I met my first crush, Conner*, he is so cute (Just because I don't like him anymore that doesn't mean he isn't cute!) and he has a huge thing for video games. No not stupid ass Halo, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, and all the other shooter games out there (I think these kind of games are stupid, my opinion not yours, don't judge.) Nope, he played the classics, like Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda, Contra, Kirby, Mega Man, Super Smash Bros. Brawl(i don't know if he played Sonic the Hedgehog or not, he probably did) and, one of my favorite classic games, and one of the only classic games I had played during the time, Tetris. I know what you're probably thinking "Oh my god such a nerd, I can't believe you liked such a damn nerd." Well you're wrong, he never was a nerd! If you look at me now, and have the same ass view of people, you'd call me a damn nerd too. He's the reason I've been playing the classics!

But to get one thing straight, he was getting bullied as well, so he doesn't need to get bullied anymore than he already has been! But here is a tiny story, inside a story, that kind of relates to the one you are reading right now, but not really, because it's basically going to make me get sidetracked, like I am right now, so I should probably shut up and tell the damn story.

Okay here is the story that i was talking about me ge- (SHUT UP AND TELL THE DAMN STORY MAYA!) Okay, so it was one day after lunch, we just came back from being outside for like 30 minutes, but Conner wasn't in the line and right as we sat down in class, he came in the door, with one streak of water coming from his eyes, and I felt so bad, (and no this was before I found out his love for video games, for all you stupid ass people out there.) This was was when I found out that his favorite show was (and you better not laugh, or else i'll make sure you're sorry. Permanently.) My Little Pony. The teacher, and one student in the class figured out what happened. So it turned out the "Tough Guy" at our school, Joshua. (To be honest, Josh isn't even tough. All he is is a humongous dumbass, with a very short ass temper, and he might or might not have ADHD, I'm not sure. He probably does though.) He was making fun of him cause he had a My Little Pony lunch box, and when Connor came in the door, he started crying because of it.

That's another reason I fell in love with him, his unique taste in T.V. shows, his gaming, his looks, but most of all, his humor! He was one of the funniest guys I've ever met! (who would actually hang out with me. Yeah, like I said i'm not the luckiest girl, especially when it comes to guys…) But I don't know what ever happened to my crush on him, I guess I was just satisfied knowing that we were best buds. But I still, to this day, think about the first day we met, remembering how damn awkward he was on his first day, and that same year, what made it a little cool to be really close friends, is the fact that we live right behind each other. Okay I live right next door to a small playground, and everyone that lives in the neighborhood comes by with their children or when high schoolers are just coming by to smoke a cigarette, pick lemons from our lemon tree, or make out at the slide… I will never unsee that... But the first time he came, I was taking out the trash, which is kind of a coincidence if you think about it. But he still is one of my closest friends today, just from him being "The New Kid in School" that year.

Wait you thought that was the end? Really? This small story? Oh! You're thinking it's like the other story I narrated, "Everlasting Love" aren't you! One chapter? Come on! This was just the beginning! The story was super sad! This time the happiness in me is taking the wheel here! Get ready for the ride of your lives people!

* Conner is not the real name of the person mentioned in the chapter, the name was changed for privacy reasons.

I have no connection to, or with Nintendo Co., Ltd., they're games are just mentioned in the chapter. They might be mentioned in the future as well.

I do not own My Little Pony either. Again just mentioned in the chapter.

Okay got the copyright out of the way, now what do I do next? Oh yeah! If you liked this chapter, let me know! I'm always open to ideas as well as writing techniques and much more! You never know what I'll do next! So be prepared! See ya!