"Ok Lucas! Mommy and Daddy will be right here." Lucas, the five year old boy's father says as he gives him his favorite ball with stars and rocket ships on it. He says, "I'll play with you in a second. Daddy needs to talk to Mommy about something very important, ok?" Lucas nods at him and runs a little bit away from them while kicking the ball. A big bright smile adorns his face, his rosy cheeks puffing each time he yells "GOAL!" He'd been watching tons of sports with his Daddy over the weekend.

He runs close to a tree and sees the ball roll past it. Something catches his attention. His gaze rises and his dark brown brows shoot up in surprise. There's a girl bashfully hiding behind a tree, watching him. He's stunned to find her there like that. He glances back at his parents. They're talking-a lot. He turns back to the girl. He's much too shy to say a word. Mommy always said never to talk to strangers, but that usually meant old people like them. It was never about kids...

He's not sure what to think.

The girl looks down at his feet, then up to him again.

He also looks down and finds a patch of wildflowers around him. They look very pretty. Pretty like her. He picks one and offers it to her, his cheeks flushing. She moves a little closer to the tree. The way her bright blue eyes shines when the sun hits them reminds him of his white kitten and best friend 'Puffball'. That way about her makes him feel a sort of comfort. It's exciting to him. He can only think 'She could be my friend!'

Smiling wide again, he walks over to give it to her.

Her eyes lower as he stretches the flower out to her. "It's pretty... like you... I want you to have it." He says, voice shy and quiet. She finds it cute and reaches to take it, but just before her small fingers can grasp the stem of it, the wind carries her essence away. His smile slowly fades as he notices she wasn't actually there. His little jaw falls slightly as he feels both confused and heartbroken.

The flower slips out of his hand and he turns around to see his parents coming to get him. For the longest time they were sitting on a nearby bench. It seems they didn't see what he saw judging by the looks on their faces now. It's too bad. Maybe they could've been able to explain it to him.

He knew one thing though; he definitely wouldn't forget this day he visited the park.