As the current from the generator came, the LSR unit was able to restore more than the vocal translator. The capital camera revealed the chrome man upstairs, staring at a screen with the weathered faces of the rogue researchers.

"It is thanks to my faithful wife Krista for connecting a backup generator to the media grid that we may make amends. I address now the people of Britain, to whom I must apologize for my mistaken message of before. I told you there was an artificial man, a perfect replica of a human. I have recently surmised that my previous conclusion was incorrect. The model was false, and possibly a confession." Tonal recognition had allowed the robot to surmise the intent to actually build a working model, but it would be well that none knew. Concluding the generator was running on priority, the unit made no attempt to override the power supply. On the screen there was a loud knocking.

"Open up. We know what you're doing and it will not work. Dr. Iago has already seized control of the camera. In mere minutes, it will reveal to the London Metro area our creation, complete with all the qualities of a human." Visibly realizing the other doctors could be heard in the broadcast, Krista took up the microphone.

"Eric! Wherever you are, Leroy was right about you-" The microphone was silenced externally. For a moment the scientist could still be seen, but the sound came from the other, the one outside the room. Reactivating human lip movement translator, the robot rolled the 6 seconds of video through the software.

"Look how they try to convince you that you are less than you are." The woman's words were "-to take off the helmet, it's-"

"I know what I am."

"Eric! She said 'to take off the helmet'. There is a 99% chance-" All at once the unit stalled, too many systems running without sufficient power.

"There's the priority switch. Thank you, Dr. Iago. It really is fortunate we can see you as well as you can see us. The 994 model may have convinced you to do something rather stupid. Had you used sufficient force, you would have not only broken the bolts keeping the head in place, but the delicate components adjacent."

"You hit me with a bloody EMP." The robot began to shut down systems in an effort to return the vocal translator to functionality.

"It was necessary to restrain you, Eric. You are but an android, nothing more."

"It didn't work." Taking hold of the sparking mouth, the aluminum shell came free, revealing the face of a dying man. A mere fraction of a second before the camera to Eric was cut, tonal recognition picked up a clear note of terror in the command to kill the live feed. Walking downstairs, the fatigue visibly caught up to him. Plastic tubes were implanted in the neck, and from the relaxed look of the face, the body was numb.

"Dr. Erikson- you need medical attention- the apparatus is upstairs-" Ignoring the robot, the man of altered memory continued down, seeking out the cables to the generator's remote priority with a 50+% chance of failure.

"I have something I need to do. It was the bloody smartest thing I've done." Finding and breaking the cord out of a transformer, the generator resumed supplying the unit with energy. The researcher collapsed into a sitting position. "It's not a laser, but it's what I have." Producing and tossing a circular saw blade, the tactile instrument caught it as LSR-994 managed to stand, diverting power to the physical interface. Dr. Iago was the first down the stairs, the blade embedded into his processor with impeccable precision. The two women and the man followed, but found quickly that the unit was much faster than it appeared. In 7 seconds it grabbed the three of them and held them to the ground with all the mechanical strength it could produce. Quickly turning the capital camera up the stairs again, it was evident that the other scientists had vacated the media control room, with a 68% chance of going for the medical attachments.

In 5 minutes they arrived, interfaces shaking from low charge. With their enemies unconscious from the pressure applied, the robot was free to accept the medical attachment and begin to treat the moribund doctor.

"You will live, Eric. There is a 94% chance the attempts will be successful."

"Sounds like you're not bloody certain." As it happened, the probability was sufficiently favorable.

At long last the pox of pointlessness had lifted from London. The unit ran a conditional that it was possibly but for a time, but the instruction had been carried out. With the researcher, the two of them returned both cars they had stolen, taking the latter to the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds.

"Are you sure you just want to go back into deactivation?"

"Memory will function when the project is complete." Tonal recognition picked up a suitably reassuring note. "There is, however, a gift."Activating the computer that had displayed the message, the robot connected the digital interface and transferred a video file to the computer, where a sufficiently old player existed.

"I can't wait."

"It is Eric -the real one." Dr. Erikson nodded in simple appreciation as the 994 model entered stasis.

"Good night, Leroy, you bloody bastard."