Yo Yo Yo / You can't stand right here, / in my right hand holds a man's worst nightmare / Shouting out some ghetto west coast slang, / me and this mic is like yin and yang. / Fill the blank, You scream, I scream, We all scream for ice water. / Seems everyone thristy, h20 fo' yo throat / not too fast you'll choke specifically you Annie. / I saw you with Danny, mouth filled with candy and his hand on your fanny pack, / by the way, what's in your pack? / Mouthwash from too much dick? / Pretty sick from both sides, / I am your leader, I am your guide on a amazing journey together we'll ride into the sunset. / You and I / Why I'm me with no connection and you having a lot of selection. / This summer has been and will be a long one, / just to remind me of you I watch the rising sun / No fun but plenty could had / Fuck it. It's pretty sad. / Anyways love you my little Mormon doll. / Now now pity party over. / Better call Saul.