2 years ago...

In an empty room on top of an abandoned apartment building, a girl sat in the corner of the room alone. She was naked except for a patient gown that hung loose around her body. Dark red blood stained the girl, from her hair down to her toes. She sat hugging herself with her legs drawn up to her body as she stared down at the floor with hollow eyes.

"Everything in this world is hateful." The girl said. She looked around the empty room and an eerie smile played across her face. "I want this world to disappear."

She crept up from her sitting position and crawled towards the single window on the opposite wall.


She crawled closer, breathing out each time. "Suffering..."





She was under the window, still down on her hands. "I want to kill everyone in this world." The girl laughed.

She pulled herself up to the window, clinging onto the hinges and glared outside bitterly.

"I want to be happy." She muttered to herself.

Out the window, a boy walked alone in the middle of the night wearing a school uniform. He was holding a microwave dinner he bought from the convenience store. The girl watched the boy but he didn't notice her staring down at him from the apartment window.

Author's note: Thanks to Chiisutofupuru for motivation and editing.