"You're lying!" She said as explosives sounded in the distance.

"I wouldn't lie to you, not now." I say taking a step toward her with my hand outstretched. She backed up pulling her own hands up to her chest and began shaking her head too quickly. The light from outside lined her figure and the suit strapped tightly to it. "All you ever do it lie, you're a snake!"

"Well not right now!" I say loudly, "You don't trust me! I know! But now we have to go!"

"I'm not going anywhere with you!" She screamed unlatching the gun from her belt; she held it in sturdy hands pointed just at my face.

I stopped moving towards her and another round of explosions sounded from beyond the window, illuminating the deadening silence in the hall. "I'll shoot you." She said with her voice wavering, a look of anger overtook her face, melding with her fear. "I'll shoot you and end your reign." Speaking the words with poison she tilted the gun in her surprisingly sturdy grasp. She was gripping the gun like life; her gloves showed creases in the bends of her fingers. "You wouldn't bother anyone else, ever again."

She began to walk towards me, taking a step after step with her pace quickening. Her boots hit the metal floor and echoed out into the empty ship, she kept walking quicker until the gun was pressed to the middle of my chest. Right in between the folds in the suit.

"You don't-" I began to say, before she pressed the gun harder to me. I closed my mouth for a moment, "want to do that."

"Shut up, just shut up." She said, her voice was quiet, scary, nothing like I had ever seen in her before. "You shut your mouth, and maybe, just maybe you can stop the terrible things coming from it." She leaned closer till I could feel the breath of her words on my own skin, "But god forbid there's a fat enough chance you're as good as damned at this point."

For moments she stared at me, eye to eye, her piercing black ones met mine like combat. All the hatred she felt was radiating off her body like heat that could burn a thousand suns.

She pulled the gun away from my chest, it felt like a weight being lifted away, and shoved it back into its holster. Glaring at me with a last fleeting burn of hatred she turned on her heel and paced away from where I stood.

The light from the space out the window shone off her hair as it waved behind her like a cape. I stayed in silence where I was till she was about out of view from the window before I grabbed for my belt and flung my own gun out of it and aimed at the back of her head.

She heard the click of it and stopped in her tracks, a moment slipped by when neither of us breathed, until I hardened my finger over the trigger and felt the force of a bullet leaving the barrel.

She whipped around gun ready in time for the projectile to find a place in her shoulder. Her body spun with the impact and she fell to one knee clutching her wound.

I stayed still watching as numerous sounds of pain escaped her mouth, it was only moments later when she looked up with enough hatred to freeze death and distant explosions sounded once more, illustrating her movements.

In one swift step she rose to her feet ignoring the wound and held the gun to me.

We stood at stalemate, both pointing a gun at the other, explosions sounded continually from the void just beyond the window coming into view. The light of them danced across the opposite wall decorating such a dull moment.

Both of us were asking who would shoot first, who would die.

Narrowing her eyes she took a step, favoring the side that wasn't wounded she kept her gaze on me.

A violent blotch of crimson red was surfacing at her puncture and running down her tainted white gear, slipping down her side and down her body. She took another step. The explosions where getting louder, while still muffled by the thick sheen of glass between them and us they still rung loudly in my ears.

Walking towards me threateningly with the gun still raised towards my face true emotion was surfacing on her own. Looking down the barrel of the weapon, only half of her face was viewable and through that I could see tears steak down her dirtied cheeks. I was taken aback but not surprised, she was easily able to approach me till we stood not a few footsteps apart.

Both guns were now level, nearly side-by-side, as the fire of explosions sent light dancing and gleaming off the polished metal.

Our faces stared into each other, moments passed by like hours as each of our lives hung from the world on stings, either of us could pull the trigger, both of us would probably die.

"I never…" I began, as her face solidified, the tears streaks down her cheeks hardly seemed to match her expression, "Meant, for this."

"No one ever does," she said, but her tone of voice startled me, she sounded sad, tired almost. Like a warrior emerging from a hollow victory, "You don't get to choose if you win of fail. Never, and you can't go blaming your losses on other people just because you aren't strong enough to face it." Her voice was rising along with the chorus of explosives, "Fate beats us down to the ground, and you know it! Hiding behind your mask of lies doesn't take that away. The world won't just forgive you like that, the more people you hurt! The more lives you ruin just to achieve your ultimate "all excusing goal" Your goal doesn't count for anything if you break everything in your path just to get to it." She looked away scrunching her face as a drop of tear fell from the tip of her nose.

She let her hand holding her gun lower, "It hurts you know! It hurts seeing all that pain that you've caused the world, that you've caused me! I thought I could trust you. A lot of people did, but we all were wrong." She cried out in pain and clutched her shoulder, her knees giving way under her and she fell to the ground. The gun clattering away from her.

"You're a snake you know that, a deceiving, spiteful, evil-"

"Shut up!" I yelled and shot the ground in front of her, the bullet ricocheted off the floor and whizzed by her head leaving a dent in the metal ground.

"You keep taking your shots, hoping they'll do something." She said spitting the words out like poison, "you'll only ever make a dent."

"I said shut up!" I threw my leg towards her gut and made impact, she was launched back catching herself on the floor.

I was surprised by my own actions; I didn't want to hurt her. I never wanted to hurt anybody. "I… I'm." I stuttered as she held herself up to one arm, she coughed and her dark hair fell in front of her eyes. "Save it." She said spitefully.

I felt the gun fall from my weakened fingers, "I never wanted to hurt you. I never did!" My legs felt weak, "It happened, I was lost, so lost! Space took me as its prisoner, caging me in my own freedom. I'm sorry!" I shouted and fell to my knees.

She held her bloodied hand back to her wound as drops of crimson soaked to the metal below.

"You don't deserve forgiveness…" She said quietly and the loudest round of explosives sounded right outside the window. Light scattered amongst the silhouettes, caressing the lines where our bodies were closest to the window and farthest from the shadows.

The sound of her falling limp to the ground was lost to the explosions, as only the sight of her eyes closing and head falling upon her outstretched arm was the only thing I took in.

Rising slowly and mournfully I felt my sins crawl under my skin, like blood. I was poisoned, with my own actions.

I approached her, her quiet, calm, and resting self and hooked my arms under her body. Lifting her off the ground I avoided looking to the violent and growing stain of deep red spread across her arm and down her chest.

Turning slowly and quietly I began to walk, with her in my arms to the end of the corridor, away from the light of the window.

I walked past the two forgotten guns as they lay limp and useless across the floor and when I stepped into the shadows the last explosion rang out through the whole of my body, and through the whole of space.