A/N due to a "review":
Please take note that this was written in 2002 from my perspective as a high school student. From being in a class of 30 where the course was a requirement and at least half the class not wanting to be there; then, having the same teacher for the same subject the next grade up with a class of only 14 where the course wasn't a requirement but qualified for one of the prerequisites (choice between 2 or 3 different subject areas).

If you are going to review, please critique the writing (structure, etc), not the perspective.

If you would like to critique the perspective, please PM me *asking* about my perspective instead of assuming that it needs "correcting" based on your biases.

~To complaining students~

To complaining students
You may think your teacher teaches not
but what in her class have you wrought?
Maybe it's just the way the class behaves.
Through years this happens in waves and waves
Maybe the teacher's just given up
Maybe she's just had enough
Wait 'til next year, though,
then you'll really know
what the teacher's truly like
Maybe then you'll take the strike
You'll find what she's about
I'm sure that I do not doubt
It does not matter which class you're in
Through the years - you must live with such din.

[June 18, 2002]