I accept we must put things above those who are less significant to our lives. Yet, those who do this care little for the ones who become forgotten. It is often a thoughtless choice to simply shut out a life. It may seem unfair but truly it is a choice to inflict such a heartless act and often we do so without feeling. To freeze out a person only hurts those who are frozen. We don't expect people to give us constant warmth, it is impossible in this selfish world. Instead we become entirely cold until it no longer matters. It is therefore of little meaning to be cast into the cold by heartless humans. It is even less meaningful that we remain warm to them regardless. It is just natural for some to be good and kind until they become so numb from the cold they simply vanish.

Death of Stars

I, unimportant and insignificant

Ache inside with inhibition

For all that is lost is never again found

For all that is forgotten is left to drown

In seas of tears swimming home

Upon the silver moon, alone I roam

Empty dark space is all around

It silently beckons death to be found

Nothing is truly forgotten if we do listen

Sounds of memories inside imprinted

Only we forget those who disappear

But one day even they shall reappear

In our nightmares and sullen minds

In our frozen hearts to remind

If only we had given them more warmth

Then maybe they wouldn't feel so alone

For no one can truly just vanish

When another just the same is banished

Unless we can open up our hearts

So this world isn't broken in parts

Together in endless warmth and light

So we never again have to fight

Soon only darkness will plague their sky

And for them the lonely stars shall die.