Many years ago the humans almost went extinct.

Back then times were simpler. We herded the humans into crude slaughterhouses where we flayed their skin for clothing (human leather is so soft and comfortable), sliced and salted their muscles for meat and crafted jewelry from their bones. We produced so many goods that finding more humans for harvesting proved increasingly difficult, and it wasn't long before we had hunted our most prized prey to near destruction.

For a while turmoil gripped our society. The price of human leather and meat skyrocketed while many of our butcheries went out of business. Some of us thought our daily way of life would come to an end. And then someone came up with a brilliant idea, one that would maximize the efficiency of the humans for years to come.

We bred them together.

After many months of waiting the babies started to flow. They were small, rawboned sacks of flesh, just ripe for all manner of cultivation. Some of them we provided with sustinence and reared from fledgling saplings to scraggy youths, all skin and bones. Others, however, became valuable commodities for their nubile skin, tender muscles, and healthy bones. Once again the wheels of industry churrned within society and everything went back to normal.

And then the last of the older humans died.

We are left with their offspring, their legacy, but we are unsure of what to do with them. Some of us suggest breeding them together while others suggest a far more radical alternative.

After all, we swine are strong, virile, and very much well endowed.