~Have you had a friend?~

Have you had a friend
Your likes did seem to blend?
That friend has cast you off,
Others trying not to scoff
At the loss of your friend so dear?
You've been friends for over a year?
You think others don't understand;
but they really want to lend a hand.
Friendships have already gone this way,
Listen to what friends have to say
Listen to others as well
To what they say and what they tell,
Their words may be useful to you one day
Sometimes there might be no other way
than to think of lost friendships and advice
If you don't listen, you might think twice;
So go, if you need, to shed a tear,
and try really hard not to jeer
Over the loss of a friend.
You know, it doesn't matter much what happened.

[June 19, 2002]
A/N: goes with "If you've had a friend"