Ghosts of the Past

Ghosts of the Past

A play in one act


Bailey Johnson

Ghosts of the Past Character List

Amy: Female in her mid-twenties. Carrying a rather large purse.

Ken: Male in his mid-twenties.

The Ghosts: (All of these are to be played by the same actor).

Grandma: Wearing a white wig, a shawl, and carrying a small purse.

Mother: Wearing a button down sweater.

Brother: Wearing a baseball cap.

Father: Wearing a flannel shirt and carrying a hunting rifle.


Ken and Amy are on a blind date set up by one of their friends. But Ken's last relationship left him with some very bad memories. When Amy begins to search for her phone by taking out items given to her by her family Ken's guilty feelings over his last relationship return to him in the form of hallucinations that look like the members of Amy's family.

Scene One

Scene begins at a restaurant. There is a table, center stage, with a white table cloth over it and two chair pulled up to it. Two menus lie on the table. KEN is sitting in the chair on the left hand side. (AMY enters stage right and looks around expectantly. She sees KEN and starts walking towards him).

Amy: Are you Ken Jensen?

Ken: Yeah that's me. Are you Amy Farmer?

Amy: The one and only. (laughs nervously) I'm glad I got the right place. Shay's directions were a little vague and I didn't want to keep you waiting.

She quickly sits down and hangs her large purse over the edge of her seat.

Ken: Oh it's okay I don't mind waiting. Not that you kept me waiting. I got here early. you want to look at the menu?

Amy: Sure I guess so. (both of the pick up their menus and stare at them for a moment) I'm really sorry.

Ken: About what?

Amy: For getting you into this. Shay is so into this whole blind date thing and I know how forceful she can be. She probably just forced you into this whole thing without even really asking if you want to didn't she?

Ken: Oh no, nobody forced me into anything. I honestly haven't been on a date in a while and I was glad for the chance to meet someone new. Although I will agree that Shay has a rather...intimidating personality.

(Both KEN and AMY laugh)

Amy: And how about now? Do you still not regret agreeing to this?

Ken: I think I'll have to thank Shay for introducing me to her lovely and sweet friend.

(AMY laughs and then ducks behind her menu)

Scene Two

AMY'S phone begins to ring.

Amy: I'm sorry about this but I'm expecting a call. This will only be a minute.

As AMY begins to dig through her purse for her phone she pulls out a white handkerchief that is bordered with lace and places it on the table.

Ken: What's that?

Amy: Hm? Oh just a present from my grandmother.

AMY freezes as the stage lights turn blue. Ghost Grandma enters from stage left and walks up to the table.

GG: Well I don't believe my eyes! My little girl is finally on a real date!

Ken: Um hello...Mam.

GG: Well aren't you the polite one. Just call me grandma.

Ken: So you're Amy's grandma?

GG: One and the same. I gave her that handkerchief for her 16th birthday. Every respectable young lady should carry one.

Ken: I'm sure she really appreciates it grandma.

GG: Good boy. (GG goes and stands behind KEN and grips his shoulders) You be nice to her now like you were to me. You don't want this to end up like the last one.

Ken: Wait what do you mean by...?

GG exits stage right and lights return to normal. AMY unfreezes and returns to rummaging around her purse for her phone.

Amy: Ugh this is so embarrassing. How much stuff do I have in here?

Ken: Oh I've seen worse don't worry about it.

Amy: Really? That's sweet of you.

Amy pulls a fancy looking comb out of her purse and places it on the table.

Ken: Wow that's a nice comb. But why are you carrying it around in your purse?

Amy: Oh that's from my mom. She called it an emergency comb. A girl has to look her best all the time right?

Amy freezes and the lights turn blue. Ghost Mother enters stage left and walks up to the table.

GM: Oh would you look at this. My little girl all dressed up for the evening. When she was little I could hardly drag her out of her sweatpants and lord forgive me if I tried to iron her shirts.

Ken: Hello...Miss Farmer?

GM: Yes that's me. Are you the one who invited my sweetheart of girl on a date?

Ken: Well not exactly. A mutual friend of ours set us up.

GM: Well goodness a little under confident are we?

Ken: What?

GM: Now I realize that my darling girl is gorgeous, intelligent, and successful to boot but you are going to have to grow a pair sooner or later if you want to keep her around.

Ken: Well Miss Farmer I wouldn't take it that far...

GM: Now don't say I didn't warn you. You don't want to be in the same situation as last time.

Ken: Wait what do you mean by...!

Lights return to normal as Ghost Mother exits stage right. AMY unfreezes and continues to rummage through her purse.

Amy: Oh for heaven's sake! This is just like when you hear an owl hooting! You can hear the dang thing but for the life of you, you can't find it!

Ken: This must be one important phone call.

Amy: Yes you in the hospital. My brother is with them now and he promised to call if anything happened.

Ken: Oh that is important.

Amy: (sets her bag down for a second) I'm sorry. I must be boring you to tears just digging through my bag like this.

Ken: Don't worry about it. I'm actually finding this rather educational. And besides, you've gone this far so you might as well see it through to the end.

Amy: Thanks. I suppose you're right.

AMY resumes rummaging through her bag. She then pulls out a silver whistle and places it on the table.

Ken: A taxi whistle?

Amy: Or a warning whistle in case of kidnappers. Or rapists. Depends on who you ask.

Ken: From your dad..?

Amy: No my brother. He doesn't trust me with lethal weapons. He thinks I'll just shoot myself in the foot. Or shock myself.

Ken: I see.

AMY freezes and the lights turn blue. Ghost Brother enters stage left and walks up to the table.

GB: Well what do we have here? Another weak looking suitor for my little sister?

Ken: Weak?! Sir I'll have you know I am perfectly capable of wielding a fire arm.

GB: Then why don't you have one with you tonight? Aren't you planning on escorting my dear sister home? Or are you too scared to defend her against everything lurking out there in the dark? Planning on leaving her vulnerable by letting her walk home alone?

Ken: Of course not! What kind of man do you take me for?!

GB: The type that's too weak to fight for and defend the girl of his dreams.

Ken: You don't know the first thing about me?

GB: Don't I?

Ken: What's that supposed to mean?

GB: Nothing. Just saying you better be ready to fight for this one.

Ghost Brother begins to exit stage right.

Ken: Hey! Get back here!

AMY unfreezes as stage lights return to normal. AMY continues to rummage through her bag.

Ken: You know I get the feeling your brother is the intimidating type.

Amy: Hm? Oh well he tries to be but really he's just a worry wart. Seriously where is that phone?

Ken: Do you have in side pockets? Sometimes people put their phones in those to keep the separate from everything else.

Amy: Hmm maybe. Let's see. Better get this out of there first though.

AMY pulls a handgun out of her purse and sets it on the table.

Ken: Whoa! I thought your brother didn't trust you with lethal weapons.

Amy: He doesn't. My dad though has a little more faith in me.

Ken: I see. Good to know.

AMY freezes and the lights turn blue. Ghost Dad enters stage left and walks up to the table.

GD: Well, well, well (Preps rifle) what do we have here?

Ken: Um..well...sir...

GD: Did I stutter? I SAID what do we have here?

Ken: I'm just (swallows nervously) taking your daughter out to eat sir.

GD: OH I SUPPOSE that alright...if you have alright INTENTIONS for my daughter!

Ken: Sir..? (swallows nervously) Of course I have nothing but the best intentions...

GD: None of that fancy talk! All I want to hear from you is "yes sir" or "no sir" is that clear?!

Ken: Um...yes..yes sir!

GD: Good you learn. Now you can see my daughter is a rather attractive young lady is that right?

Ken: Yes sir.

GD: Now I suppose you might know that she hasn't had too much experience telling a good guy from a bad guy is that correct?

Ken: Yes sir.

GD: Now I don't suppose that you would be the type of the guy to take ADVANTAGE of that NOW WOULD YOU?!

Ken: What?! No sir! Never sir!

GD: Goood. I suppose you already know there are guys like that. Ones that will take advantage of girls like her.

Ken: Sir...?

GD: I suppose it's your turn to protect her from guys like that. Do a better job than last time.

Ken: Sir? How could you know this?

GD: What? You didn't really think I was really dead did you?

Ghost Dad exits stage right. Stage lights return to normal. AMY unfreezes, continues to rummage through her purse for a moment but then puts it down and begins to return the objects on the table to her bag.

Amy: Oh I give up. Maybe that wasn't even my phone for heaven's sake. I guess I'm just a little anxious.

Ken: That's alright but Amy I have to be honest with you about something.

Amy: About what? You aren't a serial killer or something are you?

Ken: No nothing like that. It's old girlfriend. She dumped me for another guy. But the thing was I knew this guy was bad business. I was worried but I didn't do anything. I just let her go. I didn't even fight for her. And it turned out bad. Really bad. For her anyways. And I didn't even try to warn her...

Amy: Hey it's alright. I'm actually glad you told me. I knew something was bothering you this whole time. And don't think I don't have my own baggage.

Ken: What do you mean?

Amy: The person who's in the hospital. The one I'm waiting for a call for. He's my son.

Ken: What? But Shay said you weren't married...?

Amy: I'm not. He came from a night stand. His father doesn't even know I had him.

Ken: But if he's in the hospital why are you here?

Amy: My whole family is taking turns look after him. He's been in there awhile. And Shay insisted that this date would help me relax a little soo...

Ken: But it's not helping is it?

Amy: Not really no. I'm sorry it's not you.

Ken: No it's alright. Actually let me drive you to the hospital. It's obviously where you would rather be.

Amy: Are you sure? I don't want to trouble you.

Ken: It's perfectly alright.

Amy: But you would have to meet my family. Isn't it a bit early for that?

Both get up and AMY collects her purse.

Ken: You know what? I feel like I know them already.

Both exit stage right. Lights go to black.