Chapter 4

It took Brett a while to adjust to the new-sounding Lisa. For the first few days, he laughed when she picked up the phone and he was reminded that she had a new voice. Lisa teased him in return for being a shallow bastard but after a few weeks Brett began to forget that she used to have a different voice. He needed to keep both the motorcycle grandmother and the teenaged Catholic uniform images out of his mind and remember the way Lisa looked when he saw her for the first time.

News came that Tom Morgan was retiring as the Greenville Field Officer Director but Chuck McPearson wasn't interested in promoting up from Supervisor into the position.

"Maybe I'll apply," Lisa said a few days later during her daily chat with Brett.

"You own a house down there," Brett reminded her.

"My son lives in Vermont and my daughter just relocated out near Albany," Lisa reported. "My mother is in Rhode Island. I'd be closer to all of them living up your way."

"But what about our phone calls?" Brett asked, half-panicked.

"You'd rather talk to me on the phone than in person?" Lisa asked with bemusement. "Isn't that kind of crazy?"

Brett realized how stupid he sounded but a part of him was convinced that he was better on the phone then he would be in person, especially if she was his boss. Was he really that messed up? Had he fallen for her voice (both of them) more than the idea of actually being with her? Could his only successful relationship be a detached, removed, impersonal, fake one?

Brett wasn't sure if he was excited or disappointed when Lisa told him a week later that she had applied for the Greenville job. Several weeks passed and although the Greenville job stayed in Brett's worried mind, Lisa didn't bring it up during their phone conversations until the morning she excitedly told him that she got the position and would be moving to Greenville. Brett nearly dropped the phone and he felt himself get the shakes. Lisa was moving to Greenville.

"I'm going to come up to house search," she was saying as Brett's mind swirled. "Do you think you could show me around?"

"Uh, yeah, sure," Brett stumbled and mumbled.

He was depressed when he hung up the phone knowing his special personal relationship with Lisa was about to end. It wouldn't be the same once she became his boss. Surely, their conversations would change, becoming more professional and restricted to work related issues only. He had gotten to know her so well through their many phone conversations and he felt like he was losing a friend and – in a sickly bizarre way – a relationship. The only relationship he had these last few years.

Brett gave Lisa the Blue County tour when she came to town to look for a place to live, showing her all the local landmarks and points of interest, the best restaurants and other hang outs. She loved the area was looking forward to getting out of the New York suburbs into a more rustic New England setting. She was cheerful and happy, excited about the move and the new job, happy to be spending time with Brett though he was feeling very confused and uncertain, mostly because Lisa was going to be his new boss.

But it was fun spending time with her – actually watching her and seeing her instead of just hearing her lovely voice on the phone. She had a nice smile, a pleasant (almost sexy now) laugh, and a good sense of humor. Brett wasn't sure if he was her guide, her bodyguard, her patsy, or her friend. How could he be friends with his new boss? Lisa was oblivious to his concerns and she didn't seem to think hanging out with him was a problem. When she was at the Greenville site, she was mostly in Tom's office learning the ropes and turning over with him.

Lisa found a condo in Greenville a few miles from the Field Office and she asked Brett if he would be willing to come down to New Rochelle and help her (and her son and daughter's boyfriend) pack up the U-Haul and move her to Greenville. He agreed (both for old time sakes and because he didn't want to offend his new boss). It was another month before Lisa actually moved to begin her new job. Brett enjoyed their final phone conversations when everything was as before and he was going to miss hearing her voice and sharing over the phone, worrying that he was about to lose a friend when gaining a new boss.

Brett took a half day off on a Friday and drove to New Rochelle, finding Lisa's house following her directions to her house in a small, cluttered neighborhood with the houses on top of each other. Lisa was happy to see him and she introduced Brett to her son and daughter and the daughter's boyfriend. The kids were sad to see the house they grew up in being sold but they were happy for their mother who was starting a new chapter in her life.

They spent the evening finishing up packing boxes and organizing move items then had pizza and drank beer in a relaxed setting, Brett listening to the family reminisces although he felt a bit like a third wheel even though Lisa was quite friendly and attentive toward him. In the morning, they loaded the large U-Haul Van – Lisa's son drove the truck and the rest followed in four different cars (some packed with spill over stuff) to Greenville and Lisa's attractive new condo.

The condo was smaller than her house so they had some difficulty getting all the furniture and other belongings into the space and it was nearly midnight before they had the truck totally unloaded. The kids kept razzing their mother for having a hot tub .

"It came with the place," she was quick to point out.

Lisa was most appreciative of Brett's help and he went home complete exhausted from the long few days. When he got to work on Monday morning, Lisa was already in her office beginning her new job. No more telephone calls for Brett and when Kate said that e-mails would work fine from now on Brett knew that his telephone escape was over.

Lisa adjusted to her new job. She'd drop by Brett's office several times a day to say hello and check in while Brett tried to figure out how he was supposed to act around her. She was the boss and maybe having their friendly conversations of the past wasn't so appropriate anymore.

"You report to Chuck," Lisa reminded him. "I'm not your direct supervisor so don't get wrapped up in all the tree graph irrelevance," Lisa advised. "I'm in a new job in a new town where I don't know anybody besides you. Please don't give me the cold shoulder. You're the only friend I've got."

It was humbling to hear her say such a thing and Brett realized that he was important to her beyond their phone call friendship so he tried not to worry about appearances and appropriateness though he kept a professional demeanor at work and did not take advantage of the situation. They rarely ate lunch together – Lisa was always on the go, in a meeting, or on the phone – but sometimes they would meet after work for dinner. Brett was even bold enough to have Lisa come to dinner at his house and meet his mother which was a big step. Brett's mom was very gracious and Lisa was tickled to see that part of Brett's life. Brett figured that might be the end of everything if Lisa assumed he was some sort of Mama's boy but she never said a word about his living situation.

About two months later, Lisa invited Brett to her house for a special thank you dinner for all he had done for her during the transition.

"I'm settled in and feeling great about all of this," she told him over her home cooked meal. "You've been a Godsend, Brett. I can't tell you how normal you make me feel. My relationships in the past have been problematic and dysfunctional. I gave up on them all together. Then I started talking to you on the phone and for some reason I felt like I could be honest with you and confide in you and tell you things I rarely tell other people."

"I'm honored," Brett said.

"And now here we are," she said. "No longer on the phone."

Brett nodded nervously, worried that she he was about to tell him that whatever weird thing they had been enjoying together was officially over – that this had been his last supper.

"Do you want to try out the hot tub?" Lisa asked and when she saw the look on his face she burst out laughing in the wonderful snicker of hers. "I don't get to use it very often."

Brett raised his eyebrows. He should have been nervous and anxious but for some reason he was accepting and willing. Perhaps he had waited much too long. Perhaps he felt so comfortable with Lisa that he was game for anything. When she saw that he was interested, Lisa led Brett onto the back deck where the hot tub was located behind a partitioned fence that blocked the view from any onlookers. She opened the cover and turned on the pumps, waiting a few minutes for the tub to start bubbling

"I'd get my suit but you don't have one so I don't want to put you at a disadvantage," Lisa said. "We both want to be comfortable, right?"

"Yes," Brett said, hoping he didn't sound desperate.

"I think we both know what we want, Brett," Lisa said. "We've been doing this for almost three years now. It's time."

Lisa effortless let the straps of her dress down her shoulders and let it fall to the deck. She kicked off her sandals and unfastened her bra, allowing it to fall to the deck as well to reveal her round white breasts. She didn't hesitate to pull down her panties to reveal her thick pubic hair before turning and stepping into the hot tub. Brett was a shy introverted nervous loner but he didn't even think about his own modesty as he quickly removed his clothes and followed her naked into the hot tub.

Lisa turned and stepped into him, kissing him with gusto as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed her breasts into his chest. "Will you make love to me?" She purred hopefully

"Yes," he said happily.

She walked him to the bench on the side of the tub, underneath the water level. He sat and she nestled herself on his lap facing him and she began kissing him again. He felt himself slide into her with ease and he wanted to cry with relief, satisfaction, appreciation and contentment. Lisa continued kissing him as she slowly rode him and Brett lost track of time as the lovemaking seemed to last forever. He was worried that he would be a rotten lover having been out of practice for so long but Lisa wasn't complaining as she moaned in that exciting wonderful (new) voice of hers and Brett laughed out loud with wonderment and love.

"I'm always hearing voices in my head," Brett whispered happily.

"That's a sign of mental illness, Brett," she teased.

"They're your voices," he assured her. "Both of them. They are imbedded in my mind."

"Good," she said. "I want to be in your head forever."