Hi All, this story will be a co-authored story with my friend Karone-Sakura, who will be writing the notes of Saphira.

I need to let you all know that this story it will be very dark, so if you don't like drama or darkness, then please don't read.

Those who do... I hope you enjoy!


My name is Jade.

I don't know what day it is, but I know the sun has just gone down. After all that happened... I think we've all lost track of time.

I'm writing this now to let someone know what happened here, to let someone know that we tried, so hard...

But... it was all for nothing it seems.

I don't know how long it'll be before I... well, I'm sure you get the picture, if I'm writing this instead of telling someone. I'd rather not think about it right now, otherwise I might mess up these flimsy pages I found. I just hope they're enough.

I remember the day it all started. None of us ever saw it coming.

"Do you really think this is going to work?" I asked Ithiell as he once again brought up his binoculars, looking through them and fussing around impatiently as he did so.

"Don't know until we see it... or, until we don't see it" He smirked a bit, still in his human form, and I turned to Amanda. She was jumping up and down a little, pouting as her arms flopped loosely at her sides. She was obviously bored...

I guess I should give you a quick run down before I continue, shouldn't I?

Well, eight years ago, when I was ten, aliens came to earth. Two races, each battling it out. One, the Terinans, who were trying to take us over to suck our resources dry, and the other, the Chanaibens... who were actually trying to stop that from happening.

It had been a long war between the two, and myself and two of my friends just happened to walk into one of their battles on our planet. The three of us got hurt... badly... and we probably would have died if it hadn't been for a brave Chanaiben kid, who pulled us to safety. In spite of his own injuries, he fought to save us, fixing us up as best he could.

During that, his blood mixed with ours, and... well...

Chanaibens are pretty much shape shifters. And we kind of... inherited... that ability through his blood. Not even he could explain it.

So... over the years, we learned to use our new abilities and were thrust into the war between the two races. We fought to keep the earth safe for years, until the Terinans eventually relented and the war itself ended.

During all this, we were joined by allies here and there, so we were a formidable force when all together. But... for now, there was just three of us here on the rooftop.

Ithiell was that poor little Chanaiben boy who had saved us, and soon became our leader and now like a brother to me. Now, at almost 20, I could tell he'd come a long way from being that scared alien kid who once called us 'homins'.

We were waiting for our other resident alien, Rtaia, to come by with the fighter. Ithiell had put in some kind of cloaking device he'd managed to design into it, and wanted to test its effectiveness around the human population. And who better to test it on than our town?

He had also brought some of his advanced equipment up on this rooftop, which actually was one of the very few larger buildings we had in this city. It was a partially abandoned set of apartments near the middle of the town, which worked perfectly for us. We had a pretty clear view of most of the town, and we could hear people going about their every day business below us. It was... kind of comforting.

What I wouldn't give to hear all that again...

Ithiell was determined to make sure that the cloaking technology would make the fighter undetectable by even the most advanced radar systems.

I was actually surprised at how excited he was for this test. Although, I'm sure designing his own cloaking technology was no small feat to him. Just... for us humans, it was a little less exciting.

Probably would have been fascinating to Saphira and her group though. I mean, they had advanced cloaking systems on their little island, but Ithiell had made a breakthrough on his own none the less.

I was half wondering if he hadn't invited our Soflotain friends so he could wow them later with his amazing development. It wouldn't surprise me, since this test was making him act like a little kid high on sugar. I'd never seen him so... energetic.

Our final member, Robert, had been lucky to get out of this. Well, more so he said some vulgar words to Ithiell, before hanging up. That guy would never grow up it seemed...

"How long til she gets here?" Amanda whined, starting to do her little jump across one side of the rooftop to the other, her arms swinging around at her sides.

"Not too long I hope. I instructed her on how to work the cloak, its possible she's forgotten though"

"What, you didn't just put a big button on the control panel saying 'push me'?" I asked, smirking a little when he gave me a scolding look.

"Unfortunately it's a bit more complicated than that, I-"

"Ithiell, are you receiving me?" Rtaia's voice came through the communicator, and Ithiell soon moved over to his equipment, making me follow him.

I managed to snatch the binoculars out of Ithiell's hands, with him giving me a well aimed glare before he responded.

"Affirmative. What is your location?" He asked as I stuck my tongue out at him, before moving to the edge of the roof and using the binoculars. I looked down on the streets, being a little grossed out when I saw an up close and personal view of a couple smooching. I quickly moved the binoculars up to look around at the sky, finding nothing really interesting about. Still didn't stop me from mindlessly looking about.

"About five minutes to point of contact. I was... the cloaking device seems to affect engine efficiency by seven point-"

"That's all right" Ithiell interrupted her "We will be keeping an eye out for you"

"Confirmed, I will see you all soon"

With that, communications were cut, and I heard Ithiell move beside me as I spotted a few birds flying around not far off.

"Stop being a little brat" He muttered, finding the binoculars were now gone from my hands, realising he'd snatched them out of my grasp. I looked up at him, half pushing him a little as I responded "Who? Me or Miss Bouncy Ball over there?"

"I am not bouncing!" I heard the protest, watching as he rolled his human eyes a little. One of the many things he'd picked up from being around us for so long. Rtaia, however, had remained surprisingly rigid since joining our group. Then again, she was like... three years or so older than Ithiell, and she'd been in war before. Ithiell had, however, never been in war before the battle on earth.

"Then what do you call it? Little leaping?" I retorted, leaning back to look past Ithiell, seeing she had stopped her crazy jumping and was just staring at me. Her fists were clenched a little, her arms held tightly at her sides as she pouted.

She was my best friend, although were couldn't be more opposite. She was the girly girl, with blonde curls and big puppy dog brown eyes. She always wore something feminine, even when she was wearing jeans and a shirt.

Me however... I was a tomboy. I had short, straight brown hair and green eyes.

As different as we were... I couldn't help but love the crazy girl.

"It's called... its called... oh, shut up!" She stomped her foot a little, and Ithiell and I laughed at her.

"She's adorable when she's mad" I cooed, watching as she start to storm over to me, finding Ithiell was now between us.

"Now now girls, settle down" He smirked a little "There's more than enough of me to go around"

I barked out a laugh "Oh you wish we were fighting over you"

"Sounds like he wants two cute human girls to fight over him" Amanda giggled sweetly, and I couldn't help but smile at her response.

It was just like any other day. Play fighting... laughter...

"Well, alien or not, I'm still a male and I think that would be quite interesting to see" He moved away, going back to the ledge and looking out again with his binoculars.

"Gee, I didn't think-" The communicator suddenly crackled, and we heard Rtaia's voice come through again.

"Ithiell, I am picking up some strange readings, which has concerned me-"

"Rtaia?" We all moved over, seeing her face on the screen looked concerned to say the least.

"It seems to be coming from... large..." The communication started to break up, and soon we were just getting static.

"Rtaia, can you hear me? Come in!" Ithiell started working away at the communicator, his fingers flying, before slamming his hand into the small console.

"Dammit, lost the signal"

"Do you think she-" I stopped when all of Ithiell's equipment just shut down at once.

"What... what happened?" Even Amanda seemed surprised, watching as Ithiell tried to fix the problem.

"I... I don't know. All of it is just... dead..."



Screams now came from below us, and we all rushed over to see that cars were now sliding around and crashing into one another or jumping the curbs, people scattering. From what I could see, everything just seemed to stop working out of the blue. People were running and trying to get out of the way as rogue cars headed for them, hearing more crashes out of eyesight.


"This isn't an-" He stopped when we all caught sight of the same thing at once.

The fighter, now obviously uncloaked, was falling to the ground at a shocking rate.

"Rtaia!" I cried out "She... she-"

"No, that can't be... even an electromagnetic pulse couldn't take the fighter out... I made sure that it had emergency backups!"

"Then why is she still-" Amanda stopped when the fighter crashed to the ground, an explosion rising into the air and hearing more people screaming.

"No! She... she can't be..." We both looked at Ithiell, who was now standing stock still, his eyes wide.


He shook his head, looking down at me, his eyes turning hard.

"All right, let's get over there to make sure she's all right"

We nodded, starting to shift, but something stopped all of us in our tracks.

We all looked up to see what looked like a black cloud starting to form over the town, seeming to come from no where. It was spreading quickly and getting darker by the second. As it grew, so did a horrible rumbling which soon turned into something like an animal growl. From what I could tell, it was coming from the thickening cloud. It quickly engulfed the sun, sending the entire town into almost complete darkness. On the horizon, past the town, small slits of light were still getting in, so we could see just enough.

"What... the?"

"A storm?"

"No... not a storm..."

There was a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach, my brain starting to freak and alarm bells starting to ring... this was not good...

"Whatever it is, we need to-"

We all cried out as what appeared to be a lightning blot exploded out of this dark cloud, hitting the ledge where we had been standing moments before and seeing a section of the edge crack, splitting off and falling to the ground. We heard more screams below.

"Hooooly-" We ducked as another electrical bolt went for something a little further off, hearing pained screams now, then thudding of feet as what I guessed was people scattering, trying to find cover.

Suddenly, it was pandemonium. Screams of fear and pain as lightning bolts hit the ground in random places, the three of us not sure what to do.

"I think we need to- ah!" Ithiell jumped as a hit barely missed him, and all of us looked at one another, only one option in all of our minds.

We had to get off the roof, and now.

"Get to the fire door!" Ithiell commanded, all of us bursting into action as more bolts seemed to hit near us, the screams of the townspeople filling my ears as we went for cover in this madness.

"This is not normal! How do we fight this- ah!" All I saw was Amanda fall flat on her face, and Ithiell roar with pain as I spun around, gasping in horror.

"Ithiell!" We both cried, moving to grab him.

"No!" He cried, holding the stump of his arm with the other "Get to the door!"

"Like hell!" I moved to grab him, hauling him up and shrieking as another bolt hit just feet from us, noticing Amanda had scrambled up and was yanking the door to the roof open, moving when we got to the door to help pull him in.

"Oh fuck!" I screamed as a shot barely missed me, half dropping Ithiell as we got through the door, collapsing to the ground and grabbing my leg. The pain was excruciating, and I bit back another scream as Amanda slammed the door shut behind us.

"We need to get down the stairs, move!" Ithiell snapped, hauling me up against his now Chanaiben body, seeing Amanda follow.

"What do we-"


The door exploded inwards, sending pieces everywhere as we moved down the stairs.


Suddenly we were against the wall in the staircase, having gone down only one flight, hearing the bolts now strike above us.

Ithiell made us huddle together in a corner of a stairwell, the three of us crying out in terror as the assault continued above us as well as out on the streets.

And for the first time in eight years... we couldn't do a damn thing to stop it.