I'm sorry

Is that what you want?

To have my nose grow

To paint my words white

To ignore the fluttering of my heart

And speak falsehoods

I'm sorry

Would that bring you comfort?

To hear the soothing tones

Of bitter lies

To listen to my soul shatter

As you break me down

I'm sorry

Do those words make you feel superior?

As I lie at your feet

And whisper with sinking defeat

Those damnable words

I'm sorry

Does hearing this ease your guilt?

You hide away the pain

And hold a gun to a shaking white flag

Of a tired and battered heart

Who wants only to end the war

Well I'm not sorry

I'm not sorry


Looking down from your ivory tower

You spit red words

Fueled by emotion

You stand on your white pedestal

And I'm not sorry

To smash it down

Anger makes you turn your back

If I say purple when you see blue

But you can't make me something I'm not

Your masks can't be placed on my head

Because I'm not sorry to be me

You can't make me sorry

To tell you it's a spade

When you wanted it to be a crown

And your silent indignation

Won't make me any less not sorry

But if you need me to say it


I'm sorry

You can't look in the mirror anymore

I'm sorry

That your armor is breaking

I'm sorry

You can only see in jade

I'm sorry

You're lost on a long, long road

I'm sorry

You can only see yourself through others

But I'm not sorry

For what I said

I'm only sorry

Because it means we can no longer be friends