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A bit of a long author's note about this story, so bear with me.

Since I haven't been doing my summer homework like a good boy, I've had the time to play a lot of Skyrim. This fantasy story is heavily based on Skyrim and Elder scrolls lore, as well as the mods and overhauls I use for the game, and while I wouldn't call it Fanfiction I'd call it the closest thing to it.

So Skyrim belongs to Bethesda, not me, and any mods I reference belong to their respective creators.

Also, this story does have a personal note for me. My little sister has been sick for a while and has spent some time in a wheelchair. However her spirit remained unbroken and her strength was amazing, much greater than any the strength of character I could write. The idea of writing a character who had lost the use of their legs was an idea I had for a while and now I had the time to write this story out!

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{P.S: I also changed the name of Benor to Engarr after discovering there was a Benor in the game. So I decided to change the name of the DragonBorn to the Dragonborn in my game. I apologize for the confusion.}


Her name was Celemir, and she was traveling with the most important man in the world.

She was his shieldmaiden, his bodyguard, and his friend. She had trained her entire life to be assigned to a warrior and be taken on adventures, and when she was finally told that a suitable warrior had arrived she couldn't contain her joy.

When she met the 'suitable warrior' however, she was less than impressed. He was about as tall as she was, but he was lanky, skinny, and barely looked as if he had any muscle on him. The set of brigand armor he wore almost dwarfed him, and his black hair hung over his brown eyes. She remembered eyeing the sword he wore on his hip and the shield he wore on his back, wondering if he could even lift them. His name was Engarr the Bravehearted, and she was to be his shieldmaiden.

Still she was sworn to follow him and protect him, so off they went. He seemed nice enough and treated her like a friend, not a servant. Over the course of dozens of battles and adventures she developed a strong respect for him. He often threw himself into battle, swinging his sword and shouting warcries, while she stood behind him firing her bow.

They made a good team, fighting together, and she'd long since lost count of the number of bandits and undead that had fallen beneath their weapons.

Then it all changed when a dragon attacked.

They were selling all the loot from the latest bandit camp they had cleared in the town where she'd been assigned to him, when a massive shadow passed above them. The earsplitting roar caused him to jump as they saw the green-skinned lizard pass overhead, spewing fire down on the city. Her city.

The ancient monster attacked her home, the castle where she'd been raised, and without a word he joined the guardsmen in the defense. The first dragon she'd ever seen, and he drew his blade and kept his eyes on it.

Celemir had joined the dozen or so guards and mages in shooting arrows and magic at the beast, and when the dragon had finally been forced to land, he had charged it.

He rushed forward and swung his sword, hewing at the thick scales and ducking the powerful wings, which still flapped uselessly. She had cursed his stupidity and kept shooting her bow, hoping to at least distract the beast.

The battle raged on as more guards joined the attack on the beast until finally, it released a death growl. Then something she never believed would happen… happened.

As the massive corpse grew still, it seemed to burn up and power flowed from the dragon into him. He had collapsed under the strain and as she rushed to help him up his brown eyes flashed, flashed with newfound power.

Over the next few days they learned of a prophecy older than time itself, and they learned that he was Engarr the Bravehearted… one of an ancient race of Dragonborn. He was a man with the soul of a dragon, and he was the only one strong enough to send the dragons back to where they had come from.


Despite it all, they didn't change.

They were simply Celemir and Engarr, two friends who sought adventure.

She was there when he harnessed his voice as a weapon, learning to use the dragon language for his own benefit as shouts. She was at his side when assassins and fanatical cults threatened to end his life, and she joined him in combat when their agents made good on those threats.

Their friendship was still stronger than ever, and she soon became just as well-known as him. She was able to marvel at his kindness and respect towards others, even if she had private misgivings about helping every single person with their problems when they had a world to save. Still as his power grew his desire to help people grew with it.

People spoke of him with the greatest admiration and respect, even his enemies, and Celemir marveled at the number his allies he could call upon. Werewolves, warriors, vampires, thieves, kings, and wizards all of them would come when he called.

He was truly groomed and meant to be a hero, and she was honored to serve him… until everything changed and ended the way it began.

With a dragon.


The two of them had climbed out of a dungeon, both of them sweaty, bloody, and laden with loot. Engarr had smiled at her and pointed in the direction they had come from "Well at least the city is only a few steps away, we should be there in an hour."

Celemir had to smile at his optimism, and pulled her bag of treasures over her shoulder. She turned back to the dungeon door and shuddered slightly, glad to be out in the open air instead of fighting for her life against spiders and skeletons.

At least the trip back will be uneventful she thought, letting her mind wander as she thought of what they could spend their gold on once a merchant bought the treasure they were carrying.

"Hand over the gold now!"

She snapped back to the present and let the bag fall as her blue eyes took in the three bandits that menaced her and her companion. Engarr actually smiled and drew his sword slightly "Listen, friends, we are just coming out of that dungeon, we really don't have time for any trouble."

Celemir's fingers reached to wrap around her bow, keeping her eyes on the trio. She could whip out her bow and shoot three arrows faster than any of them could blink, but she waited to see what Engarr would do.

He advanced a bit, and the bandits actually took a step back. "See we want no trouble, just let us pass."

The bandits turned tail and ran for the hills as Engarr turned to her with a smile. Celemir smiled back, wondering how a man who didn't threaten the thugs at all could have caused them to run away.

A roar echoed through the air, and she had her answer.

The bags of loot fell to the earth as the pair drew their weapons. Celemir could tell that he was eager for battle and she could almost see the power flooding through his veins as the dragon came into view. They had both upgraded their weapons and armor since their first encounter with the dragon, and they'd killed enough to know the tactics needed to win this fight.

She drew her wooden bow, adorned with silver flecks and carved symbols she had done herself, and notched an arrow to the string. The bow glowed with magical fire, ready to empower the arrow with flame. Engarr, in contrast wore heavy steel plate armor, and wielded a beautifully crafted sword in one hand and a steel shield in the other.

The dragon swooped over them and it too looked different than any other beast they had fought. Its brown scales gleamed with magic and its very presence cast a chill in the air.

"Celemir… I'll handle it!" Engarr called, shaking his hair out of his eyes. He locked eyes with the dragon and opened his mouth, releasing a shout to the skies.


Almost instantly a storm gathered over their position and lighting bolts arced towards the dragon, slamming into it and knocking the beast from the sky.


Another shout brought another round of deafening lightning, arcing down to where the dragon had crashed. Roars of pain bounced off the surrounding mountains as the bolts did their work, throwing up the smell of ozone.

Celemir clapped her hands over her ears as the thunder boomed after every strike. Engarr stared at the dust cloud that concealed the dragon, his eyes burning with rage and battle fury.


A final shout caused lighting to be torn down from the skies and Engarr coughed, advancing with his sword drawn.

The storm cleared as quickly as it had formed, completely obedient to his command. However, the dragon didn't die. It roared and took to the air, seemingly unharmed.

Celemir lunged to the side and strung her bow, sending a flaming projectile up into the air. The arrow shattered harmlessly on the dragon's scales. She fired again and again, with the shots that hit doing almost nothing.

Black fire spewed from the beast's maw as it attacked, burning the grass around them. Engarr hid behind his shield as the dragon wheeled around, releasing another blast of fire.

Celemir leapt to the side, narrowly avoiding the scorching fireball, and returned fire stringing three arrows at once.

The flaming projectiles hit the wing of the dragon and it screamed. Celemir heard Engarr cheer as he heard the cry. "Yes! Bring it down!"

The shieldmaiden grinned and took aim again, years of practice with the bow had honed her skills to where she could hit anything she chose and so she sent shot after shot towards the dragon's wings. The beast roared and dove low, tossing her off balance with the force of his wings.

Engarr roared a battlecry as the dragon landed in front of him. His sword bit into the dragon's sensitive nose sending a few drops of blood flying. His shield bashed into the dragon's face as he attacked with the sword again.

Celemir took aim, shooting arrows into the wyrm's face and causing it to recoil. Then the beast flapped its wings again, knocking them both backward. Then the steely eyes of the dragon turned towards her, recognizing her as the greatest threat.

The dragon flew upwards, seemingly unimpaired by the wounds she had given it, and it dove towards her.

Celemir turned to run as a stream of fire licked at her heels, the heat itself could be felt through her clothing as she rushed away. She vaguely heard Engarr yelling as she kept running, the heat of the flames singe her heels and the roars bombard her senses.

Then she tripped.

Her foot snagged on a jutting rock and she fell, tumbling to a stop as the dragon landed nearby, too near to attempt an escape. The beast gave her a cruel smile as it inhaled, preparing to wipe her off the face of the earth with one final blast.

She turned to look at Engarr, trying to communicate in that brief instant how lucky she was to have him as a friend, how amazing his friendship was to her, how honored she was to have fought beside him for so long.

Only to see him charging towards her, and before she could act he rammed himself into her side. She was thrown clear of the fireball the dragon spat at her.

Then a scream of pain pierced the air and her heart.

She'd heard so many cries of pain on their adventures… but no cry matched the intensity of the one that she heard now.

The fireball rammed into the Dragonborn before he could leap clear, and the flames covered his legs, baking them inside the metal armor he wore.

He fell to the ground, writhing and screaming as the fire licked up his body.

Celemir's eyes clouded over with rage as the smell of burning flesh poured into her nostrils… the smell of his flesh. She charged forward with her bow strung, sending another arrow towards the dragon.

The dragon let out a sound that could only be described as a laugh, and then it flew away silently as if bored with them.

Engarr moaned in agony, unable to move without lances of pain ripping through his body. Celemir rushed to his side, not caring why the dragon fled or if it would return. She dropped her bow and concentrated. She never paid much attention during magic classes during her training, magic was her sister's field not hers… but she did learn one healing spell. If only she could remember it!

Curses filled her brain as she looked at the damage. Engarr's legs were charred and burned, with armor and flesh melted together and skin and muscle and blood on display. He was groaning as she struggled to remember the spell, each grunt of pain adding to her urgency, then she had it!

She began to mutter the chant under her breath, letting warmth flow through her hands as they glowed gold. "Engarr… it's going to be okay… just stay with me."

He chuckled softly but said nothing, simply letting the golden light from her spell wash over his wounds. Any second now his legs would heal and he'd be up and walking again…

To her horror, however, the spell did nothing.

Celemir stared at the wounds, willing them to heal, she did the spell right! He should be okay! Panic's icy fingers slid over her chest, squeezing her heart as reality crashed down on her. She couldn't help him.

She gently threaded her fingers through his and spoke in a low voice, trying to keep him calm. "Hey, I'm going to try to teleport us to the city okay… but I need you to remain calm for me. Can you do that?"

He nodded and she began to concentrate, remembering the teleport spell easier than the first one.

Blue light surrounded them both and in a flash of magical vapor they were gone.


That was almost two months ago now.

Celemir wandered around the house that they shared. Well, it was mostly his since he bought it, but taking care of him was a full-time job, so she moved in.

She had discovered that magic was unable to heal his legs, something in that dragon's breath… it was much stronger than any man or mer magic. That something was unhealable.

So the once mighty Dragonborn, the only hero who could save the world, was confined to a bed. However, her mission to guard and care for him didn't change.

She helped him, made his meals, brought him books, and was a companion. She took care of him the best she could, changing his bandages and simply holding him when a nightmare loomed its ugly head.

She worked to heal the physical and mental wounds, but the emotional pain was something she couldn't heal or fix, despite her best intentions. News of dragon attacks was the hardest for him to bear, every time a town crier or a newspaper reported an attack she'd see his face darken. Sometimes he even tossed the paper aside in disgust.

It hurt her, watching him suffer in silence as his reputation as the only savior of the world brought guilt down upon him. Now he couldn't even move, much less fight a dragon or even a bandit.

She saw it in his eyes when he needed her help to do even the most trivial things, like readjusting his blankets. He hated being weak, hating having to depend on her, and hated losing the use of his legs.

Letters were still pouring in from the various people he had helped, each and every one of them offering to help find a cure. Some of the most powerful magic users and minds on the planet where working together to try to heal his legs, but it wasn't enough.

Even some of his enemies were delving into dark magic and sorcery to attempt a cure, and even that wasn't doing anything.

He'd been reading every book he could find on restoration magic, shouts, the arcane arts, anything that could at least help him understand the power that had broken him. She would always see the same stare of disappointment every time he finished a book, another dead end.

Watching him suffer only amplified the guilt that she felt. How many dreams had she had when the dragon had incinerated her, torn her apart, crushed her to a gooey pulp under its massive foot and spared her friend the pain he was currently dealing with.

She was a shieldmaiden, an assigned warrior, she could be replaced by any of a thousand others shield-warriors… Engarr was the Dragonborn, one of the last, he didn't deserve to be left broken.

Still, Celemir knew in her heart that even if Engarr had known about the dragon's attack, he would have lunged in front of the fire anyway. He simply cared about her that much, their relationship was one of friendship not of a master and a servant.


She jumped a bit at his call but walked up the stairs to his bedroom. "Engarr… I'm here. What do you need?"

He blushed slightly and gestured to the pile of unread books that littered the floor. "Sorry, I knocked the books over and can't seem to reach them."

She smiled "Of course, I'll grab them."

He reached over the side of the bed, but grimaced as his legs moved ever so slightly. Celemir's hand came up to rest on his as she placed the books back on the night table. "It's okay Engarr… everything's okay."

His face flashed with anger as he turned to her "Celemir… it's not okay! I'm useless now, I'm not a hero anymore!" The hands that had gripped sword hilts so intently fisted bedsheets as a low growl rumbled in the man's chest. Rare tears sparkled in his eyes as he faced her "Celemir, the world is going to burn unless I can stand and fight, and I can't!"

Celemir sat next to him on the bed, squeezing his hand reassuringly. "Every ally you have is working to find a way to heal your legs, and they'll find something soon. You aren't weak…" Her hand rested on his heart for a moment, before withdrawing. "That monster took your body and broke it, but your heart… your spirit… that wasn't broken. You're no less a hero just because you can't walk."

He frowned "I just hate you having to take care of me for everything!"

Her blue eyes snapped up to meet his, blazing with the ferocity of a hidden storm, as she spoke. "Listen to me now, carefully… I care for you not because it's my job, but because you are my friend and my ally. You have saved my life a thousand times over on our adventures, and it's because you saved my life that you ended up like this! Keeping you comfortable and safe is the least that I can do for you!"

The two stared at one another for several seconds before he lowered his gaze. His eyes stared at his legs and his mouth opened "Stay?"

It was more of a question than a command, but it didn't matter to her. Celemir climbed up into the bed and wrapped her arms around the Dragonborn, feeling him relax in her grip. He nuzzled into her arms and was soon asleep.

Celemir, however, stayed awake… maybe there was something else she could do. Something that would ease both their souls and help him find peace.

She fell into an uneasy slumber then, resting her head on Engarr's, with the workings of a plan in her brain.


She awoke long before he did, and slid out of the bed gently, almost instantly going to work.

She filled a knapsack with food and potions, strung out her bow and counted her arrows, whittled her short sword against a stone, and prepared for a journey of vengeance.

Once her preparations were complete, a knock on the door signaled the next phase of her plan. Her sister had stopped by for a visit and she agreed to watch over Engarr while she was away.

Finally, the hardest part, saying goodbye.

She opened the door to Engarr's bedroom, still seeing him slumber, and she walked over to the bed. "Engarr listen… I'm going to be away for a while. I haven't abandoned you or anything… I just need to do this, for both our sakes."

Her voice was barely a whisper as she moved closer "My sister will be watching you, and I've told her everything she needs to know. You'll be in good hands I swear. If I…don't return." She took a deep breath, kneeling down so she was beside him. "Know that I was honored to be your shieldmaiden, and I… value your friendship. Thank you, Engarr."

She stood up, placing a gentle kiss on his forehead as she did so, and watched him for an instant more. She wanted to memorize his face; have every scar and blemish, every laugh line and wrinkle, everything from the scuff of hair on his chin to the faded war paint that surrounded his right eye. She wanted to memorize him, just in case she didn't return.

Then she left, walking out of the house and the town to the world beyond.

She was hunting a dragon.

For months she trekked across the wilds of the cold land, hunting her food with her bow. For months she interrogated travelers, wandering merchants, bards, passing birds… anyone who might have seen a dragon.

Her eyes were always focused on the sky, her ears always listening for the sounds of a roar. Her blood burned hot enough to keep her warm, even on the coldest of winter's nights. She itched to find the dragon that had burned Engarr, her Dragonborn, and she wanted to put it in the ground.

Until finally she found it.

It was a stormy night, with lighting and thunder flashing and booming in the skies, and sheets of rain pounding the earth. Celemir darted through the trees finally exiting the woods she had attempted in vain to take shelter in them, but she ended up just as wet.

The dragon was flying overhead, almost invisible against the storm, but her trained eyes could pick it out. She strung her bow quickly, reaching into her pack for the bowstring. She nocked an arrow and fired at the monster.

The dragon roared and swooped down, perhaps recognizing her from earlier. Its fire breath fizzled out upon contact with the rain, and Celemir grinned. The horrible weather had given her at least one advantage, and she was well practiced at firing her bow during storms.

So with her hair plastered to her face and her bow singing against the storm and the dragon's roars, Celemir waged her war of vengeance against the dragon that had hurt her best friend.

The great beast was forced to land in order to engage her, and Celemir ducked into the woods, ducking bites from the deadly maw.

Her arrows all struck true, but they seemed like pinpricks against the massive scales. The dragon's wings and tail ripped trees from the ground as its long neck lunged for her. Roars louder than any thunder echoed in her ears and she kept firing, answering the roars with her own screams of anger.

She moved closer, hoping to drive her arrows into the softer flesh of dragon's face, but as her fingers closed around her last arrow, a claw swiped at her legs.

The sharp claw ripped through the leather pants she wore, tearing the skin of her legs. She screamed and hit the muddy ground, scrabbling to aim her bow. The dragon stared down at her, toying with her perhaps before its jaws lunged down to finish the job.

Her clothing and leather bracers would do nothing against the dragon, but she shot off her last arrow, watching it bury itself into the dragon's snout. The wyrm recoiled, and her hand shot down to retrieve her sword. She drew it, pulling herself to a sitting position, prepared to die with honor.

Rage fueled her muscles and blocked off any sense of pain as she hauled herself upwards, pushing off of a tree to throw herself at the dragon. She would have one change to lunge for the throat… there!

With a scream she lunged, pushing her steel sword into the skin of the dragon's neck, not stopping. Warm liquid spattered onto her arms, blood probably, as she kept pressing until the sword was buried into the beast's neck up to the hilt.

The dragon's death rattle faded as the beast died, the sound of its body hitting the ground was completely masked by the storm. Celemir collapsed with it, watching the eyes of the dragon become lifeless.

"Engarr…" She muttered "I killed it… for you…."

Then she too collapsed.

She awoke much later, still by the dragon corpse, but her wounds had healed completely. A pillar of white flame was next to her, and a voice spoke.

"Celemir… you have proven yourself."

She rose, adapting a defensive position, as she stared at the pillar. "What?"

"You have proven yourself to be the hero the world needs… you slew this dragon on your own."

Celemir turned to stare at the corpse "I slew the beast for my friend… to bring us both peace. But I'm no hero."

The pillar wavered "Engarr is one of the Dragonborn heroes, but there are always other heroes Celemir. You are one of these… the shouts can be taught if the learner has patience."

Celemir nodded as the voice continued "You are a hero Celemir, and you will be the hero the world needs."

Then the pillar faded, leaving her alone with the corpse of the dragon.

Celemir retrieved her blood covered sword from the dragon's neck and wiped it on the grass. Could she learn to shout like Engarr? Could she be a hero? Could she take Engarr's burden as her own?

Her mind was made up as her mind pulled up the image of his face, he saved her life and lost something worse than losing his own… he had lost his freedom. She owed it to him to save the world, to show him it was still in capable hands.

So she began the long journey home.


She entered the house they shared two nights later, thanking her sister and escorting her out before walking to the bedroom, where she knew he'd be.

He was tossing and turning, his upper body thrashing as he groaned lightly, stuck in the grips of a nightmare. She rushed over to him and grabbed his arms, holding him down to prevent him from moving his legs.

His eyes shot open at her touch and he took a moment to register than she was there. "Celemir... You're alive… you're here!"

He lunged forward then, and before Celemir could warn him not to move his legs, her cries were muffled by his shoulder as his powerful upper body crushed her in a hug. She returned the embrace for a long while before pulling away.

She sat down next to him and explained her journey, saying how she had killed the dragon and been spoken to by the pillar, and how it had selected her to be the hero he couldn't be.

Engarr smiled slightly "So I guess that means I'll be carrying your burdens from now on hero." He laughed. "I've read more about the shouts than anyone and I'd be honored to teach you."

Celemir smiled and rested her head on his shoulder. She could see the eagerness in his eyes at the opportunity to help her, to do anything besides doing nothing, as she grabbed a book and opened it for him. "So let's get started… together?"

He leaned into her embrace and smiled "Yes my friend… always together."


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