A Single Word

Is there a word that can truly describe the whole list of qualities that one looks for in another person? It seems that it cannot be done in even one sentence. But still we try to come up with something that will describe this person in a single word. But when we really look, we find out that it has actually already been done.

It describes how they are always there whenever we need them, how they will drop what they are doing and come at our very first call. It describes how they always stand behind us and push us in the right direction, even though we are convinced that we don't need their help.

It holds that special feeling we get when we find out that they are looking out for the things that make us happy and go out of their way to slide them into our path.

It describes the times that they have understood our sorrows and did what they could to lessen the sting.

It is a single word, a simple collection of letters, of sounds, that tells us just what this person is to us and yet so many people do not understand the true definition. It is a word that has been carelessly tossed around so much that it has completely lost all meaning. It is something that no one even realizes has changed. But some people still know the true definition of that one word that can only be described by multiple paragraphs.

They are the ones that know what it is like to be surrounded by people and still be completely ignored until someone comes along and offers a supporting shoulder. They are the ones who were found and informed that they were, in fact, not invisible after all. They are the ones who know the true definition of that wonderful descriptive word that everyone else overlooks.

There are still a few people out there who remember what it means when you call someone a friend.

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