It burns, heaven and god know that it burns, why so much fire and whence it comes? What a creature through a thousand generations will set on fire over a million souls?

Was there ever an end to the infinite span of tortune and pain? Did the Czernobog ever end his high tune and bristling rain?

To fall over in his grace, to know his dark mercy and compassion. To know that such being could bring even more sanction.

A trendil'd heart the man had been bestowed. By who nobody knows, certainly he bore a childish vindictiveness and an uncosummated edge, a vengeance with a lucid flavour for flare. And you felt as you watched through the sealed eyelids in your despair the metling goo of your frieds' face.

You saw lakes of fire far beyond and demons being tortured. That you would think that anyone would be free. As if!

As if the matter were that simple!

So you always thought and asked to yourself while the last of you was peeled off and away, again in that brief respite from eternal pain. If this was all a cruel joke, and if the clouds above were all fake. That maybe heaven was a con and that no one really was forgiven or acknowledged.

In these dark and infitie times, when the faith of the matter had been set asde, you could always check. And so you did, dragging and crawling along the pits of snakes and cliffs and sharpened edges to the otrher ends, trying to recognize someone who didn't, or shouldn't be there.

Certanily if god had decided to play such con he wouldn't make it that easy?

Certaily he woulnd't make it that hard either. In hopes, in sickened and malformed hopes that someone might know just so he could brag and boast.

And when you finally arrived and saw with your weary hand and eyes, feeling the trembling ground, you were utterly surprised.

Here there were indeed many a whimful cloud.

Here there was indeed a ever tall-moutanin heading impossibly high.

But suddenly the excruciation ended and setting your eyes above you, in fascination you watched over a visage no one never could have imagined.

Even more handsome that Lucifer, more fearsome that Satan and Belphegor combined.

Such face that seized and split your heart. Such a object going against all nature and common sense, so pure and so unashamed, a powerful vision, so hurtful to the brain.

An Angel, you have all this time trapped in the celurean dome within the wingspan of a heavenly lord. By accident or by design?

The angel such a maddening and fiersome animal.

Expunged from heaven into limbo, turning his face away from God. A thousand lapping, moving things he was made of. Filled with scales and trembling hands, with a lion's head and who knows what; he was chimaera with a passion in each breath.

And he didn't seem to understand or care either way, all the pain he had made.

Where indeed was hell?