Once upon a time there was a boy. This boy was initially a jerk, the girl knew that, but over time feelings changed. The girl became more and more intrigued. The boy and girl even had a time where they were civil toward one another, nice even. This confused the girl, as she found that she may even like the boy, and wondered if he felt the same. He made her feel alive, nothing like anything before. However the boy had plans to leave soon, so the girl kept quiet because she didn't want to interfere with his dreams.

So the boy went away, but the girl never forgot. He went on adventures and grew up. Occasionally he would return home, but would avoid and ignore the girl when she tried to say hi. This hurt the girl, because all she wanted was to be some part of his life. However, despite the rejection, her feelings did not change.

Years passed as the girl worked to make her life. Other boys came and went, but the girl continued to remember the boy. The girl's friends often got annoyed about hearing about the boy and begged her to ruminate about someone else. The girl stubbornly clung to hope that things would work out in her favor.

In a strange twist of events, the girl met the boy's mom. She would tell the girl everything the girl wanted to know, how the boy was and what he was doing, unknowing how the girl felt. The girl listened and grew close to his mom.

Meanwhile, the boy came back from his adventures for good. He met a girl and quickly made plans to wed. The boy and his family were thrilled.

The girl was heartbroken. After all this time, the girl still cared deeply.

She still wanted to be part of his life. She grew angry and could only sit helplessly as his mother shared every detail excitedly.

The girl did nothing as the boy married. She kept quiet and cried behind closed doors. She still remains heartbroken, with feelings unchanged, but is certain that all hope is gone. While she continues to push through every day, which she supposes is the important part, she now begs for the chance to move on.