The Children's Graveyard

By Shadowgate

In Northern Vermont there was a small separate cemetery by the larger one. It was a little one for little ones who died in childhood. The cemetery is 80 years old. A tradition started where children would visit the section of the children's cemetery back in 1981. That tradition has carried on.

Tonight two young people would engage in that tradition. Mark Higgins aged 17 and his cousin Vicky Everlow aged 9 would take a walk down the "Giant North Vermont Cemetery."

It was 8:45 PM and Mark Higgins tapped his cousin Vicky Everlow on her shoulder just outside of her room. He whispered "are you sure you want to go through with this?"

Vicky answered "yes and don't you?"

Mark told Vicky keep her voice down.

Mark went on to say "yes I want to go and I know you're interested but your safety is important."

Vicky said "well I know I'll be safe with you" as her hand trembled.

Mark said "I am a visitor from out of state. I always look forward to visiting you in the summer along with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Trent. I can go alone if you're too scared you don't have to act brave."

Vicky said "well I know I'll feel secure with you so let's both go to it tonight."

Mark held Vicky's hand and said "10 PM we sneak out."

It was only 30 minutes later the clock struck 10 PM. All the grownups were in the living room chattering away while Mark and Vicky walked down the stairs hand in hand.

It took them 10 minutes to get to the cemetery. Upon arriving they slowly moved toward the square section.

Mark put his hand on Vicky's shoulder and asked "are you okay right now?"

Vicky answered "yes because you're here with me."

Mark went on to say "with all the kids talking through the years these ghost rumors might be nothing but nonsense."

Vicky giggled.

30 seconds later they felt a freezing cold wind blast come through.

Vicky asked "what was that?"

Mark answered "it must get chili at night in Vermont, even in the summer."

Mark got out a flashlight and then he pointed it at a grave.

The gravestone read "Molly Deller 1981-1989."

Soon after reading that gravestone they heard a creepy laugh.

Mark and Vicky didn't know what to think of it. They both cringed but nevertheless they walked further along the cemetery.

Up ahead they saw what appeared to be another child.

Mark asked "do you know that girl Vicky?"

When the child turned around it was a girl with a bloody face.

Mark and Vicky both screamed and they both took off running back to Vicky's house.

When they got home they rushed upstairs.

20 minutes later Mark called Vicky into the guest room he was staying in.

"Vicky I want to know are you alright?"

Mark grabbed her in a tight embrace.

Vicky replied "yes I am and thank you for being there for me."

Mark said "we both wanted to go and we both knew damn well you weren't going to go alone."

Vicky shot back "that's true and again I'm okay. I just hope nobody followed us home."

Mark asked "like who? Police? We would have been stopped if the police had seen us."

Vicky said "no I don't mean police I mean I hope nobody followed us home that is no longer among the living."

Suddenly they heard howling wind and they both hugged each other tight.

Vicky took a deep breath and exhaled. She stated "I'll never forget how cold that cemetery was."

Mark let go of Vicky but then he put his hands on her shoulders. He told her "the way those gates to the children's graveyard opened on their own and clanged shut gave me the chills."

Mark went on to say "I can handle nails across a chalkboard but those gates were too much."

Vicky's face lit up and she shouted "for me that whole cemetery was too much!"