Bloody Cutlass – created by Jordann Edwards and Elizabeth Mogan

Based on Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart by Craig Black and Ghosts of Earth by Elizabeth Mogan

Set Sail – written by Jordann Edwards and Elizabeth Mogan

Everyone in the galaxy has told the Tails from the Federation - stories that have been passed down throughout space and time, regarding individuals that have had a history with the Stellar Federation in one way or another. The earliest prominent story has been the legend of the Spaceship Ghost, which was last piloted by one Captain Willow. Then, there was the story of Jaws MacTaggart, an ex-Federation soldier who fights for the freedom of the galaxy.

But there is one tale that needs to be told - one regarding a certain pirate captain - a German Shepherd who'll be thrust into his own adventures...

In an underground prison in an undisclosed location, Darkblade, the Shep in question, is left sulking for who knows how long. After his last bout with Jaws MacTaggart, which involved one of her own crewmates, she said "enough is enough", and personally sent him to the brig.

The dog looks down, deeply saddened. "Ugh...what have I done? Just like that, I'm going to rot in this awful place. I merely did the dirty work! Damn Federation..."

"Easy for you to say!" a voice cried out. Darkblade looked around, and was surprised to find that the voice belonged to Alister Hawkins, a black cat who happens to be an old acquaintance of his.

"So," questioned Darkblade, "what are you in for this time?"

"Same old, same old," Alister sighed. "You know, being a pirate and all."

"Yeah, well, what else is new?"

Alister then looks around the room. "I don't suppose you have any ideas?"

"As a matter of fact, I do!" Darkblade then reaches into his pocket, pulls out a stick, and from that stick, pops a big wrench that's as big as his head. Alister was shocked.

"Where the fuck did you get that?!"

"No place important, really."

"Let me were taking a page from the book of that furry yellow creature...what was his name again? Ratchet?"

"Hey, I'm nothing like that furball!" The Shep begins to turn on the spinning mechanism, and he begins digging through the dirt. Once he reached the surface, he began looking around, until he sees his ship, the Bloody Cutlass, still intact.

"My ship! Oh, how I've missed you!"

"This is your ship?" asked Alister, looking disgusted. "What a piece of shi-"

"What was that?" Darkblade cut him off, giving him a stare.

"Uh, nothing!"

The two tiptoe to the inside of the ship, and, to their surprise, it's almost exactly the same as it was before.

"So, this is the Cutlass?"

"That's right!"

"Where's your crew, then?"

"I'd...rather not talk about that..." Darkblade still remembers the day his old crew turned on him, no thanks to Paul Cadenza.

"Fair enough."

"Now, we're gonna have to escape from this place!" Darkblade then attempts to turn on the ship, and after a few tries, it finally began to warm up.

"Darkblade, what are you doing? The guards will hear us!"

"Fuck them! We're hauling ass outta here!" The ship is finally powered up, and soon after, it took off.

Alister was surprised that there weren't any guards chasing after them. "Who's in charge of this operation, anyway?"

Meanwhile, in the control room, a sheepdog, presumably the guard, is lying fast asleep...

As the Cutlass flies into space, Darkblade looks out to the stars. Alister walks by him.

"So, what now?" wondered Alister.

"Now," the Shep answered, "we rebuild. We start fresh. Get new people for our crew. From here on out, we're the good guys!"

"But we're still criminals!"

"Who cares, Al? This is our chance! Our one shot at redemption! All we need is a new crew, and we'll be doing some good shit! And I'm starting it off with you – you can be my co-captain!"

"W-wow...I guess that's something! It's not a promotion, really, but still. Thanks, man!"

"Nae probs! Now, let's find our crew!"

"How are we going to do that?"

"Hmm..." Darkblade thought for a second. "Good point."

Suddenly, the two were greeted by the ship's computer. "Welcome back, captain. I see you've made a new friend."

"Good to be back. So, what's new?"

"Two things - one, my scanners indicate an anomaly happening not far off from here. Two, we have an incoming call from someone. He says he knows you."

"Really? Let's see it."

The computer's screen changes to reveal a sheep, sitting around in his own space cruiser. "Hey, long time, no see! You remember me, don't ya?"

Darkblade took a while to figure it out, but, soon, he did. "'re Clyde. Clyde O'Shaughnessy of Kilkenny V!"

"Wait," said Alister. "That's in the Mogan Cluster! An Irish-settled colony!"

"Eh, I've dealt with the fighting Irish before. So, yeah, Clyde! It has been a long time! What's going on?"

"Nothing much, really. Just cruisin' around."

"Ah, well, have you heard about this anomaly not too far from here?"

"Hmm? Oh, the Rift? That's nothing, really. Been around for a while. Just motion past it, that's all."

"Well," said the Shep, "I'm trying to rebuild my crew. I was wondering if I could have you on board as my First Mate! What do ya say?"

"Hmm..." Clyde thought for a moment. "Well, I am running a bit low on resources. Plus, I've wanted to go out more. I'll say-"

Before the conversation could continue, the Cutlass' computer warned them, "Attention - the anomaly is generating a strong signal! Take caution."

Alister was getting worried. "Uh, I'd want to do what he says."

Clyde nodded. "There's also something coming from there, and it's headed towards that moon over there."

The moon in question is a very dark place, with scenery like something out of a Tim Burton movie. That's not to say there isn't anyone on here; a Welsh Corgi is tinkering around with her contraption, and she's trying to use it to find an active ship. While she's scouting, she encounters a strange creature. She then proceeds to converse with it.

"Wow, you must be lonely. Are you anyone I know, by any chance? I'm sure it's a silly costume. So..."

The creature growls at the Corgi, and then charges at her, but it was stopped by a magic attack. That attack was performed by a girl in a red hooded cloak, with wolf ears sitting against layered red hair, which has a gray streak at the front.

The creature was not backing down - in fact, it called upon some help...more were on the way.

The girl and the Corgi were surrounded, until Darkblade jumped right in, and blasted one of the creatures with his solar cannon from his robotic arm.

"Come on, let's get out of here!" The girl and the Corgi followed the Shep back to the Cutlass, but the creatures catch up to them, one of them grabbing the girl's leg. Darkblade grabs his sword and severs the creature's arm before heading to the platform. Before any other creature could come any closer, the ship flies off.

Back on the ship, everyone starts to get acquainted.

"So, you got a name?" Darkblade asked the red-hooded girl.


"What was going on back there?"

"They followed me there through the Rift. I couldn't stop them. If it weren't for the dog right there, I wouldn't have spotted them." She motioned to the Corgi, whose name was Maya, still playing with her device.

"Oh, hey. It's an acoustic signal maker that sends feedback to any nearby ship."

Everyone was impressed. "Well, then," said Darkblade, "I think I've seen enough. Rhiannon, I'd like to have you on board as my Second Mate on this ship. Maya, you'll be our Technical Advisor and Engineer."

"Hey, Darkblade," Clyde whispered, "Is it okay if we add another member?"

"Sure, why do you ask?"

"Well, look behind you."

"Why would I-"

"Hello!" A voice nearly startled the Shep - he then turns around and sees a vanilla-colored rabbit with her long ears tied behind her back.

"And...who...are you?"

"I'm Vellopea!"

"Yeah, she was irritating me for long enough," Clyde admitted.

"Yeah, I think I'll go..." Darkblade walks towards Rhiannon, standing at the control center.

"You do know that there'll be more coming. These things are very powerful."

"Then we'll be ready. Today is the day when everything changes. From this day forward, we'll fight whatever stands in our way. I don't think the Federation knows what they're dealing with, quite honestly!"

"I know a lot about the supernatural. I've been there - the power is too great, even for you."

Darkblade places his paw on Rhiannon's shoulder. "It's okay. You're with us, right here. We'll work together to stop them."

"And where is here?"

" the Bloody Cutlass."