How lucky others are to come and go as they please

Free as a rose petal floating in the breeze

But like an insect stuck to a windshield, I'm mounted in place

For my dreams I am not always free to chase

So close, yet still so far from where I truly belong

True freedom and pure friendship call to me from a distance like a siren's song

Will I always be a butterfly with clipped wings trapped in a glass jar?

Will I ever be able to follow my own lucky star?

Sometimes the chances of that seem slim

No matter what I say, it's impossible to reach him

He simply doesn't understand how much I yearn to be free

If it were up to him, he might lock us up and throw away the key

Is going to the Emerald City once in a blue moon really too much to ask for?

After all I don't wish to go to the moon, just a book store!

I actually don't require much for my soul to be satisfied

But I refuse to let my frustration be brushed aside