Chapter 1

You know what's weird?
That you could give a man...power and people automatically assume that he's going to be tyrannical bastard...
Even though that would happen because human's inevitable to be honest
But...not everybody does an example, gods...they were once some mere human...probably, some probably were though i don't know.
So...i'm Alio...god of...stuff i don't know...this?
This world? could say that, but to be honest...meh, i really don't consider myself special, or as a 'Pioneer' in this genre or story...i just started to be honest, i've made timelines before
but this is might suck...and i think it might...but
Screw it.
Now for a more professional narrator to explain to you what the hell is going on.


A world filled with fantastic creatures, entities and beasts, also with these creatures…is its civilization, Eden is composed of many species…

There are the Humans…

The Elves…

The Ferals…

And The Starks…
The Ferals are half-animal, half-human hybrids…they are very vicious depending on what animal they resemble…
The Elves have received the name of the world's most beautiful race, due to their attractiveness, also due to their colorful natural hair and eye colors, it is rare to see an Elf with dark colored hair or eyes
The Starks are a peculiar race, their skin, hair and eye colors all have a space texture, as if it they had different colored space on their skin, they have a particular sixth sense of detecting 'Neos'

What is 'Neos' you ask?

It is the power of nature, the elements, gravity and many more, this civilization has adapted it for work, regular use...and combat.

Eden's civilization has very powerful tools at their disposal, called…'Etheren' it comes from within them, Humans, Starks, Elves and Ferals…they can all use their 'Etheren', but each individual's Etheren is different…as with their 'Tribreaks'

Tribreaks are full body armors that are unlocked by pure willpower inside a person, but they can also be unlocked by someone who has already unlocked it, the armor, once unlocked, acts as normal armor, being able to remove and use whenever the user wants and stays in it's physical form or it can be morphed into what the user desires, and is merely a small speck of a series of evolution

Eden's people have been living in harmony in their countries, having peace and very little conflict, which were Windyne, Bastion, Aguipent, Voornaam and Celestina.

They have their different cultures, but each year the countries celebrate their fight against the Shades, The Shades is a malignant force, which can represent itself in various ways, which is why the Guardians were made…

Welcome…to Eden

The moon illuminated the country of Windyne. It was a bustling city, filled with your average people and skyscrapers. With its usual train tracks above the streets, but with every city…it does have the fair amount of bad apples…

In the local bank, a black van abruptly parked outside the building not exactly looking to make a 'transaction'

-Inside the Van-

"Alright boys, let's recap on this score" one of the masked men started "David, you're on crowd control, Mike, we're going for the vault" he turned to the driver of the vehicle "Al, stay here, if the alarm goes off get the car ready!" Al nodded "Ok, let's go!" Fel opened the door and jumped out, he cocked his DR-45 rifle and walked towards the bank.

Near the bank, a figure watched the scene, he placed a mask on his face only covering half of it. A small green visor covered his eyes, it was attached to a lower silver colored half mask with a blue trim, he watched the scene unfold as the armed men ran in and aimed their weapons at the unfortunate people inside the bank, freighting them, they waved their guns around, making the people lay down on the floor, he stood up from the side walk and reached for something on his back, it was a rifle with a bayonet attached to the front, the teenager walked towards the van, he aimed his rifle at the driver fired, letting out ice Neos and freezing the driver. "Should've gotten a real job."

The teenager pulled the rifle's magazine and checked his ammunition, he placed it in its pouch, but he kept the rifle, he moved his hand to the stock, which also served as a sword grip, he spun it around and walked to the entrance, he pushed the door open to be greeted by a SMG barrel aimed at his face "Don't move or I blow your head off!"

The teenager merely stared at David's face, in a quick motion, he pushed the SMG off his face and threw the gun at David, stunning him, afterwards he swung his sword at David, sending him flying to the bullet proof windows, cracking them.

Fel turned to the vault entrance at the sudden noise, he turned to Mike, who was placing money on his duffle bag "You heard that?"

"Yeah…" Mike stopped filling his duffle bag, he cocked his Carver-V14 auto shotgun and started walking to back to the bank lobby "Get the money, I got this." Fel nodded and grabbed a stack of money, placing it in the duffle bag.

The teenager stared at the unconscious thief's SMG "CPR- Mark 3…good tastes I see." He turned to the bank vault and saw another man walking with a Carver-V14 auto shotgun in his hands, he took notice of the teenager and aimed the gun at him "You move you get you head blown off you hear?!" the teenager stared at the weapon and leaned his head

"Carver-V14, it isn't very accurate…" The teenager suddenly gave out a flash of blue and was dashing at the man with his body dissolving and a neon trail following, his body turned back to normal, now pushing the Carver upwards to avoid injuries "You should've gotten a real job!" The teenager said, Mike pulled the trigger of the Carver and started firing, panicking the people inside, the teenager pushed the shotgun away from the people and punched Mike in the face, stunning him, he proceeded to slash Mike, sending him flying to the wall, he walked to Mike, who was groping his stomach

"Ohhh…that hurt like hell." Mike received a foot to the chest, pinning him down

"Where's the third one…? The teenager demanded, Mike just stared the teenager down, he saw Fel in the corner of his eye, walking away with the score

"Like I would rat out my partner." The teenager noticed Mike's eyes move, quickly turning to see Fel running away from the bank, the teenager kicked Mike in the face, knocking him out

"You're not getting away." The teenager said, he dashed towards the exit, only to be stopped by one of the people inside

"Who are you?" the teenager turned to the person

"I'm Atom." Atom dissolved once more, now following Fel, he dashed past him and stood in front of him, Fel stopped in his tracks and stared at Atom

"You're not the only one with their Etheren unlocked…" Fel dashed past Atom in an incredible speed

"This just got interesting…" Atom dissolved again and followed Fel's trail

Fel dashed up a wall, Atom followed up the wall, only to quickly avoid a ladder falling, Atom looked back up and saw no sight of Fel, he dashed faster and made it to the rooftop, just to see Fel jumping towards another rooftop

Atom looked at the distance between the two rooftops "Well…here goes nothing" Atom walked back and lightly jumped, he breathed rapidly and shook his head "Let's go!" Atom started running, his body dissolving as he ran, he reached the ledge and gave out a pulse, sending him flying towards the rooftop on the other side, he rolled on the rooftop and saw Fel jump down the street, Atom followed and jumped as well.

Atom landed and saw Fel running, Atom sprinted and dissolved, giving out a pulse, he flew towards Fel and knocked him down, Fel tried to get up, only to be shot with Ice Neos rounds, freezing him in place, Fel groaned due to his failure on his perfectly planned heist "You knew how this was going to end…"

"Fuck you" Fel cursed, Atom walked next to Fel, only to hear sirens, Atom backed away and started to leave the scene, waiting for the PD to do their job.

Atom walked through an alleyway, he was right behind his home, and hopefully her sister hadn't woken up since he left, he saw his window and climbed up the ladder, he reach the top and slowly moved inside "Ok…she hasn't woken up…"

Atom walked through his room, slowly placing his rifle 'Atomizer' on the side of his bed, he removed his pouch from his pants and slowly placed it on his desk, reaching for his half-mask, the visor covering his eyes deactivated, showing his Harlequin eyes, he scratched his head, ruffling his long Lapis lazuli hair with green tips "Seems like she never noti-" Atom was stopped by his lamp turning on, showing her older sister sitting on his chair

Atom slowly turned to her older sister Aran Rutherford "Hey Aran…"

"You had a great night?" Aran smiled

"Yeah…?" Atom answered

"That's great…" Aran's eyes started to get a black shade around them


"Why do you keep on doing this Atom?" Aran's eyes slowly recovered their normal skin color

"You're doing the same thing every day!" Atom answered

"No, what I do is different!" Aran stood up from the chair

"It's exactly the same process of what I do! Only thing is that you got certified by getting into Krijim academy!" Atom said as he took of his blue-silver jacket

"And you also could, if you don't get arrested!" Aran said

"Oh! And every single criminal, mugger and killer is going to wait for me to be certified in Krijim?!" Atom said

"W-well no, but-" Aran answered, only to see Atom staring at her "They aren't! But other people who are actually allowed to patrol around Windyne will go after them!"

Atom groaned "Fine…even though I'm going to do it when you don't look"

Aran placed her hands on Atom's shoulders "I'm just worried about anything that could happen to you."

Atom rolled his eyes "I know…" Atom closed in on her sister, giving her a hug, Aran hugged her little brother

"You know…you're lucky mom doesn't get here until tomorrow, she would kill you if she found out" Aran said, Atom let go of her sister and walked to his bed

"Goodnight Atom" Atom took off his jacket and jumped on his bed

"Goodnight Aranza" Atom spoke her full first name

"Please don't call me that again" Aran spoke

-The next day-

Atom slept in peace in his room, he slowly woke up, stretching his arms apart, causing some bones to snap, he yawned and sat on his bed, rubbing his face, he stepped off his bed and walked to his bathroom, ready to take a shower

-5 minutes of showering later-

Atom looked at his outfit in a mirror, he was wearing a silver jacket with blue sleeves with white elbow pads, it was zipped up, covering his blue shirt underneath, he looked at his pants, they were dark colored, it had a pouch with magazines on it and white knee pads attached as well, he raised his feet, seeing his black boots. He smiled at his outfit choice

"Looking good"

Aran sat in the living room, eating a bowl of cereal, she had long blonde hair with green eyes, she was currently in her combat outfit, which consisted of a green tube top covered by a white coat with green stripes on the sleeves, her pants were jet black only with a small green stripe on each side and had black leather heels she loved with her soul

"This is some good cereal…" Aran mentioned, she looked to her left to see Finn, the family pet White Wolf. Who was currently sleeping, she heard the door give out a sound and turned to see what it was, she saw a note laid in front of the door, she walked up to it and grabbed it, seeing it was from Krijim, she quickly placed her bowl on the kitchen table and opened it, but was confused on seeing it was for Atom

"What's that Aran?" Atom asked from behind

"A letter from Krijim, for you." Atom grabbed the note and immediately lit up

"I'M IN KRIJIM!" Atom shouted, waking up Finn.

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