Chapter 6

Kurt fired his Solar Shredder at Emilio Rillo, who was blocking his bullets with his circular shield. Emilio slowly walked through the bullets and shield bashed Kurt.

Kurt staggered and backed away from Emilio, he ducked under a shield bash. Kurt deflected another attack with his LMG, he reloaded but Emilio bashed Kurt's gun out of his hands.

"Oh we're doing that then?" Kurt mockingly asked, then went into a CQC stance. Jumping in place and moving his fists. Emilio raised an eyebrow but raised his shield.

Emilio bashed against Kurt, only for him to redirect the shield away from him and uppercut him. Emilio had no time to react for Kurt's reverse roundhouse kick to the head. Emilio backed away and raised his shield.

Kurt smiled as he strafed around waiting for the perfect moment. "Come on." Kurt tapped his chin "Right here, hit me." Kurt leaned in

Emilio glared at Kurt and bashed with his shield, only it to miss and immediately be right hooked into unconsciousness. Kurt kneeled down to Emilio "Don't get in a fist fight with a Voornaam hoodlum." Kurt stood back up and looked at Professor Marcus Acrius.

The teacher sporting a full body set of heavy light blue colored armor, it had white stripes in a V-shape in his chest and reverse V's on his fore arms and straight vertical stripes on his legs. His armor also had some small retracted wings on the back. His armored fingertips were white colored as well. He was a stark with a white skin and black stars flowing around him and yellow eyes with small pitch black hair. His helmet was a simplistic design, slits for eyes, a small triangle for nose and three small vertical lines for a mouth. It currently rested on a bench near him. He held a holographic pad in his hands.

Prof. Acrius looked at Kurt "You did good, but this was about disarming your opponent so you failed."

Kurt sighed "Goddamn…" He rubbed his forehead

"Just take him to the infirmary…" Prof. Acrius motioned, Kurt nodded and started dragging the knocked out Emilio "And nice knock out…" Prof. Acrius looked at the bleachers and clapped his hands together

"Alright, class! So, who has a ranged weapon?" Prof. Acrius asked, many students raised their hands "That is ballistic based." many students lowered their hands, only a few stood, including Atom.

Prof. Acrius slowly swayed around and chose Atom. "Rutherford, Come on down."

Atom smiled and walked down the bleachers, he stood next to Acrius.

"Alright, so who has a melee weapon?" Many more students raised their hands "Any swords?"

Some students lowered their hands. "Screw it. Achilles, get over here!" Acrius waved as he walked back to his corner, he grabbed his pad. "Alright, Melee vs Range."

Daegan looked at Atom with a smug smile "You ready Atom?"

"Ye." Atom derped

Daegan raised an eyebrow "O-ok…" but prepared his stance

"You can do this Atom" Safi said, with Foofy squeaking

Leon gave a thumbs up "You've got range with you. You got an advantage."


Atom chuckled "Calm down bish."


Daegan ran at Atom, only to be greeted by a hail of bullets. He swiftly raised his shield and crouched, blocking as many bullets as he could.

Atom stopped firing and grabbed a magazine from his pouch, he flicked the current magazine off and replaced it with the one in his hand. He aimed down sights and tried to shoot Daegan's hand. Only for the teenager to charge at him, Atom jumped to the left and rolled on the ground. Daegan swiped with his sword and hit Atom in the face, Atom staggered and held his cheek.

"Ow." Atom muttered, he swiftly raised his rifle and hip fired at Daegan. Who was with his shield raised. Atom stood back up and quickly replaced magazines. He grabbed the back of Atomizer's barrel and its stock. He swiped down on Daegan's shield with his bayonet and staggered his grip on it, he aimed down sights and fired at Daegan's hand, forcing his sword out his hand. Atom flipped his rifle and hit Daegan in the face with the stock.

"WOOO! Get combo'ed bitch!" Atom shouted

Daegan immediately looked at Atom. Then a surge of energy surrounded him, covering him from view. He revealed himself again, only this time he was slightly taller, with bulkier armor and a bigger shield and sword. His helmet only showed a small v-shaped crack in the middle. This was his Tribreaker.

"NOW THIS IS A FIGHT!" Prof. Acrius shouted

Atom looked at Daegan "Oh you solo-supering bit-" Atom was batted to the wall by Daegan's sword, causing a crack in the wall. "You lucky I have ether lockout…" Atom fell to the floor. He looked back up to his opponent while slowly standing up "Come on mate…I ain't givin up yet."

Prof Acrius held his hand to Atom "You lost Atom. Stay down."

Atom sighed and sat back down "Fine."

"That was very short lived…Class Dismissed!" Prof. Acrius clapped his hands

Daegan walked out with a smile in his face and people following him.

Atom slowly got back up and looked at Linda, who was helping him up "I think it hurts-"

"No" Linda said

Safi walked to Atom "You have ether lockout?"

"Yeah, it don't matter though." Atom picked up his rifle

"That could hinder you in combat." Leon said "Haven't you seen a Ethercist to help you on it?"

Atom groaned "Yeah I have…didn't help though…" Atom saw the new adoring fans of Daegan follow the knight.

"Rutherford." Acrius called out "Get over here"

Atom looked at Linda "Yeah I'm coming…" Atom slowly walked to the teacher

"Rutherford…you lost." Prof Acrius stated "But I like the fighting spirit you have. I would've let you continue the fight but school rules are rules…so I had to stop the fight."

"Oh…thanks teach…I appreciate it." Atom answered, Prof Acrius smiled

"Alright Rutherford, get outta here."

"Ok, bye Prof. Acrius!" Atom waved, Atom reunited with his team "Well, aren't you a teacher's pet now?" Linda raised her eyebrow

Atom rolled his eyes "Mmhmm"

"So, where should we go today?" Safi asked, Leon patted Foofy in the nose

Atom immediately looked at Linda with a giddy smile, Leon was curious to know what he wanted to say.

Linda stared at Atom's face "…Fine we can go with Amanda…"

Atom smiled in a creepy way "YEIS!" the teenager started crawling in all fours to the Krijim entrance

Leon leaned his head "Who's Amanda?"

Linda sighed "She's a friend of Atom…a mature friend of his."

Atom opened the door to a gun store "Amanda!"

Amanda turned to Atom "Atom!" The two ran towards each other and gave each other an energetic hug "I wondered when you were coming!"

"Is Atom here ma?" a voice asked

Leon leaned next to Linda "Uhh…a gun store owner?"

Linda put her hands on her hips "Yeah, she helped make his rifle…"

"Atom! How ya doin?" Bryce greeted

"I'm doing great. I'm in Krijim now" Atom mentioned "This is my team."

Amanda smiled "Oh, congratulations! And you got paired up with Linda! I'm Amanda and this is my son Bryce!"

Leon nodded "I'm Leon."

Safi smiled "Safi Tophire" she held Foofy in her arms

"It's a pleasure to meet you two" Amanda greeted

"So, I'm going to the range as usual…" Atom waved as he walked to a door

Linda looked at Amanda "We're going to the range too…"

"Ok then, have fun!" Amanda said

(The Range)

"So how did you and Amanda meet?" Leon asked Atom

"Oh, she's a friend of my mom. And she really helped with Atomizer." Atom explained, holding Atomizer as he attached different sights on it "The bayonet was Linda's suggestion"

Linda looked up to the ceiling in a lazy manner "Yep she also helped a little with Stalagmite and Hailstorm. In making sure I didn't blast my arm off with Hailstorm"

Leon stared at Linda's gauntlets "Why didn't you just use an SMG for hailstorm?"

Linda gave a lazy smile "It saves space and I like Unifire."

Safi raised an eyebrow "Isn't she the comic book heroin?"

"Yeah, that's why I like them." Linda look at Safi's dual sickles "What about you? You got a name for the sickles?"

"Oh! yeah, they're called Bane and Yor." Safi introduced "I named them after my grandparents." They each had a different texture on their hilt, Bane had a red natural roots texture and Yor had a crystal like texture on it. "They made these for me when I was six."

The rest of the team looked at Leon "So Leon…what about you?"

"Mm?" Leon turned to them

"Your katana…did you make it?" Atom asked

"Oh, uh no…i inherited it from my father." Leon answered

Linda walked next to the ninja and inspected the sheath to the katana "I love that wolf theme on the sheath."

"Thanks, it is named Chi no okami." Leon grabbed the sheath and gave it to Linda "I only use it on occasion though"

Linda slowly unsheathed the Chi no Okami, seeing her own reflection on the blade "Wow…" Linda quickly checked her teeth "W-when did I eat spinach?" she sheathed it back and stared scratching her teeth

Atom aimed down sights and fired down range, stopping in between bursts. "Damn LDO (Long Distance Optic) is so uncomfortable." Atom took off the sight and replaced it with a Scout sight "This is better…" he aimed down sights and fired a couple of bursts. Atom raised 'Atomizer' and inspected it. "I really like the paintjob I put on Atomizer."

Safi scratched foofy's head "Hey uh…c-can I fire Atomizer?"

Atom turned to Safi "Sure, here!" Safi walked next to Atom and gave him foofy. She grabbed Atomizer and was slightly surprised at its weight. "Woah, this is heavy…"

"Linda?" Amanda asked silently from behind

Linda turned to the woman "Mm? what do you need?"

"Can I talk to you in private?" Amanda asked

Linda nodded "Sure, what do you need?"

"it's about the high caliber rounds you ordered. They won't be arriving soon." Amanda said

"Oh, why? What happened?" Linda asked

"Light of Thanatos…" Amanda mentioned the controversial organization

Linda wide-eyed "B-but aren't they just an activist group? When did they turn to terrorism?"

Amanda sighed "Well…the Icebreakers seem to be doing the dirty work, I'm sure they're just paying them…"

"Oh…could we help?" Linda asked

Amanda was surprised "What?! Are you crazy? You could get hurt!"

Linda scoffed "Amanda, we're being trained to fight murderous monsters and Sunless Guardians too. We can handle gangsters."

Amanda looked at Atom "Are you sure about this?"

"Atom has been doin it since before Krijim. We can do this."


Funfact: Atom's rifle 'Atomizer' has been redesigned three times!