Chapter 7

Linda stood in front of a hastily made presentation, she was also in front of Team Achilles and the rest of her own team, Volk.

"Alright people, so we found out about the Icebreakers cooperating with the Light of Thanatos. I don't know why but they are." Linda explained, she tapped her phone and the screen behind her switched to a picture of a mugshot of Francis Heringway. "And of course the leader of the Light of Thanatos is Francis, we obviously know that BUT!"

Linda tapped her phone again and now the picture was switched to Maxis Zane, leader of the 'Icebreakers' "Now this is the guy where after, Maxis Zane, egocentric bastard, has a giant scar in his face and is leader of the 'Icebreakers"

Sylvia raised her hand "but how are we going to find where they group up?"

Linda smiled "Well, I don't know…but we have some Guardians Privileges."

Daegan raised an eyebrow "Wait, we have privileges?"

Linda stood upright "Also known as we threaten them with weapons, if they don't cooperate!"

Katrina gave a nervous smile "Umm, should we leave this to actual Guardians? I mean they are more experienced and we just got here. We don't have even two months here!"

Atom lifted his knee to his bed "I kinda agree with her."

Linda looked at Atom "What do you mean Atom? You've been doing this since you were 15!"

Atom stood up "Gurl! I've just been helping petty muggings and grocery store robbers, this is a whole gangster organization we're doin here!"

Leon leaned his head "He has a point."

Linda gave a loud sigh "Listen, this isn't going to fix itself and we're already on the topic of this so we should at the very least help with the situation!"

"I'm in" Daegan ventured

"You have my Axe!" Andrew shouted

Safi began "Where do we start though?"

Leon raised his hand "Near the abandoned train yard, I've heard people say there is some weird stuff going on there." Leon then grabbed his phone "Although we may want to be sneaky about it, there are people patrolling around"

"So? When are we doin this?" Linda asked

Katrina rapidly sat up "We should go in the weekend, it's not far from today."

Daegan gave a thumbs up "That seems like a good time."

Andrew nodded "We'll be ready!"


Sylvia adjusted her outfit, having some trouble on her chest region but nothing she couldn't handle

Katrina stared at her friend "I like your outfit, Sylvia!"

"Me too Katrina, really like how you combined blue and green." Sylvia answered as she put on ear rings on her long ears. "Through I really feel weird about your pony tail. I really feel that you should let your hair loose."

The door to the dorm knocked "Girls? Are you almost done?" Daegan asked from the other side

"Hold on Daegan!" Sylvia shouted "You think Daegan likes me?"

Katrina raised her eyebrow and puffed her cheeks in thought "You know, I kinda think he does…but I'm not sure. Also why do you have six ear rings?"

"I have long ears and I want look exotic." Sylvia placed her final ear ring on her right ear "Alright, let's not keep the boys waiting"

(Train yard, 37 minutes later)

Atom laid down on a train aiming down Atomizer's sights with his half mask.

"Do you see anything Atom?" Linda asked

"Barely, I can't see much by aiming down sights." Atom said "I do see some three silhouettes walking around"

Daegan kneeled down and overlooked where Atom was looking at "Well, Andrew and the rest of your team are in their position?"

Linda nodded "Yep, they're in position."

Katrina ducked behind a box with Andrew and the rest of Team Volk "You guys think this'll be easy?"

"I'm pretty sure if we coordinate, this'll be easy." Leon answered

Safi though about Foofy "Did I leave enough food for Foofy?"

Andrew turned to his blue friend "Floofers can survive days without food, he'll be fine"

Safi nodded, but not removing Foofy from her thoughts

Katrina looked over her cover and saw Linda on her position. Waiting on an opportunity to attack, the group suddenly noticed a train arriving. "I thought this place was abandoned"

Leon leaned around the corner "It is." and grabbed his Kusarigama.

Linda and the rest of her group took cover behind a container and surveyed the area, people were walking down the train's cargo containers with stolen items. "You guys hear about what happened to Fel and his group?"

"Yep, poor bastards." One of them told "people said it was a teenager that got em."

"It was probably a guardian."

Linda leaned back down "We have to find a way to surpri-"

Atom suddenly lifted himself from his cover "SURPRISE MOTHERFU-" he fired into a neos filled box, causing an explosion.

"Are you serious Atom?!" Linda shouted

"Move!" Atom jumped over the box and continued firing

Atom ran into the fray and hit an icebreaker with the butt of his rifle, quickly flipping his rifle, he fired at a group of icebreakers. Atom quickly ducked under a bat and retaliated by firing his rifle into his chest, incasing him in ice, due to his ice neos bullets. Atom received a fist to the face and responded with a bayonet slash to the face.

Linda quickly ran up a ramp and dropped kicked an icebreaker in the head, she swiftly jumped to her feet and gave a round house kick to another icebreaker in the face. She unleashed her blades from 'Stalagmite' and slashed an icebreaker and followed by firing 'Hailstorm' into a group.

Safi slid under an icebreaker and dragged his legs with her sickles. She stood back up and kicked the icebreaker in the head. She quickly redirected a knife with her sickles and slashed him with her sickles. She ran to a box and jumped off it, kicking an icebreaker in the face.

Leon hit an icebreaker with his kusarigama and spun to hit another icebreaker with his weapon, he ducked under a metal plated bat and sheathed his kusarigama. He clenched his fist and hit the icebreaker in the stomach, followed by a punch to the face, knocking him out.

Katrina ran through the battlefield, firing 'Atomic' and 'Hailstorm' she slid under an icebreaker and fired at his back. She spun up to her feet and jumped over a box and into cover, quickly reloading her SMG's. Katrina leaned from her cover and saw an icebreaker with a LMG "There's one with an LMG!"

Andrew suddenly came in and slashed the icebreaker with his axe, the icebreaker retaliated with firing his weapon, Andrew's armor deflected the bullets, the knight spun and batted the icebreaker away.

Sylvia walked on top of a train, firing her pistol down to the field, the elf girl ducked, narrowly avoiding a bullet, she then blew her hair from her face. "Geez." Sylvia stood back up and continued firing. She shot an Icebreaker behind Daegan, the small knight gave a thumbs up and a wink. She noticed the icebreakers running to a truck, they were retreating.

Atom slowly stood from his cover, seeing the icebreakers run "Well…Is this what we wanted Linda?"

Linda jumped into a train container and gave a surprised expression "Guys, get over here…"

The group walked next to Linda and saw various schematics "What is this?"

Daegan saw a Light of Thanatos uniform and gave a sigh "Light of Thanatos isn't a pacifist group anymore…"

Katrina spoke "So they've gone to terrorism?"

Leon noticed a rifle with their colors "Yes…they have."

"Ehem." Atom said, the group turned to him, he was holding a letter "Dear Francis, just wanna say that we're ready for the thing you said and I would just want to say that what you guys are sayin is weird but kinda legit. I mean, why would Magnus just kill a being that he didn't even know? Anyway, wanted to say that we're ready and that Bria is pretty hot."

Daegan grabbed the note from Atom "Does it say when?"

"Nope, it don't say." Atom said "So what we doing now?"

"We're going out and investigate." Linda said "We're going to scout out the town."