Substituting At a Ridiculous School

By Shadowgate

It was 7:45 AM and a substitute teacher Mrs. Grin just entered Boomer Joe Elementary School and she met with Mrs. Gild and Mr. Cook. She also met with Principal Powers whom she once dated in high school.

She went to Mister Gregory's first grade classroom which she would be substituting for the day.

"Alright class my name is Mrs. Grin and I'll be the substitute for the day because Mister Gregory is out for the week."

A student stood up and said "he was eaten by an alligator."

Another student said "you're so stupid Dennis."

Dennis replied "you're ugly Rebecca."

Mrs. Grin told both of them to settle down.

"Now class I'm going to take attendance."

Mrs. Grin called out the following names: Marshall Colt, Lester Jones, Dennis Dungeon, Andrew Symphony, Mary Carter, James Dexter, Tommy Madhouse, and his twin sister Rebecca Madhouse.

All the students replied "here."

Mrs. Grin said "alright class today we're going to read the first 10 pages in our English Books."

Tommy stood up and said "and today I'm going to beat up Dennis on the playground because he called my twin sister ugly so he must be calling me ugly."

Mrs. Grin said "excuse me young man you do not speak without raising your hand and you do not threaten to beat anyone up on the playground do you understand me?"

Tommy replied "yes Mrs. Grin."

Mrs. Grin went on to say "if I have to speak to you or Dennis once more today you will go to the principal's office. Now everyone focus on your books."

Mrs. Grin had Marshall read out loud the first five pages.

Then she had Mary read the next five pages.

Right after Mary got done reading Dennis farted.

Everyone laughed and some said "yuck" and Mrs. Grin sent him to the office.

30 minutes later.

Principal Powers got on the intercom and said "attention teachers and students today we have a substitute teacher in our school who has decided to disrupt my day by sending a student to my office for farting. That rotten substitute's name is Mrs. Grin and now I'm going to fart in the intercom to ruin her day."

2 seconds later a loud fart is heard. All the kids from Kindergarten through fifth grade laughed so loud. Mrs. Grin was infuriated.