Riku vs King Huu, Rickshaw of Death!

Riku stared at the cannon with its barrel pointed to the middle of his body.

King Huu laughed, covering his mouth with his chubby hand. "I guess this is goodbye." He reached for the cord located at the back of the cannon.

"Wait," Riku held out a hand. "Your people are still here." He looked at the unconscious Jinko and Ninko.

"Oh those two," King Huu said dismissively. "They have failed me awfully and for that, I condemn them to death."

Riku's eyes widened as Huu pulled the cord with no hesitation. He heard humming before a silver sheen appear in front of him as wooden cannonball slammed into the sheen, violently sending ripples of energy across the protective surface before bouncing off of it while the silver sheen disappeared.

Riku looked behind him where Kai was knocked onto his back after having manifested the forcefield that had protected Riku from the wooden cannonball.

"That did not feel good," Kai said, his arms splayed out as he gazed at the sky.

Riku nodded his thanks before he dashed to the side and away from his brother and Jinko and Ninko.

King Huu dropped another wooden cannonball into his small cannon before turning it onto Riku who zipped around.

"Stand still, swine!" Huu shouted as he tried to aim his cannon. "As king, I command you to let me kill you!" King Huu pulled the cord trigger.

Riku leapt out of the way as the ground beside him exploded when the cannon smashed into it. Riku dashed for Huu as he fished for another cannonball to reload his weapon. Riku held his sword by his side as he neared King Huu who would not reload and aim his cannon in time before the young swordsman reached him.

"12 Noble Samurai Form: Piercing End!" Riku neared Huu, his thrusting blade questing to enter the man's fleshy body.

Huu pressed a stud on his rickshaw and one of the handles wildly swung out, hitting Riku square in the gut and stopping his sword's point millimetres away from his body. Riku was sent hurtling away before hitting the ground, tumbling back because of the momentum.

He hardly had time to process the pain when Huu pointed the cannon at him. He tried jumping out of the way but the explosion buffeted him back into a wall before he fell back onto the ground. He slowly rose from the ground, using the sword he had stabbed into the ground as a crutch, as a film of blood made its way from the corner of his mouth.

"You're still alive?" King Huu placed another cannonball into the cannon. "How disobedient of you."

Riku got to his feet and held his blade out as Huu aimed his cannon at him. Then, he charged forward…


Shinji and Yuki ran across the town. Shinji was pulling a wagon with the tower cake, which leaned over dangerously as they ran. Shinji looked back worryingly at the cake but spotted something else beyond it.

"Uh oh, looks like law enforcers are onto us."

Yuki looked back. "Oh great, and they look real nimble too."

"Can't you use Swirlport to get us out of here?"

"With the cake?" Yuki hefted a thumb to the cake trailing behind them. "It wouldn't survive the journey."

"Leg work it is," Shinji said as he sprinted forward.


Zev gazed at the medallion in his fist, admiring the golden ring surrounding the blue crystal.

"I need to leave," he said to himself. "I'm not ready to fight again." He grabbed his still sore ribs and focused on the stinging pain of the multiple clotted lacerations on his body. "I have to heal first."

At that moment Shinji and Yuki sped past him, threatening to bowl him over. He was about to shout out a curse until he saw the law enforcement until of the town running after them. Yuki stopped and thrust her hands towards the pursuing small group. A focused gust of wind shot from her to them, knocking them over before she and her husband resumed running away again.

"That is impressive," Zev said before running after them.


"Kai, what are you doing?" Hazumi said as he floated to Kai.

"Watching Riku fight," Kai said.

"Why aren't you helping him?"

"It's my birthday," Kai said in a matter-fo-fact tone.

"That is no excuse," Hazumi said disgustingly as he looked at his brother in the battlefield.

Huu aimed for Riku, who was closing the distance between them quickly. He pulled the cord, sending the wooden cannonball blasting out. Riku leapt up a moment before the cannoball hit the ground beneath him. Riding the vibrations caused by the explosion, he flew higher up than normal before angling down towards Huu, with his sword dangerously drawn back.

Huu pressed a button and one of the handles of the rickshaw swung out again, heading for Riku, while he reloaded his cannon.

"12 Noble Samurai Form," Riku chanted as he got closer to Huu and the handle, "Shooting Star Slash!" Riku swung his sword out, making the blade collide with the handle. There was a struggle between handle and blade but ultimately the steel of Riku's sword won the day, albeit gaining a few cracks, and cut through the handle.

Riku continued his momentum forward, tackling Huu back and off his rickshaw throne. Riku landed behind the cannon. He made the cannon face down on the rickshaw before standing on its back.

Huu's eyes widened. "What are you going to do?"

Riku grasped the cord.

"No!" Huu said as he grabbed a pink bag at the side of the rickshaw and rolling away as Riku pulled the cord. The cannon went off, destroying the rickshaw and itself, sending Riku airborne before he landed a little away from the blast sight.

"Yes!" Kai pumped his fist happily. "Without that rickshaw, Huu is useless. Riku should easily take him out now."

Riku got to his feet as he watched Huu crawl towards his damaged keg. The metal keg was heavily dented and scratched but like the two combatants still alright. Riku made his way closer Huu. The bag the big man had liberated was around his shoulder.

The Cake King reached the keg and kissed it. He felt a presence behind him and turned to see Riku walking closer to him. "No… please," King Huu said, waving his hands passively. "Don't do this. I AM YOUR KING!"

Riku raised his sword slowly but was shocked when Huu grabbed his hand. King Huu rose from the ground with a dark look shrouding his usually cheerful face. He fell forward before completely rolling over Riku. When Huu got up off Riku, the swordsman's eyes were swirling dizzyingly in his skull.

Both Kai and Hazumi's mouths gaped open at the sight before them. Riku had been defeated.

"I guess it's up to us now." Hazumi said.