Khoroc Town

His eyes slowly opened to be greeted by the sunlight, streaming into his room. he sat up, taking in the place around him. He was back home.

"Shimaru, you're awake." A feminine voice, sounding a mixture of relieved and concerned said.

"Elizabeth," he said at the young woman sitting in the corner.

She got up, her golden hair shimmering in the shafts of sunlight that streamed in. "I'm so happy you're alright!" She hugged him, her green gem pendent digging into his naked chest.

He smiled and patted his back. The smile quickly turned into a frown as he pushed her away so that he could look into her azure eyes. "Lebo and Fatima?"

"Lebo is okay but Fatima…" she looked away, her eyes shining in tears.

He clenched his fists and ground his teeth. "They will pay for this."

"Shimaru, has this not cost us to much already?" she said, her voice cracking.

"No." He looked at her downcast face. Softening his own, he lifted her head up gently by her chin. "Don't worry," his face had softened with a confident smile, "this time I'll use my best weapon."

"Your-Your best weapon?"

"Yes," he said, his smiled growing ever more dazzling. "Money."

Riku blocked a sword with his own. He slashed at his attacker who alos blocked. Two more men flancked his side but were quickly put down by a disembodied silver fist and black claws raking through one of their necks. Zev savoured the look of pain in the man he dispatched as he choked on his blood. Riku dispatched his opponent, slicing his leg and kicking him unconsciouss.

Hazumi frowned at the dognoids ferocity, as he and Riku did not kill their opponents.

Zev laughed, "Do you people ever rest after a fight?"

Riku frowned at the dognoid, "No."

A tornadoe swpet up the bodies at their feet before depositing them back to the ship from whence they came.

"Shinji," Yuki said as she controlled the torndoes around her, "Would you hurry up and get rid of these guys. I'm growing annoyed with beating trash like them up all day!"

"Sorry honey!" Shinji shouted from the helm. "Just tryna line up the ship."

A line of enemies had gathered at the railings of the other ships. They all had their swords and knives drawn as their leader, a man with a few missing front teeth, pointed his blade at the Dream Glider. "O'right second wave, ready yerselves to board and kill these guys."

"AYE!" the men behind him shouted, raising their swords.

"Na, jump!" He said as he leapt across the space between the two sky ships, heading for the Dream Glider.

"Triple Air Torpedo!" Yuki released three wide arrows of air that buffeted the still airbourne men back and onto their ship, causing the rest to fall like dominoes as soon as they landed. "Troublesome trash." She said, dusting her hands off.

Shinji, up at the helm, smirked. "Got it!" He grabbed the intercom and shouted, "Shuji, do it! Fire cannons!"

"Firing cannons!" Shuji said before pulling the cord of the cannon poking from the side of the ship.

The cannonball smashed through the other ship, causing a large chunk of it to crumble and killing its engines. The Dream Glider pulled ahead, leaving the other ship behind.

Moments later, Kai and Winona walked out from the lower deck.

"Awe man!" Kai said, his cheeks puffed out angrily. "That sounded like a great battle and I missed it!"

"I wish I missed it," Hazumi said, looking exhausted.

Shuji walked out of the lower deck moments later too. He had a map in is hands.

Winona looked at him and approached his side. He had become comfortable with him because of all those times she had spent with him and Touta back at the Onion Castle.

"Shuji, does your family get attacked this often?"

Shuji pushed his glasses up his nose before shaking his head. "This is unnatural, even for us."

"Hey, keep your distance you seducer!" Yuki leapt between Winona and Shuji, shoving her to the floor with a wind powered push.

"Mother, that was excessive!" Shuji scolded.

"What no." Yuki shook her head. "We all saw what she was trying to do, right?"

Everyone looked at her in confused silence.

"Well, I saw what she was trying to do." Yuki said. "I saw what happened and that's what matters."

"Yeah, Ah saw what happened too." Shinji said while making his way onto the deck via the stairs.

"Aha! I knew my darling husband would not let me down." Yuki placed her fists on her hips and smiled cockily. "Tell them what happened, Shinji-hon!"

Shinji nodded with determination. "Yeah, I saw. Yuki-hon overreacted!"

Yuki's shoulders sagged as she looked at Shinji.

Shinji's proud smile faded. "What? Oh! We're not telling the truth!" Shinji slapped his forehead. "Idiot!"

"Shinji!" Yuki said chasing her husband around the deck. "The truth is that I'm right and I don't overreact!"

"Okay, you don't overreact!" Shinji said while dodging and Air Torpedo that could've blasted him overboard and to his death on the ground below.

"It's okay, I'm okay." Winona said getting up, trying to stop the quarrelling.

"No one asked," Yuki said under her breath as she and Shinji stopped. "And anyways, when did the Otakes open up a petting zoo? I mean, I can understand why we took in this flee ridden stray," Yuki said gesturing to the dognoid.

Zev frowned in annoyance and at the name.

"…but why," Yuki continued, hefting a thumb at Winona, "do we have to deal with Ms Featherbrain?"

"Uhm… well…" Winona rubbed her arm self-consciously.

"Why are you here, Birdnoid?" Yuki came closer to Winona's face, the red head's features shrouded in an intimidating darkness. "Are you here to seduce one of my sons away? Admit it!"

"No, I…"

"I knew it!" Yuki said. "You'll have to walk the plank! Shinji, make her walk the plank!"

"Alright hon, just give me a few days to make a plank." Shinji said carrying a hammer, a saw and a plank in his hands.

"But Winona is an eaglenoid,' Kai reasoned. "She'll just fly away as soon as she gets to the end of the plank."

"Kai," Hazumi said floating closer to his brother, "don't participate in this madness."

"She's my guest."

Everyone stopped and looked at Zev as he nonchalantly cleaned his claws of the blood on them on his shirt.

"That makes her stay okay, right?" he said. "I mean, you did mention that I could not have a guest."

"What… But… I…" Yuki sputtered.

"That shall suffice," Shuji said. "Not that we would kick Winona out even if she was not Zev's guest. She is a friend after all, mother."

"Whose friend?" Yuki folded her arms. "She's not my friend."

"Anyways,' Shuji said unfolding the map. "The past few attacks and the big battle we had with Shimaru has taken a toll on the Dream Glider. We need to dock and carry out some repairs before the ship falls apart while in the air."

"Yeah," Shinji agreed, "and we need a place to hide out from these people. Ah mean, this is the third time we've been attacked this week."

Shuji nodded at this, "Yes and for some reason, they are not opportunistic attacks. They seem to be aiming for us specifically."

"Do we have any place to go?" Yuki said.

"Yes," Shuji pointed at a spot on a map. "Khoroc Town."