A Visit from Wrath

Through great grumbling and gentle nudges from Natsu, Go-At-Zin made his way to the mayor and his companions.

"Mayor Kippie," Go-At-Zin greeted as he approached.

"Captain Go-At-Zin and uh…"

"Sergeant Natsu Li, Sir" Natsu said resisting her natural movements from saluting.

"Yes, yes, this is Shinji Otake and his wife, Yuki Otake." The mayor gestured to the pair.

"Ah see your wearing GAP uniforms, so Ah'm guessing you're not part of the city guard." Shinji said.

"Yes," Natsu answered politely.

"You have a different way of talking, Shinji Otake," Go-At-Zin said, narrowing his eyes.

"How rude!" Yuki said.

Go-At-Zin did not even give the annoyed Yuki a glance.

"I'm sorry," Natsu said on his behalf.

"There's no need!" Shinji waved everyone's concern away. "Ah speak this way because Ah'm not from this Territory."

"Really?" Go-At-Zin raised a brown eyebrow sceptically.

"Yo, Kippie!" Shinji said to the mayor which caused everyone to cringe at how casual he was. "Why would you allow GAP to come into your city? Soon they'll be taking over everything."

"Tch, clearly you don't know about GAP, mister." Natsu failed to keep her composure at hearing what Shinji said. "GAP doesn't take over any Territory. When we enter a Territory, whatever ruling force that is present remains so, whether it is a monarchy or a democratic government like the one in Balsc City. We're simply a policing force meant to maintain peace, inforce justice and protect the people. We don't interfere in politics."

"That's all very good… in theory," Yuki said, "but during our travels, my husband and I have seen GAP doing something different."

"Hmf, our members may stray but not for long and not without punishment," Natsu said. "We have internal…"

"Quiet Natsu." Go-At-Zin said sternly. "No need to tell everyone how GAP handles its internal affairs."

"Other than you and the government of course!" Natsu quickly told the mayor, who had raised an eyebrow at that comment.


The night eventually winded down to its end. People began slowly filing out of the mansion as the music switching to a lower, calmer tempo. The Kippies stood at the door of their home, giving salutations to all who had attended. While making their farewells to the Otakes, Janice and Shuji stood a little away from the rest of the group to speak among themselves.

"I really had a good time, Shuji." Janice smiled at Shuji as her parents were wishing hers good bye.

"Yes, me too."

"I guess we'll see each other again when our families meet for lunch the day after tomorrow."

"Okay," Shuji said.

Janice looked around and when she was sure their parents could not see her, she gave him a kiss on the cheek, which made him blush.

Their parents came closer to them.

"You have a wonderful family and a kind and polite daughter." Yuki said smiling at Janice.

"Thank you, Mrs Otake." Janice smiled back.

"Alright, we'll see you later."

"Ha ha ha, bye!" Shinji waved as the Otakes walked away. The rain had stopped, allowing them to peacefully walk out on the puddle ridden streets.

"Truly an interesting family," mayor Kippie said.

"Yes, but the husband though." Mrs Kippie said.


In due time, all the guests had gone, leaving the staff to clean up. Kita kept looking nervously at the window as he tidied up.

Kita made his way through the servant hallways, navigating the passages, he made his way to a door leading to the outside. He opened the door where he found Wrath waiting patiently for him.

"The coast is clear," Kita said, beckoning him in.

Wrath walked in, hands in pockets and head looking around. "Get me to the upper floors," he said.

Kita nodded before he led Wrath through the mansion. With most servants gone for the night, most of the lights were now off, leaving the numerous corridors and rooms in the dark. They sometimes had to avoid corridors with guards randomly patrolling them.

"So… Wrath right, may I ask you something?" Kita whispered to the man in the white tuxedo, trailing behind him. "What exactly are you going to steal in the mansion?"

"Not that it is any of your concern but I am not here to steal anything," Wrath said.

"What? But… why are you here then?"

"I'm not here for an object, I'm here for a person."

"A person…?" Kita's eyes widened with suspicion. "Wait… you can't mean… the mayor?"

Kita looked at Wrath and a flicker of a smile crossed his lips only for an instant.

"N-N-No." Kita stopped walking and stared back at Wrath. "Doing anything to the mayor in this city is paramount to treason and punishable by death!"

"Really?" Wrath did not look concerned.

"R-Really? Is that all you have to say?" Kita could not believe it. "When I said I'd help you, I thought it was to steal something but this…? I can't be involved!"

"Your involvement is minimal," Wrath said nonchalantly. "And besides if you quit on me now, it will be the last thing you ever do. Then when I'm done with you, I'll make my own way to the mayor, it will take me a lot longer and a little bloodier than planned but make no mistake I will reach him and you would've died for nothing."

Kita gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. He analysed the man in front of him, determining if he could take him on. Wrath still had his hands in his pockets. He looked at his white tuxedo pants and jacket with a black shirt and a white bow tie peeking out from the V of his jacket.

He wears fine clothes; his hands are in his pockets making him open for attack, Kita reasoned. He's had an easy life.

Kita was not arrogant enough to think that his life was the toughest but he had had his fair share of struggles, whether on his journey through Territories, or in the streets of the city, in service of one gang or another. He was sure his experience would be more than enough to take the man in front of him on. Kita looked at Wrath in the eye.

Those eyes… Kita thought.

Kita had survived a handful of vicious and violent battles and he had seen different types of eyes, eyes filled with rage, bloodlust or fear but Wrath's eyes had neither of these. They had a chilling calmness to them, as if Wrath had no doubt of his words, as if making and following through on death threats was like taking a breath of air for him. Kita involuntarily gulped, his fists unclenched and arms relaxing limply at his side. Wrath's eyes had robbed him of his confidence and showed him the truth, there was no way he could win against him.

They both heard footsteps and the hushed voices of approaching guards.

Kita began feeling hopeful. Sure, Wrath may believe that he could take him on but he doubted that he could take him and a few well trained city guards by himself. But Kita knew that the price for a battle initiated this way would be steep. As of now, it did not matter what Kita did, he was too deep and if he got caught assisting him, he knew his punishment would be severe. He may escape the death sentence but he would spend a large chunk of his life incarcerated… and that was assuming Wrath or the Crossgang did not kill him first. He was now weighing whether stopping Wrath was worth it.

He looked at Wrath, who remained calm. He did not urge Kita to do anything even as the footsteps of the guards neared. He just calmly stared, waiting to see what Kita would do as the voices drew even closer and their light source was becoming more visible around the corner into the corridor they were standing in.

The footsteps and voices stopped and the light was directed down the corridor, illuminating the passageway and everything standing in it with its white embrace. The guard's eyes swept across the empty corridor, seeing nothing but exotic vases and paintings hanging on walls.

"See something?" The one guard asked the one with the torch.

"Nah, there's nothing," he said before they both moved on.

Kita was breathing heavily in his hiding place behind a giant vase, next to him was Wrath as calm as ever.

Wrath turned to him. "Now, " he said, "let's continue."


Mayor Kippie felt sleep slowly take over his mind. The rain, soothingly pelting on the window, made for a good lullaby as his drowsiness became ever more intense.

There was a flash of lightning, sending bright white light cascading into the room. Mayor Kippie sat up with a start, stirring his wife from her gentle snoring sleep.

"What's wrong?" She said in a panic.

Mayor Kippie had first seen it during the flash of lightning but now, even with the room plunged back into darkness, he could still identify the outline of a man in white, standing at the foot of his bed.

"Please, don't get out of bed on my account." The man said.

"Who… Who are you?" Kippie looked at the man with wide eyes, his feathers bristling in fear.

"For now," Wrath produced a short, plastic cane which he bent, causing the stick to glow green "who I am does not matter." Wrath threw the glowstick onto the bed, allowing the green light to surround him and the Kippies. "What does matter, however, is what I want and what will happen… to you, if I don't get it."

"W-What's going on?" Mrs Kippie said.

"C-Calm down. Everything will be alright." Mayor Kippie patted her hand. Kippie glanced quickly to the side before returning his eyes to the threat before them.

"I decide if everything will be alright, Mayor Kippie." Wrath continued. "And it will be, if you cooperate."

"What do you want?"

"It's simple really. Your planned alliance with GAP…"

"What about it?" Mayor Kippie said when the man paused.

"I want you to end it," Wrath said.

"You want us to stop the alliance? W-Why?" Kippie glanced to the side again.

"To put it simply, Balsc City is a corner stone in Korrean Territory." Wrath began. "If GAP gets a foothold here then they will spread out into the rest of the Territory."

"Isn't that a good thing?"

"That is… arguable. But that does not change the fact that I want you to stop it and if you don't, well, you don't want to find out."

Kippie looked to the side quickly.

"What do you keep looking at," Wrath said. He looked around and all he saw was a bell, sitting at the table beside the bed. Wrath smiled, making him look eerie in the green light. "Is that meant to call for help? I think for you to take my threat seriously, I should give you a little demonstration of my skills."

Wrath took off his tuxedo jacket and draped it on a chair at the corner of the room. Without the white jacket, the Kippies could see the buckle vest around his torso, which was previously hidden by his jacket could now be seen. On one strap of the vest, there was a holster with a semi-automatic gun, and on the other, was a sheath with a si slotted in it.

Wrath stretched bent his neck from side to side, causing a pop. "Go ahead."

"What?" Kippei looked on him with confusion.

"Call your help," Wrath said. "Ring the bell."

Kippie looked hesitantly between Wrath and the bell. He reached out and slammed the bell multiple times. A section of the wall immediately slid to the side and Wrath's usually calm face had a flicker of surprise in it.

Three men in City guard armour with spears came out. They quickly analysed the situation, one stepping in front of the bed and the Kippies protectively while the other two attacked Eri.

The fore guard pulled his arm with the spear back and jumped up before throwing his spear. "Javelin Throw!"

The spear point came speeding at Wrath's face and he leaned to the side allowing the javelin to pass his face by a few inches before it embedded itself in the ground behind him.

My Javelin Throw failed from this distance?! The guard looked at Wrath in bewilderment as he landed in front of him.

Wrath kicked the man away, sending him crashing into a shelf at the other end of the room. He quickly faced the other oncoming guard.

Wrath grabbed the shaft of the spear stabbing the ground behind him and pulled it free. He swatted the other guard's spear aside with a kick and sent his own spear point into the man's face. There was the sound of gurgling before the guard fell back, the spear sticking straight out of his face.

"No!" The guard in front of the Kippies bed screamed in horror at seeing his comrade's still trembling body succumbing to death. He glared at Wrath before charging with all his might and anger.

The guard thrust the point of the spear at Wrath's chest. Wrath brought his knee up, diverting the point of the spear away from his heart and to where his face would have been if he had not leaned back. His foot flicked out, catching the man under the chin with the front of his fine leather shoes. The guard's head whipping back exposing his neck to his opponent, taking advantage of this Wrath curled his fingers back, causing his second knuckles to protrude.

"Leopard's Strike!" Wrath thrust his knuckles into the neck of the other guard. There was a crack that vibrated from the man's broken throat into his hand before the guard fell back onto the Kippies' bed and bodies, where he suffocated from a collapsed throat.

The final guard left returned to his feet and charged at Wrath from the side with an angry cry. He threw his body in an attempt to tackle Wrath but the man leapt back, and his body sped past him. The guard recovered and held his hands up in a boxing stance.

The guard threw a few combo of punches that Wrath was able to dodge by weaving his head out of the was. Wrath delivered a kick to his midsection and completed with another one to the his chest, sending him stumbling back onto the bedroom bed and his dying colleague.

The guard gritted his teeth angrily, looking around for a weapon, both spears were behind or next to Wrath. The only available spear was the one sticking out of the face of his other already dead comrade. He grimaced in disgust as he pulled the spear from the body's face.

"You will pay for what you've done today!" The guard charged at Wrath, his mouth foaming angrily.

Wrath withdrew his si and also charged at the man.

"Five Point Kill!" The guard thrust his spear for Wrath's neck.

In an instant, Wrath was no longer in front of him but was now behind him facing away from him and at the Kippies who were trapped under the body of the guard who had finally succumbed to his injuries. There was a moment of stillness where no one moved before the last standing guard's neck exploded into a spray of blood before he fell forward.

"Hmpf, how disappointing." Wrath pulled a sliver silk kerchief and used it to wipe the blood on his si. "It was not even worth me taking off my jacket."

There were sounds of guards coming, who were aroused by the noise.

"Remember, this is just a warning." Wrath twirled his clean si before he sheathed it in its place. He walked to his jacket. "Tomorrow, you'll be making a speech to the city to inform them the specifics of your partnership but you will not be doing that, instead you will be pulling Blasc City out of the alliance." Wrath put on his white jacket as the footsteps of the guards became louder. "And if you don't, I will kill someone close to you. I heard you have a lovely daughter."

With that, Wrath ran for the window as the guards barged in. He crashed through the glass to disappeared below. One of newly arrived guards ran to the window and looked below, there was nothing but smashed glass on wet grass.

Wrath had landed on the level below, by swinging and kicking the window in. He quickly made his way out where he met Kita after dodging a few more guards.

With Kita's assistance, they were both able to escape the mansion without any detection.