Author's Note: Hello everyone! Long time no see! I've been a bit busy lately, and I haven't had any time to write and edit original stories for you all! That being said, I actually wrote this months and months ago, and never really edited it or posted it. The short answer of why is no time, and I didn't think that anyone really want to read it at the time. However, I haven't posted anything in a really long time, so I figured I'd edit this one and post it, and see if you all liked it! A few things I want to clarify; a) The universe portrayed in this story isn't the same universe as 'Tea?', my other story, and b) The descriptions of the doctor, and the human especially, are intentionally very vague to allow people to imagine their own interpretation of the characters. Feel free to tell me how you imagine them, I'm genuinely curious!

Anyway, this author's note has gone on way too long, so please, enjoy the story!

"Alright 5865, up please."


"Now, 5865!"

"Alright alright, geez. I'm lazy, gimme a break."

The prisoner slowly stood up, making sure to take their sweet time. An annoyed look passed over the doctor's face before once again returning to it's normal, emotionless look. He decided not to say anything, not wanting to encourage the human to say anything either. The prisoner smirked, glad to see he wasn't losing his annoying factor from not being around people.

He managed to take a full ten minutes to get to the cell door. That was almost a new record.

"5865-" The doctor said sharply, before stopping, mentally reminding himself to not engage him.

The human would normally poked some fun at him, something along the lines of, 'Aw, all those arms and you forgot what you were going to say?' At this moment though, the human only had one thing on his mind.

"So, where are we going tonight?" He asked, somehow with some kind of bored excitement in his voice.

The doctor was almost impressed he asked, but that feeling lead into slight unease. Why would he ask….?

"To the park, to look at some people," He replied carefully, wondering if the prisoner had some sort of plan. He quickly grabbed the human's arm with one of his arms and briskly started walking through the dull gray hallways. If the human was going to destroy something, he sure as hell wasn't going to do it here.

The human looked slightly amused by the stiffness of his supervisor. "Whatever you say, boss."

The doctor muttered something under his breath about how the prisoner was lucky he was the only human they could use. The human almost laughed. Annoying the crap out of this creature was the second most fun he could have.

The first was looking at when the creature would die.


Four years, nine months, twenty seven days, sixteen hours, forty three minutes, twenty one seconds...twenty seconds...nineteen seconds…

"PRISONER 5865!"

The human snapped out of his thoughts. "Huh?"

"Ahem, get into the car please." The doctor tried to regain his composure.

"Oh. You got it, boss." The human grinned in a way that made the usually stoic doctor want to wring his neck as they both got into the car.

They had been driving for 20 minutes when the human noticed something wrong. The clock above the doctor's head had changed.


Thirteen minutes, forty two seconds.

Surely that couldn't be right. Just a few minutes ago it had said 4 years! Maybe his ability was mistaken. But it had never been before…

The human wondered what would kill him in the next thirteen minutes.

Obviously, anything strong enough to kill the doctor was strong enough to kill him too. He didn't mind dying, it was all he wanted to do for the first few years after he was captured. It would be nice to know what he was going to die from, though. What could be strong enough to kill this four armed, almost emotionless, mutant-like creature….?

"Any loved ones?" The human heard himself ask. The doctor had never mentioned any, not that they talked much, apart from when the doc took him out to do something. If he had any...

The doctor looked from the window to the prisoner, unable to contain his surprise and slight confusion. "Yes….why?" He instantly regretted saying yes, he didn't know what this human wanted to do with this information.

The human shrugged. "No reason." He didn't know what to feel. On one hand, this was a creature that probably deserved to die. If you asked any human still alive, they'd tell you this creature's entire race did. His death would probably be a favor to the world. On the other hand…

Was it really this creature's fault?

Sure, his race had done terrible things to this planet, and he had done his fair share of terrible things as well, but…

Had humans really done much better when they were in control?

The human glanced at the clock.


He-, no, they were running out of time. The doctor still looked suspicious.

The human had never used this ability to save anyone, but then again he had never come in contact with many people. Once they discovered his ability, it was isolation all the way, only letting him go out with supervision once every two weeks.

He never really used it for anything. He wanted to hit something, but the doctor already looked on edge, do something sudden and he might get tazed or hit or something.



They were on a road….

At night….

He wanted to ask the doctor about how much of an impact it would take to kill a member of his species, but held off. It that didn't set the alarm bells off, he didn't know what would.


That's when he made a choice. A stupid, idiotic, completely foolish choice that might benefit someone, and certainly not him in anyway.

A choice he thought described the human race pretty well, actually.


Hell, was the clock speeding up?

"Hey, what's that, coming up?" The human pointed out the window on the doctor's side.

The doctor was reading a book, and rolled his eyes. The human was obviously messing with him, like every other day. Why? He had no idea. He decided to humor him. "What?" He looked out the window.

The human took a deep breath and, before the doctor could process or do anything about it, quickly reached over, unlocked and opened the door, and pushed the doctor out of it.

The former prisoner looked not at the shocked face of the doctor, but at his clock. He saw exactly what he expected to see.


Four years, nine months, twenty seven days, sixteen hours, ten minutes, thirty nine seconds...thirty eight seconds...thirty seven seconds...thirty six seconds…

There was a loud noise, a bright flash, and then everything went black.