Primal Brian

Chapter 1

By Shadowgate

The following story is based on The Hatchet.


Brian Hedge is 13 years old. This summer was one he had mixed feelings about. He was happy that the school year was over because it had been the worst school year of his life. A rotten thug bullied him, he fought back and got suspended. His two closest friends he had classes with both had to move away. Furthermore at the beginning of the school year his parents got divorced.

He lived in Rockbridge Virginia. His mom Penny moved back to Denver six weeks after the divorce. She was born and raised in Denver so after being unable to stand the sight of her ex-husband she moved back there. That was the reason Brian didn't look forward to the summer, his mom had custody of him for the summer so he had to fly across the country.

Brian woke up one morning at 8AM. He showered and went down stairs. It was the last week of June. The next morning would be the morning that he would take off for Denver. His dad Roger had a friend James Garfield who owned his own airplane so he arranged to have him fly into Denver.

After breakfast Brian went on the internet and watched videos of Sesame Street characters cussing. His dad knocked on the door of his room and Brian shut off his video stream.


Brian got no answer and he heard his dad knock on the door again. He hated the fact that he had to get up and open the door for his dad but he did it.

"What is it?"

Roger told Brian "I hope you're all packed and ready to go."

Brian said "oh yes I'm ready as can be."

Roger said "good" and then he went back to his room.

Brian went outside and decided the day would be a good day for running. He wanted to join the school track team but the divorce was so stressful on him that he decided not to take on the extra load.

He was glad he didn't join the track team so he could focus on his school work. Now with school out of the way and the fact that he would have to go to Colorado tomorrow he figured now was a good time to run. He took off.

As he ran he found himself wishing that the trip to see his mother was already over. It wasn't that he hated his mother he just wasn't comfortable with the custody agreement.

The day went by fast and then the next morning came.

At 11 AM Eastern Time he met with James Garfield along with his dad. They spent a short time talking and then James took off with Brian.

During the two hour flight they listened to the Judas Priest Album Painkiller.

At least it was supposed to be a two hour flight but after an hour and a half James said "oh my I hate to say it but I think I'm having a heart attack."

Brian asked "how close are we to the Colorado airport? I may have to take control of this fucking plane!"

James said "I'm going to land right here because I must."

Brian asked "well where exactly is here?"

James said "the woods of southern Colorado."

James suddenly died and the plane started going down. Brian grabbed the wheel and took control as best as he could. When he managed to get the plane going steady he was able to crash land it without hitting any trees. He grabbed his luggage and he kicked open the door while the plane was still in motion. He jumped out and when he landed on the ground he suffered some cuts and bruises.

The plane kept going and then he watched it crash into a tree and explode.

Brian was now stuck in the middle of the wilderness. He stood up and said "I'M NOT GOING TO DIE OUT HERE!'

Roger got multiple phone calls throughout the day from his ex-wife Penny. At 6PM Eastern time when he got a phone call saying that Brian and James still hadn't arrived and she along with the airport couldn't make contact that's when Roger started to worry.

Brain had already built himself a camp fire using a cigarette lighter that he got from James's bag before jumping.

It was 4PM in Colorado and Brian was lucky enough to find tools that some campers left behind. As night fell he said to himself "I knew this trip wouldn't turn out well."

Brian shook his head. He wasn't disoriented anymore. She could tell he had no broken bones. He felt his chest and his breathing and heartbeat were normal.

Brian managed to make dinner out of fruits and vegetables he found. After dinner he felt depression set in. He knew he was out in the wilderness. Seeing either of his two parents again he believed was not a possibility. He wished he could hear a Blue Oyster Cult song or a Judas Priest song. However he was stuck in the wilderness. He had no technology beyond that of a cave man. Had had luggage with tons of clothes that didn't burn up in the plane crash. He was grateful for that. He wondered what he would do about showering and laundry.

But for now night fall had come and he went to sleep.

When he woke up he saw a big lake with a water fall. He as fortunate enough to have found tea leaves to bathe with. The hot water fall felt good on his back and shoulders. The sun light dried him off.

Then he started to get hungry. He knew he'd have to find fruits and vegetables growing in the woods. There sure as hell was no McDonalds and he had no weapons to kill an animal for meat. Five seconds later he saw animals and thought he'd soon become meat.

He saw that which should not be seen in his time whatsoever. He saw a dinosaur. It was a spinosaurus.

Suddenly he started to cry. He said out loud "I can't run fast enough to survive. Oh and I have no talent or character anyhow. My parents were never going to find me again so it's over for me."

The spinosauraus rose up high and towered above Brian. Brian started to cry. He said "my last hot bath from mother nature felt good I must admit. I'm grateful for the memories of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden."

Brian closed his eyes and waited for what he believed would be an inevitable execution.