Primal Brian

Chapter 2

As it turned out Brian was very Goddamn lucky. The spinosaurus knelt down and was friendly with Brian. He opened his eyes and saw he had a friend in the wilderness. He named him Jaws of Death.

Soon after that he saw three more friends. He saw a carcharodontosaurus and he named him Exterminator.

Then he got the biggest fucking surprise of his life. He saw a T-Rex. He almost pissed his fucking pants. He felt his heart racing.


The T-Rex growled.

Brian said "holy shit could I be his next meal?"

But Brian did not become the next meal of the ferocious beast. The dinosaurs were intrigued by the boy. He named the T-Rex Bunny and the T-Rex knelt down and Brian got on top of him. When the T-Rex gave him a lift he could see for miles. He sang Green Manalishi with the Two Brong Crown and the T-Rex took off.

Brian was having the time of his life.

The boy was happy. After the T-Rex stopped and he slid down the back of the T-Rex Brian soon knew his parents had to be heartbroken. He did the best he could to wolf down the vegetables and clean water he was able to find.

After enjoying his breakfast he thought of a Guns N Roses song My Michelle.

He thought of how the song had to do with hoping and believing.

Soon a helicopter hovered over him. He was rescued. He was checked out at a local hospital and his parents came to claim him. He kept quiet about his prehistoric friends because he knew nobody would fucking believe him.