This uh just a story. I think it's a bit I put the paragraphs like this so it's easier to read. And also just imagine a very angry teenager. Whatever gender you want. That 's all you need to know. So yeah, thanks for reading!


I normally don't do this but you,you just crossed the line.

Okay, so let me tell you something, this is getting out of hand. It's just really frustrating. Do you seriously expect me to do this and that and listen to you like an obedient little dog?!

She's right you know, I'm not an animal. I'm not your pet. You don't seriously expect me to be one do you?

You don't know how frustrating it is okay. You don't know. You haven't been there. You weren't there all alone, not having a single clue on what you should do. You haven't even tried to think how it feels to be in my position, all vulnerable and hopeless.

And yet, you keep telling me to go there. Do you know how stressful it is? No. Did you ever pause to think I am still a kid? No.

So for goodness sake, shut up!

You weren't there and you seriously expect me to follow your every command around like a dog?!

Well, let me tell you something, I ain't giving you the satisfaction of being a ruler.

You were here for only what? 10 months? And you really, you really think you can have it all your way? I'll give you a reminder, you don't own us!

What was the first thing you said when you first stepped into the house? Oh wait, I remember, it was 'this isn't clean'.

Well want to know something? My mom is sick. She's been taking medication for over 2 years. She talks to herself, she forgets, she collapses all of a sudden, she gets angry and she is scared. She's sick because of what you did! Because of the things you did to her. And my little brother, he has a anger problem. And guess who that credit goes to huh?

Heh. You are a really weird person, you know?

Claiming this house is yours. Hilarious! We reduced our own food to build this damn house, to remove all the wretched things your family put into our walls! And you still say this is yours?

Do you get what I'm trying to tell you? Do you get what you've been doing all this time?

You know what? I'm done! Obviously you don't get a single damn thing I tell you. You're this superior being right? We're all inferior. So you know what? I'm done.

You can do whatever the hell you want. You can ruin your own petty, undeserving life. You can even ruin ours too. I mean, that's what you did this whole time right?

Do whatever you want. We'll survive, you won't. Because, I know that someday you will pay for your sins. The bad never gets away. Remember that.

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-Crimson While Stealing

Published: 03/07/16

Originally Written:26/06/16

Written: 03/07/16