It's hard to believe I'm an officer of Grassifornia (Grass-i-for-nia). Names Sam of Kenwardick. Kenwardick is a small farming hamlet. Our independent village swore fealty to Grassifornia. In return they sent soldiers and built an outpost to protect us. I signed up to become a officer now I lead the volunteer forces. It's tough work were farmers not soldiers. Many of my men have simple spears and shield.

Now I was commanded to guard a caravan. The caravan carried weapons to supply the volunteer's and give us a fighting chance. We marched along Drythenhorn (Dry-Then-Horn) road which was the direct route to Kenwardick. A few Rage Leaves were also with us. Rage Leaves are the daughters of Zachary Irongrass.

Some would call them the perfect creations. Flawless beauty and skilled in war and magic. A volunteer fell a Rage Leaf supported him up. This was one heck of a march. It made us tougher though. I gave a short speech to my brothers and sisters. "Agreeable" a Rage Leaf said. I laughed Rage Leaves are maidens of few words. We finally arrived at Outpost Kenwardick. The caravaneer unloaded suits of leather and even swords.

The grassifornian tax payers were to thank for this. "Alright mates get to training" I commanded. A mage quartermaster took accounts of all the supplies. "Grassifornia really likes their supporters" She grinned. A messenger ran up to me. She carried a longsword and a iron buckler. "For your first successful tour leading the vouleenters you've been given these as a gift of service". It was signed by King Zachary himself.

It's official I now owe my undying loyalty to Grassifornia.