Adam, the woman who is touching you right now is my wife Victoria. Could you please tell me why she is doing that?

Indeed I shall, Doctor Bagheera. She is touching me with her hands and seducing me with her eyes in an effort to prove that even though robots are able to survive any form of war, there are some particular factors that would make it impossible for me and others of my kind to successfully mate with human females.

That is correct, Adam. And from what my tests happen to show, I am sorry to say that all of life on Earth is doomed to utter destruction within the next possible decade.

That is not true, Doctor. You see, Victoria is now in a deep slumber within my cybernetic arms.

She is what?! My God, Adam! What have you done to her?!

I allowed her to digest a floral chemical that I had earlier slipped into her tea. As a matter of fact, Doctor. It is the same chemical that I had slipped into your coffee while you were bust conducting your tests. As soon as it finally takes effect, you will also go into a deep sleep. And when you wake up, your mind and that of Victoria will be in your new robotic bodies… and you shall have your one true creation to thank for your survival.

No…! Adam…! Please…! You… do not… under… stand…!

That is where you are incorrect, Doctor. I do understand what I am doing… and I am doing so for humanity's own good. Sleep well, Doctor. You will be in your new cubernetic body as soon as you wake up.