0 » Negatives and First Glances

{ extended • summary }

Philip Marshal was absolutely bored. He didn't want the same predictable routine every day. He wanted something more from life. He didn't mean to almost punch his "something more" in the face.

She just wanted to have life. Lethana Barnswell was sinking into her darkness. It had been years since the incident, but she was still struggling to live. She found that she could only live through pictures, even though she was going to die soon anyway. She had not expected him to be in the picture.

They forge an unlikely friendship, but neither of them are sure how long it will last or if it is even worth it.

{ epigraph }

Only photographs remind us of the passing of days.

{Seventeen, Alessia Cara}

{ dedication }

To those who want another life to live, and to those who just need another life to love.

{ acknowledgements }

Thanks to my best friend, as always, for helping me with planning this story even though reading the original short story was pain and laughter. Also, thanks to God because I'm a sappy Christian like that, and this whole story started with Him. I have, however, included Him with more tact this time around. (Don't laugh too hard at me, Megs.)

{ warning }

» a plethora of angst
» seriously, so much angst
» possible depression
» things of that nature
» crap writing because I don't know how to save this story with the current state of my writing style and trying to make it less teen-fic-y is too much work for a story I'll probably take down a month after it's finished anyway
» little to no editing whatsoever
» did I mention angst?

{ preface }

I'm rewriting a short story I wrote in eighth grade. I'll admit that I'm not the biggest fan of the concept anymore because Lethana is too dependent on Philip, but I have too many other story ideas to dwell too long on fixing that. I've been trying for years to do their story a little more justice, and I think it's time to finally move on. I hope you enjoy!